news | Top model Anja Rubik in an exclusive interview in GALA Poland, staged in sexy poses by Mateusz STANKIEWICZ

In Polish GALA, Anja Rubik is not only the center of attention as a professional model, but also as a person. The interview photos were photographed by Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO. On set too: stylist Marta Śliwińska, make-up artist WILSON c/o WARSAW CREATIVES, hairstylist Kacper Rączkowski plus set designers Anna Szczęsna and Ula Wasilewska. Anja Rubik is not only model of the minute, she was already guest juror for the Polish version of the casting show Next Topmodel. She has design …

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news | Sweet 'Escape' wit Denisa Dvorakova in Brighton. ELLE Czech cover story by photographer Agata POSPIESZYŃSKA c/o AFPHOTO

To get away from it all, Agata POSPIESZYNSKA photographed the ELLE Czech editorial titled 'Escape' for the June issue. The perfect backdrop for model Denisa Dvorakova proved to be the picturesque stony beach of England's Brighton. There to make the team complete were Jan Kralicek (styling), Eric Williams (hair) and Katerina Brans (make-up).

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news | White as far as the eye can see in ELLE Poland - cover story with model Alicja Tubilewicz by Agata POSPIESZYŃSKA c/o AFPHOTO

Between sand and the salt desert of picturesque Zanzibar, Agata POSPIESZYNSKA photographed the cover editorial for the ELLE Poland June issue. White looks of model Alicja Tubilewicz were put together by stylist Ewelina Gralak with hair support from Paweł Solis; the make-up part was done by Marianna Yurkiewicz.

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news | Paris Fashion Week 'interrupted' - Agata POSPIESZYŃSKA shoots model Zuzanna Bijoch for ELLE Poland

During the Paris Fashion Week, the Warsaw-based photographer Agata POSPIESZYNSKA visited the hotspots of the town together with model Zuzanna Bijoch and turned her editorial for ELLE Poland into an exclusive celeb spread. Make-up support came from Sarah MIERAU c/o ARTISTGROUPMIERAU with hairstyling from Paweł Solis. Styling: Ewelina Gralak. …

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news | Photographer Agata POSPIESZYŃSKA shoots 'Dark Blue' for ELLE Czech

'Dark Blue' is not only the title of the spread but also the agenda in ELLE Czech's June issue – Agata POSPIESZYNSKA c/o AFPHOTO and stylist Lenka Kermes stick to it for all six shots. Less blue, however, are hairstyling (Nina Krajco) and make-up (Ivana Tokarska).

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news | Mateusz STANKIEWICZ shoots Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic for the CCC SHOES & BAGS campaign in Sicily

CCC Shoes & Bags booked top model Anja Rubik plus her hubby Sasha Knezevic and AFPHOTO photographer Mateusz STANKIEWICZ for the 2015 S/S campaign. The production took place in Sicily with Agnieszka Ścibior (styling), Marianna Yurkiewicz (make-up) and Kacper Raczkowski (hair). CCC S.A. is the market leader in the Polish footwear retail and one of its biggest manufacturers in Poland. The CCC Group comprises 700 stores located in modern shopping centres in 14 countries, own leather shoes fa …

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news | The denim avant-garde in HARPER'S BAZAAR - photographed by Agata POSPIESZYŃSKA c/o AFPHOTO with top model Alicja Tubilewicz

Between Art Nouveau walls and multifaceted denim looks put together by Karolina Gruszecka (styling), top model Alicja Tubilewicz posed for the camera of fashion photographer Agata POSPIESZYNSKA for HARPER'S BAZAAR. Responsible for her hairstyling was Emil Zed; Make-up came from Mariann Yurkiewicz.

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news | On a photo mission on the coast of Portugal: Agata POSPIESZYŃSKA photographs Monika SAWICKA for VOGUE Ukraine

For the May issue of Vogue Ukraine, Agata POSPIESZYNSKA traveled to the coast of Portugal, where she found the suitable backdrop for the fashion editorial titled 'Tideland'. In front of her lens, the AFPHOTO photographer had Monika SAWICKA c/o MUNICH MODELS dressed in mixed samples of the latest collections. The stylist on set was Ina Lekiewicz; hairstyling was done by Paweł Solis. Make-up: Marianna Yurkiewicz. …

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news | Actress Ela Kwinta is the face of the AA Oil Infusion campaign - photos by Mateusz STANKIEWICZ for Change Integrated

For the new AA Oil Infusion cosmetics campaign, Mateusz STANKIEWICZ photographed Polish actress Ela Kwinta. Retouch of the beauty motif was under the executive of Final Touch, with Change Agency as the executive agency. Production: Easy Hell Productions.

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