news | 711 Rent : professional equipment now also available in Paris!

711 rent is now the top address for professional equipment in Paris. Their shop is located on the Rue d'Aix in the 10ten Arrondissement, a very central location and therefore easy to get to. They provide their famous and much appreciated service as well as access to the complete 711 RENT Equipment. Bookings are quick and easy and can be made in virtually all of their branches (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Paris). If you're interested, why not pay them a visit and have …

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news | NEW : 711 Rent, Equipment, Hamburg

711 rent is a NEW addition to GoSee. Sporting branches in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and recently, also in Frankfurt, they offer optimum support for photographers / productions via their network, on all sets, all over the world.   Their service includes, besides state-of-the-art and camera- and light equipment in mint condition, by leading brands (Profoto, Briese, Broncolor, Phase One, Apple, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Canon etc), a rich repertoire of appurtenances to tackle all possibl …

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