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UPDATE16BERLIN says a big GoSeeTHANKS! we'll see you next year at the latest... a big GoSeePINKY SWEAR

UPDATE16BERLIN thanks all exhibitors and visitors, all Art Producers, Art Buyers, direct clients, ADs and CDs who were able to make it to Berlin. The Salon took place on 30 September at the historical KRONPRINZENPALAIS in Berlin's Mitte district. And it was big. More than 60 agencies from London, Stockholm, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Barcelona, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Scotland, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Cologne, Paris, Warsaw, and New York presented their talents from the areas of photography, illustration, styling, art direction, moving images, CGI, and direction together with their services.

UPDATE is the best place to meet the perfect artist agencies and producers for photo and film shoots to realize print campaigns, corporate material or films – whether way down south or up north, in the Californian desert, in Dubai... or Barcelona, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Warsaw, the Maldives, you name it… all over our wonderful world! That is precisely how exciting, highly networked and top-shelf the visitors and exhibitors of the trade fair are year after year – CDs, CEOs, fashion labels, press, magazines, … the ultimate who is who of the creative industry.

UPDATE16 ended on 30 September in the evening with an after-party on the terrace of the club Prince Charles on Moritzplatz in Berlin. Find all exhibitors on – until next year.

Last but not least: The bright red UPDATE16 image motif of a hand was illustrated by JULES JULIEN. The illustrator and artist residing in Amsterdam presents his works regularly in exhibitions and is commercially represented by GoSee member WILDFOX RUNNING. His latest works can be seen in his GoSee PORTFOLIO.
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UPDATE16 Jury Dinner and After-party are four events in one with three delicious meals and a fantastic party. Go & See for yourself in 2017

After the jury-exhibitor dinner battle carried out between Kristof Mulack, the winner of the cooking show 'The Taste of Germany', the restaurant Parker Bowles and burger specialists Pacifico, the event which took place above the rooftops of Berlin segued seamlessly into the UPDATE16BERLIN after-party. Kristof Mulack ( kicked off the cooking battle with his taste explosions en miniature. Dora Joker's producers from Barcelona continued to rave about his carrot shooters even hours later. After a brief suspenseful break, Parker Bowles ( entered the ring with a sensational new version of fish & chips, followed by burgers à la Pacifico ( – offering the perfect combination for every taste! All followed by an absolute must-see grand finale: a steaming desert show performed by talented Chef Kristof Mulack.

We present you several photos from the UPDATE16 After-party here on GoSee. We would like to thank the sponsors Diptyque Paris, Kombucha Carpe Diem, Tanqueray Gin, Dopper Bottle, Redbull... Our big GoSeeThanks also go to Beck's and Taittinger Champagne.

And it goes on and on: For the excellent cooperation, we would like to thank on time PR, PR Hermanns – agency for communication, Silk Relations, Tanja Klein PR & Sascha Freitag, RAGUSESCHEER for handling the artwork, GIGANT Printworks for the great XXL exhibitor displays and the exhibition architecture for the GoSeeAWARDS, and we would also like to thank our caterer in Kronprinzenpalais, HypeType Berlin.

Plus, a big thank you goes to Dit is Balin and Creative Director Katrin Jacobi, photographers and GoSee members Chris Noltekuhnmann und Daniel Lathwesen as well as the film team from A TRUE STORY for documentation of the event. Thank you Florian Pop and the Bechstein Crew for the great cooperation for the UPDATE After-party. And if we forgot anybody – THANK YOU and please forgive us, you are always in our hearts.
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GoSeeAWARDS16 ART - Grand GOLD winner in 2016 is Elizaveta Porodina; we have a GoSee Quest just for you!

After her SCREENINGS award in 2013, Munich-resident fashion photographer Elizaveta PORODINA won Gold in 2016 in the category ART and Silver in the category PORTRAIT. We congratulate the shooting star, who is now no longer an insider tip, and were very pleased about her visit at UPDATE16BERLIN. Here for you on GoSee is a Mini Quest with the darling of all fashion magazines:

What all has happened since your SCREENINGS award in 2013? I packed my bags and explored the world – from the desert flowers of Morocco and the national parks of North America to the fisher villages of Sweden and beyond. On my travels, I learned a lot about my limits, my photography and how to push my limits with my photography. I changed the core of my style, I shot a Vogue cover and laid the foundation for my first book project.

You are on the road a lot – where did you like it most? Admittedly, one of my absolute highlights was the production for Conde Nast Traveller UK in the charming Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda. Nature, the air, the incredibly picturesque views and perhaps the sweetest lemons of the world provided a unique atmosphere – and realizing the topic of the “Royal Dynasty” would not have been easier for me in any other place. One more is a newer production for the Traveller, for which I went to the blue pearl, Chefchaouen in Morocco – an old town where you will never find a facade in any color but blue – unforgettable moments guaranteed.

Where will you go next? I am in New York at the moment working on my book project. Afterward, I will travel to several cities in Europe – including Berlin – to give lectures on my work at creative festivals and events.

Favorite destinations?
Namibia, Armenia and Mongolia.

Why? Because I have not crossed them off my list yet. (Elizaveta laughs...)

What in your opinion is the secret of your success?
I never do anything I don't believe in. I also rarely make a difference between personal and commercial work – no matter what I do, the bar is set to the maximum, and my heart beats for the idea. Plus, the model, or rather the muse, is one of the most important people on set and is treated with the same respect as everyone else on the team. I dedicate myself to the job with all my heart and soul; people in my work environment also contribute a lot of energy and creativity which can flow freely. My profession is my passion, my vocation, it makes me happy, euphoric – and this high is somehow conveyed in the photos.

Two words on Helmut Newton?
Photographic father. I am honored to have exhibited with him at FOAM Museum.

Fashion vs. art – what does your heart beat for more? In my world, these two elements are connected to one another and mutually amplify their effectiveness.

You are like us and just can't get enough of the very, very special world of Elizaveta?
Then contact her agent – Elizaveta is represented by GoSee member SONJA HEINTSCHEL.
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