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GoSee recommended reading: THE GUARDIAN illuminates the author Elena Ferrante - the aquarelle portrait by Tina BERING c/o 2AGENTEN

In the British daily paper THE GUARDIAN, Tina BERNING’s aquarelle portrait was an artistic embellishment to the article on the Italian author Elena Ferrante, who was born in Naples and is considered a literary sensation – about whom though not very much is known. The complete article is available online at href="http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/oct/31/elena-ferrante-literary-sensation-nobody-knows"><b>theguardian.com</b></a>.
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'Becoming Acquainted with Germany' - GOETHE INSTITUT is advertising for its language courses with a new poster campaign with no less than six 2AGENTEN artists

 For some time now, Germany has been among the most popular travel destinations in the world. And for the campaign 'Becoming Acquainted with Germany', the GOETHE INSTITUT has commissioned an entire team of 2AGENTEN illustrators to make the posters for the featured cities: Julia PFALLER (Munich), Martin HAAKE (map of Germany), Pietari POSTI (Mannheim-Heidelberg), Rinah LANG (Bremen), Romy BLÜMEL (Dresden) und Tim DINTER (Frankfurt). See Germany 6-fold here on GoSee.
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'At the End of a Night' - Andrea VENTURA Illustrates the Spectacular Nuremberger Art Robbery for UniSPIEGEL

 Andrea VENTURA created the cover for UniSPIEGEL as well as various illustrations inside. The story titled 'At the End of a Night' tells the bizarre account of two students who tried to steal a valuable painting from the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg in summer, 2014. They did all of this drunk and after Germany won the World Cup Football Championship. We know - doesn't this sound like a movie?
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