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blog | Happy for Lasse Kärkkäinen !

Our photographer Lasse Kärkkäinen made it into the finals of the GoSeeAwards. And we are very happy. See you all in Berlin at legendary and unique UPDATE14 by our GoSee friends

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news | So children have time to read all the books in the world - Erik JOHANSSON (photo) and Catherine VAINDORF (styling) production for kids cancer foundation BARNCANCERFONDEN

Photographer Erik JOHANSSON and stylist Catherine VAINDORF created the ‘Endless stories’ image for Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation BARNCANCERFONDEN. Supporting cancer research helps more kids survive and make their dreams come true, such as reading all the books in the world. The entire team worked for free on this project. The agency was Ingo, Sweden. About - Barncancerfonden The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to collecting money to …

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news | Patrik SVENSSON on a secret illustration mission for Gothenburg’s BACKA TEATER

BACKA TEATER, Gothenburg’s City Theatre for kids and young people, tempts its audience with mysterious images by illustrator Patrik SVENSSON celebrating its latest programme. For all our readers well versed in the Swedish language:

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news | REVS Magazine enters the avant-garde jungle – photography by Anton ÖSTLUND

In search of birds of paradise… Anton ÖSTLUND may be shooting fashion for REVS magazine, yet the similarities to the glamorous inhabitants of the jungle are striking: feathered headdresses, shaggy fur coats and leather dresses that peel off the skin like a boa’s outfit from last season. Model: Lovisa E.

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news | No unnoticed cuts – still photographer Olivia JECZMYK and Illustrator Fideli SUNDQVIST in cooperation for BRIS Fundraising Control

‘Can cuts go unnoticed?’ Still photographer Olivia JECZMYK and illustrator Fideli SUNDQVIST collaborated on a pink paper art image for Swedish Fundraising Control body BRIS.

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news | MEZCAL CONVITE is 100% Agave and the new packaging design illustrations are 100% Lina EKSTRAND

Mexican spirit MEZCAL CONVITE is 100 % Agave. Illustrator Lina EKSTRAND designed the packaging in keeping with the brand’s fresh and vibrant look.

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