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Lorenzo Petrantoni was born in Genoa, Italy in 1970, and studied graphic arts in Milan, in Art & Design Tecnica School. He now lives in Milan and works as creative director in the advertising agency Armando Testa. A few years ago he started dedicating his spare time on this kind of art work, old fashioned images "stolen " from ancient preferably French books (of 800's), he puts them together again, following aesthetic ruels that have to do with his love for graphic design. This is how this art work comes to life, giving new meanings to images that would be otherwise buried betwee… read more

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IMAGE // Lorenzo Petrantoni
IMAGE // Lorenzo Petrantoni
IMAGE // Lorenzo Petrantoni

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Nike China, The New York Times, Coin, Esquire, Saatchi & Saatchi New York, Grey Advertising Agency Paris, JWT Shanghai, Flaunt Magazine, Frod Agency Amsterdam, Chenedellier Advertising, Seventytwo and Sunny Advertising Agency Los Angeles, IDN Magazine, Rodeo Magazine, Men´s Health Magazine New York.