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news | #Familyshots! ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS create BMW Aftersales images for Hillert und Co

Hillert und Co agency commissioned the ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS to produce seven images for BMW Aftersales in collaboration with photographer Stefan REEH c/o MO MANAGEMENT. They shot the background images in Krakow and Vienna and added, lit and rendered the vehicles afterwards in CGI together with the photographer in Munich.

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news | Mercedes-Benz Zetros – shot as a personal project in the Pyrenees by ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS

Photographer Jonathan SCHULE c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS and the ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS worked together on a personal project. The result: three expressive pictures with the Mercedes-Benz Zetros. The team captured the back plates and spheres in the Spanish Pyrenees, north of Barcelona. Aleix Marin was in charge of location scouting and also supported the photographer on set as a location manager. Jean-François Rioche and the team of GoSee member IMAGE NATION ensured a smooth production process …

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news | Dream worlds from another planet. A joint project by ALBERTBAUER STUDIOS & Ilan Hamra for MADAME magazine

Majestic women in luxury robes wander through a labyrinth of past decades. They operate curious apparatus, disappear down paths or melt into mechanisms. A world, seemingly inspired by a feverish dream Jules Vernes may have had, unfolds before our very eyes. A dream world, dreamt up by Ilan Hamra and brought to life in our subconscious in CGI in collaboration with Albert Bauer Companies studios under the project direction of Marco Bauriedel in CGI. The attached 14 page editorial was created fo …

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news | Albert Bauer Studios : birds of paradise poster for LUFTHANSA Airbus A340-600 in 3D plus ‘Megacity’ special in Digital Production magazine

An ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS specialist team developed a large-scale poster for LUFTHANSA, commissioned by advertising agency Kolle Rebbe. It features an A340-600 airbus, in a Lufthansa hangar of course. The full image was created in 3D. The plane was reconstructed according to technical drawings and photos. Albert Bauer Studios told GoSee, “The image demanded extremely high attention to detail as later on the A340 is shown larger than the original. The hangar is also entirely built in 3D. T …

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news | Albert Bauer Studios post-production and composing for BMW i3 Charge Now and photographer Manu Agah

GoSee member MANU AGAH and client BMW counted on Albert Bauer Studios’ expertise for the BMW i3 Charge Now. The image at the crossroads is a composition of a photographed backplate from Los Angeles and the vehicle shoot on Theresienwiese in Munich. The first look was developed on location by ABC, Manu Agah and Hillert & Co agency. Eight images were created in total. These will be used online and for print. About : BMW i represents a sustainable mobility concept even more than it st …

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news | Albert Bauer Studios : 18 Key Visuals for the European launch of KIA’s flexible Range. Post-production and look development for INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe

Albert Bauer Studios in Munich developed 18 key visuals for the European campaign to launch South Korean automobile manufacturer and client Kia Motors Europe’s new models. Tasks included the look development during the shoot and the composition of the individual images, variable for all formats. GoSee Member MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER photographed the vehicles. The agency is INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe GmbH from Korea, whose European headquarters are based in Frankfurt. For many years Alber …

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news | Albert Bauer Studios : LUFTHANSA large scale poster with a creased look for Kolle Rebbe - using CGI, photography, illustration & post-production as well as 3D motif productions for DAIMLER AG

Kolle Rebbe advertising agency commissioned the experts from Albert Bauer Studios to create a large-scale poster with a creased effect for LUFTHANSA. All of the studio’s departments contributed to the project. The creasing is a mixture of CGI, photography and post-production work. You can see the poster at the front of the Munich airport west building in a staggering 110 x 20 metre format and here on GoSee! Senior Advertising Manager Peter Görzel and Advertising Manager Anika Wern …

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news | Albert Bauer Studios : presents timepiece animation for WEMPE timekeeper works Glashütte i/SA Gangreserve

Albert Bauer Studios created a teaser for high-end jewellery client WEMPE Glashütte i/SA and the presentation of their new ‘Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte i/SA Gangreserve’ wristwatch. It features the recently developed hand wound ‘CW3’calibre, which was recently declared a chronometer by the official chronometer inspection authority in Glashütte according to the DIN 8319 standards. Here are the valuable details: Collection: Chronometerwerke Mod …

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news | Albert Bauer Studios : MAMMUT climbing calendar with highly dramatic scenes, FRITZ-KOLA CGI visualisations, future vision of a megacity

The Munich branch of Albert Bauer Companies took charge of the elaborate photo editing and the creative retouching of their client MAMMUT’s calendar. Inspired by iconic scenes from famous films, the climbing professionals acted highly dramatically and aesthetically in their climbing gear. For example they referenced ‘American Beauty’ in their image ‘Bed of Ropes’ with Anna Stöhr on a bed made of 1.5 kilometres of red rope. That is art. And more specifica …

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