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news | A Culinary Homage to Olle Bærtling, watch specials for PLAZA & KING and interior for Svenssons i Lammhult by Philip Karlberg c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

Still life expert Philip Karlberg c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO arranged fruits and lines for his work 'A Culinary Homage to Olle Bærtling' in the style of the same-named Swedish painter and sculptor. Olle Baertling has developed since 1950 a purely geometric style and has created since 1954 'open shapes' in his paintings, geometric abstractions with sections of triangles. Philip KARLBERG loves the interplay play of objects, jewelry and foods. He staged the latest watch models for stylistic …

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news | Illustrated ads for Singapore Airlines by MADS BERG c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

The motifs which Danish illustrator MADS BERG realized for SINGAPORE AIRLINES in his typical style are reminiscent of film posters. Along with the two motiifs, GoSee also presents an insight into his portfolio... Based in Copenhagen, Mads Berg is widely known for his modern art deco style and vintage graphics. His main fields of illustration are posters, brand illustrations, key visuals, editorial illustrations, cover art and murals. The illustrations are characterized by a style which tran …

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news | 'Human Made Stories' with photographer ERIK JOHANSSON c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

No Photoshop, no CGI, Erik JOHANSSON inspires with his settings and scenes full of imagination. To realize his latest motif, was accompanies by VOLVO with the camera. We have the film plus several works from his exciting portfolio here on GoSee. "I was recently featured in a video series by Volvo. Human Made Stories is a series of short films portraying people that inspires. People who do things differently and go their own way. In the beginning of summer (2016) a film team followed me a …

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news | HAFA bath worlds photographed by Olivia Jeczmyk c/o Agent Molly & Co for the agency House of Radon

House of Radon commissioned food & interior photographer Olivia Jeczmyk c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO to realize bathroom ideas for HAFA.

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news | Traditional looks and everyday work situations - people shoots with UNITING Church Sweden by Peter HOELSTAD

People photographer Peter HOELSTAD c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO portrayed members of UNITING Church Sweden in traditional African costumes and scenes : "These marvelous teachers and tailors attended a workshop in DRC Congo this winter. First we bought the cloth in the local market of Kinshasa and then started to make prototypes of textile bags. Everything turned out fine, so we placed an order of 3000 bags that they will sew for the monthly donators of the organisation. It´s a good job fo …

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news | Style, performance and technology - US campaign for the TOYOTA Prius with Saatchi & Saatchi LA and transportation photographer Erik JOHANSSON c/o AGENT MOLLY&CO

Swedish advertising photographer and Photoshop virtuoso Erik JOHANSSON created a campaign for the new TOYOTA PRIUS for Saatchi & Saatchi LA and the US market. Reflecting on three aspects of the car: style, performance and technology. Just a few weeks ago, the agency presented the new car during the legendary Superbowl. Go Prius Go! "Toyota brought it to market in Japan in 1997, and to the United States in 2000. And since then, it’s been improvement after improvement. Now comes …

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news | Erik Johansson Imagine: Created Reality - fictive scenarios and fantastic dream worlds at the FOTOGRAFISKA MUSEUM Stockholm and in a first illustrated book at Max Ström Publishing

Like no other, photographer and visionary Erik Johansson draws us into his worlds. His often magical photos, which are elaborately created on location and on the computer, were recently showcased at the renowned FOTOGRAFISKA in Stockholm - Imagine: Created Reality. “The reality I portray exists, but on a different scale. It has become my life’s mission to create these worlds, all these ideas that I have and that I want to live out and to actually see happening. I’m passio …

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news | Martin Nicolausson illustrates for Generator Hostels & WALLPAPER

In his very own style, Martin Nicolausson illustrated for WALLPAPER, and GENERATOR HOSTELS also bears the signature of the color and shape acrobat. We present here on GoSee an insight into his portfolio – more is available directly from AGENT MOILLY & CO.

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news | Stills for VICTOR VAISSIER soaps and cosmetics plus DU&CO by Magnus CRAMER

For VICTOR VAISSIER, still life specialist Magnus CRAMER c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO photographed hand soap and flacons. The young Swedish soap and candle company can look back on a wonderful history: Pål Hodann worked as an investment banker, when in 2014, he discovered a box of soaps at a Paris fleamarket with the weathered writing on it, VICTOR VAISSIER. After doing a little research, he found out that the namesake, who was born in 1857, had opened his first soap shop on the Place de l&rsq …

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news | Food motifs for VÄSTERBOTTENSOST and KUNGSÖRNEN by food photographer Charlie DREVSTAM and foodstylist Victoria NORDSTRÖ

Charlie DREVSTAM photographed the delicacies, which foodstylist Victoria NORDSTRÖM arranged to spark your appetite - the result is a motif for VÄSTERBOTTENSOST (cheese) and photos for pasta from KUNGSÖRNEN.

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