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Meat and greet in China - Andreas Burz shows us an authentic Zhangye with hospitality and a slice of harsh reality

During a photo production for client BMW, photographer ANDREAS BURZ explored streets off the beaten track in China and encountered a road near the Mongolian border, which is firmly in the hands of local beef traders. In this almost archaic surroundings of the Zhangye town, he created direct and intense snapshots and pictures showing the hospitable and welcoming inhabitants of this region in their most intimate environment. The city in the Chinese province of Gansu is rather small in comparison, with just under 1.3 million inhabitants and is best known for the temple of the Great Buddha (Dafo Si) with the largest reclining Buddha statue in China. In his work, Andreas Burz gives us an insight into life there, away from all the tourist attractions.
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Andreas Burz : in Shanghai and Beijing – car photography on the threshold of millennial tradition and rapid progress

Over the course of recent years of specialising in transportation photography, Andreas Burz was able to combine his interest in Asian culture with the increasing demand from Western and Chinese automobile manufacturers and agencies during his stay in China.

Andreas told GoSee, ‘here I had to be as tolerant of the sometimes archaic features and equipment of some studios plus the slightly unusual workflow, as I had to be in terms of the local cuisine.

Location pictures, people and studio shots as well as elaborate CGI projects were for the most part completed in close cooperation with partners such as Moto Productions in Beijing and Shanghai".

Many interesting collaborations developed from the spontaneous idea to accept a commission in China. Andreas proudly presents a selection of work on GoSee - you can find much more on his website.

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Andreas Burz : photo exhibition on the archives and collections at the Rosenstein-, Löwentor- and Linden Museums.

Photographer Andreas Burz from Stuttgart takes the viewer into a museum world that is usually reserved for insiders. Beyond the well-sorted displays in glass boxes, he and his camera undertake a journey of discovery. His stomping grounds: The National Museum for Natural History and the Linden-Museum.

The exhibition is more than just a glance behind the scenes. The objects appear out of time, protected from decay and the signs of aging.

A unique cosmos through and through. Everything that is relevant, be it in natural science, cultural studies or the apparently trivial, is put into a new context. Hence, the sterile and functional workspace of a taxidermist turns into an art installation.

Elephant tusks with fine ornamentations, insignias of power, can be found against the backdrop of a warehouse wall. Authentic. Not composed or arranged. Yet, the ensemble still bears a mystical and archaic aura. The large-format motifs emit the fascination and excitement, which were created during the project over the last few years.

'Bewahrt' photography exhibition at Stuttgart Rathaus
by Andreas Burz
March 1 – April 12, 2012

Private view
Thursday, March 1, 2012, 7pm, Rathaus Stuttgart, third floor, Foyer

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