news | Katinka Krieger Rep : portraits of Jürgen Vogel and Gunther Gabriel, PROVOCATEUR spread, visiting DISNEY Paris and SAGA images

Tobias SCHULT portrayed Jürgen Vogel, one of Germany’s most charismatic actors, and Gunther Gabriel, arguably the most resilient German country singer working today. He also produced a series of works for the lifestyle sector, such as his spread for PROVOCATEUR magazine. Tobias STÄBLER was once again in the childlike dream world of Disneyland in which you meet all the familiar faces from the Disney productions and have fun with them – or take pictures of them. To …

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news | Katinka Krieger : Joko Winterscheidt in PROVOCATEUR magazine, stills for GEOX and DELONGHI

To balance the work for his advertisement productions, Tobias SCHULT likes to shoot conceptually for his magazine clients. For PROVOCATEUR magazine he realised his ‘dream spread’ with Joko Winterscheid: ‘cliché vs. reality’. Both of them had a lot of fun during production and had free reign to experiment with ideas. Robert FLAMMIER carried out the production for his clients in Cape Town and had time to realise the free spread ‘kettle way’. Miche …

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news | Katinka Krieger Rep : DISNEYLAND PARIS, ELTERN mag, CARERRA and OXYDO sunglasses images plus free animal series

Tobias STÄBLER realised new campaign motifs for DISNEYLAND PARIS. Several motifs were realised on location in 'real' Disney atmosphere. Next up was something completely different and less surreal – a shoot for ELTERN magazine. The pregnancy-special is all about mothers-to-be and their current careers, before they will transition into their 'new' life. The campaign shoot for CARERRA sunglasses called for very precise still life photography. Michele GASTL proved that he is an old …

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news | Katinka Krieger : ELECTROLUX meets LAVAZZA, new animal portraits by Peter HEBEISEN, lifestyle for EYEWEAR MAGAZINE, CROSS JEANS meets McFIT MODELS

Michele GASTL photographed a new espresso machine for his long-term client LAVAZZA, which was developed by the traditional company in collaboration with ELEKTROLUX. This was yet another project shot in his Milan studio. The first part of the new animal series by Peter HEBEISEN have been released. The animals show off their catwalk skills on a runway made of stone, just like the 'top models'. Led by catwalk trainer Peter Hebeisen, the four and eight-legged creatures paraded up and down the ru …

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news | Katinka Krieger Rep : GOOGLE+ print campaign, Michele Gastl in VICTOR magazine, Zurich Chamber Orchestra and Tobias Schult’s new website

Tobias STÄBLER photographed the current print campaign for the social network GOOGLE+ in Hamburg. The motifs adhere to the style of the company's TV spots, which are currently on air. The in-house Hasselblad magazine VICTOR features a 20-page article on the photographer Michele GASTL in the current edition. The magazine calls him one of the best European still life photographers and rightly so. To underline this statement, GoSee presents a small selection of his works featured the ma …

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news | Katinka Krieger Rep : bubbly image for FREIXENET, perfected logistics for POST and blinging EDELWEISS jewellery

Summer, sun, joie de vivre and a glass of bubbly . . . Tobias SCHULT photographed the current campaign for FREIXENET Cava in Spain. The visuals were produced in tandem with the television spot. Tobias took care of the fine-tuning of the images in post-production himself. Peter HEBEISEN produced new looks earlier this year for German postal service Die Post, adding a sequel to his established series of campaign motifs. The CGI aspect was a new addition to the production. However, under his di …

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portfolio | Portfolio_Tobias Schult

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portfolio | Portfolio_Michele Gastl

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news | Katinka Krieger Rep : 'Bonfire and Vanity' in EYEWEAR magazine, paper and shoes for VOGUE, Raiffeisen-, SPA- and Lombard- images, plus former 'No Angel' Lucy Diakovska portrait

Tobias SCHULT photographed beautiful models Jelena and Thomas in equally as stunning sunglasses by Maybach, IC Berlin, Paul Frank and Montblanc. Make-up artist Benjamin Becher c/o BLOSSOM applied their make-up. The 'Bonfire and Vanity' spread was published in EYEWEAR magazine. Michele GASTL photographed the attached series with shoes and paper, published by VOGUE Mexico, amongst others. Usually, Michele comes up with brand new concepts for his fashion clients and their look books and/or campa …

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news | Katinka Krieger Rep : SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL, ARLA people shoot, Shermine Shahrivar in AIR BERLIN MAG and a new entry

Michele GASTL showed off her musical side for SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL and it is a side we would like to see more of. All instruments had been especially created for the shoot and subsequently portrayed by the photographer. Michael LANGHOFF created several people motifs on location for ARLA dairy – with his usual wit of course. His pictures benefit from the meticulous casting of models and their facial expressions, which Michael always managed to bring to the forefront of the shoots. …

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