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news | Andreas Achmann for MCDONALD´S Germany

Andreas ACHMANN carried out a shoot for MCDONALD´S Germany: McCafé, Country and Stars of America. The three current promotional offers for Heye agency with food styling by Daniel Petri, stem from various creative teams. T (Stars of America / Creation: Adrian Schmidt and Katharina Nasopulus, Mc Café Herbstpromo / Creation: Eva Bittig, Hubertus Scholz and Agnes Kirchbichler, Country Promo /Creation: Marius Koopmann and Elisabeth Glück, consultation: Nathali Vasic) and all …

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news | Andreas Achmann with cover story for SWAROVSKI MAGAZINE

The cover story of the latest Swarovski magazine presents inspirational Christmas dreams. Dazzling bling photographed by Andreas Achmann. Styling by Thies Köpke.

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news | Oliver GAST shoots Ekotopfilm festival poster

Ekotopfilm is the world’s oldest and largest international film festival for sustainable development and takes place every October in Bratislava and two additional cities. Delveoped by "Effectivity" the festival agency and powered by Publicis, Oliver GAST photographed the poster and Malkasten digitally added the finishing touches.

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news | 'Got to Dance' celebrates judges Palina Rojinski, Howard Donald and Nikeata Thompson with a promotional image by Oliver GAST

Oliver GAST photographed the promotional poster for broadcasting group ProSieben/Sat.1 and “Germany’s most successful dance show”. The dancey shoot was art directed by Teresa Huber and the team headed by Palina Rojinski, Howard Donald and Nikeata Thompson. Digital imaging by Roman Keller.

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news | Oliver GAST powerful for JOHN DEERE, brand with the stag

Plenty of power, uncompromisingly precise, high delivery and low waste – and ready at any time. The new campaign for JOHN DEERE Austria is by Creative Director Michael Kaiser for Ogilvy & Mather. Oliver GAST produced the four photographs of the 6R.

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news | Philip NORTH-COOMBES with new poster series for SEBAGO

Under the direction of Elements Mgmt. and Cynthia Gengras’ local production expertise, Art Director Mariana Aspey and photographer Philip NORTH-COOMBES captured models Daria Michaylova and Rory Marshall. Hair, make-up and styling by Heid Wells and Melissa Dune.

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news | Andrea VARANI photographs Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini for BORBONESE SS 2015 and Aria Adv

Styling by Valeria Rossi, hair and make-up by Pierluigi Tavelli for a classic Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini, who lives up to her mother’s reputation. All set in the Borbonese showroom in Milan and of course photos by Andrea Varani. La vita è bella. Elettra has inherited the looks of her mother, Italian film star Isabella Rossellini as well as her grandmother, Swedish icon Ingrid Bergman. In addition to her modelling work, Elletra Wiedemann works for charity. Italian label BORBONE …

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news | Dan MARTENSEN - Spring awakening for Italian ELLE

Dan MARTENSEN is already taking a romantic look at next spring for Italian ELLE magazine. Hotel La Masseria Torre Coccaro was the location and backdrop for the romantic shoot. Models Josephine Screever and Alexander Michael Deleon struck a pose. Simone Prusso and Helene Vasnier styled the hair & make-up for the elegant ELLE spread.

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news | Andreas ACHMANN captures luxurious accessories for GQ magazine

Make sure you’ve got everything with you. The best is just good enough for GQ LUXURY and the 'Travel Edition'. Andreas ACHMANN took the pictures, capturing handpicked luxurious travel basics and accessories in an unusual ‘latex style’. The stylist was Alex Huber and Dana Römhild supervised the production.

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news | In the realm of water - Andreas ACHMANN takes photos for Swarowski magazine

Oceanic beauties for your home. Andreas ACHMANN makes the current figurine collection sparkle like no other. Styling by Thies Köpke, art buying by Julia Bradley and art direction by Katja Wohnrath. SWAROVSKI MAGAZINE shows its new concept and layout, which BurdaCreative edited. The club magazine for members of the ‘Swarovski Crystal Society’ (SCS) focuses on fascinating crystals, with stories from the world of figurines, fashion and home décor.

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