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news | Anke Luckmann : stages the MERCEDES BENZ CLA Shooting Brake above big city rooftops as 'Big.City.Hunter.' commissioned by JvM/Alster and JvM +365

The transportation photographer staged the MERCEDES BENZ CLA SHOOTING BRAKE very impressively like a crown above the city skyline in Paris, Frankfurt, London and Barcelona. "The new CLA Shooting Brake is a car for people who are constantly hunting for something new, exciting and special, something only big cities have to offer. The car is here the perfect companion and emphasizes the exceptional style of the driver with its progressive design. Like an urban hunter, the vehicle in the printe …

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news | ANKE LUCKMANN portrays Porsche CEO Matthias Müller for GQ Germany

For GQ Germany, people photographer ANKE LUCKMANN took it to Bahrain where he portrayed Porsche CEO Matthias Müller for the story titled 'King Eleven'. The Stuttgart-based carmaker now manufactures even more SUVs than it does sports cars – this was reason enough for the magazine to speak with the Porsche boss about the myth behind the brand and its future. The pictures for the article written by author Ole Zimmer were shot by Anke on the racing circuit of the kingdom during the WEC, W …

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news | On the run, and into the water... Anke LUCKMANN stages the athletes and sports venues for AUDI MAGAZINE

On the run, and into the water... Anke LUCKMANN realized a sporty spread for AUDI MAGAZINE as commissioned by the Hamburg-based agency Loved. Full of motion, a lot of skin and special lighting – it conveys a very individual mood. We have the entire spread for you here on GoSee.

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news | Candy-apple red MERCEDES BENZ GLE for MB MAGAZINE in Lisbon - photos byAnke LUCKMANN

The new MERCEDES BENZ magazine shows the spread on the GLE – the motifs were photographed by ANKE LUCKMANN in Lisbon for the Condé Nast Publishing Company with Art Director Dirk Meycke. The protagonists in front of her camera were – besides, of course, the red MERCES BENZ GLE – models Tatiana Chechetova and Tiago Lobo. The new  GLE is available starting at 54,000 euros in the diesel version. For further details go to: …

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news | Anke LUCKMANN goes time travelling back to the 12th century – a visit to Villa Villoresi

In her latest personal work, Anke LUCKAMNN shows us the inside of stunning Italian residence Villa Villoresi from the 12th century. Very painterly! Jens Schmidt was in charge of post-production.

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news | ANKE LUCKMANN photographs the IMAGE NATION New Year’s Wish with fanciful farewells at 'Can Miserias' in Barcelona

ANKE LUCKMANN took pictures for the annually late New Year’s wish by IMAGE NATION, in which she snapped the production company’s crew in a special way. Since executive producer Jero prefers production to following in his parents’ footsteps and managing the Catalonian restaurant, December 2014 was the last chance to capture an appropriate farewell picture. 'Can Miserias' was therefore the location of choice for this year’s photo of the Image Nation team. The theme was &ls …

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news | Anke Luckmann’s image invites you to the annual MERCEDES-BENZ ‘Stars & Cars’ event in Stuttgart

2014’s racing season is over. We congratulate Lewis Hamilton and invite you to Stuttgart with the picture by photographer and transportation specialist Anke LUCKMANN. Stars and Cars is the annual motorsport event in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, organised by car brand Daimler and visited by up to 72,000 people. Last weekend the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS racing team won the Formula 1 constructors world championship for the first time in the history of Mercedes-Benz, and thus will be travelling to St …

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news | Anke Luckmann shoots Neymar Jr. as an official ambassador for mobile football game ‘Fantastic Eleven’, produced by KLAB

KLAB launched the mobile football game ‘Fantastic Eleven’, with Neymar Jr. as an official ambassador. Anke LUCKMANN took pictures of the footballer alongside the video shoot for the new Fantastic Eleven star. The location for the shoot was Barcelona, where local production company b-mount worked with Yasou Nakajima as a producer on location for the Japanese client. GoSee MEMBER SUBLIME carried out the post-production. We present an interview with Neymar Jr., taken during the movi …

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news | The OPEL VIVARO campaign, shot outdoor in Spain by Anke Luckmann

Meet the OPEL VIVARO - impressive efficiency and economy for all transportation needs. And together with Mariusz Roclawski, the creative director in charge from Scholz&Friends Hamburg, photographer ANKE LUCKMANN took pictures of the new Opel Vivaro. The campaign slogan is ‘Ready to work’ and this motto gave Anke and her team quite a few ‘blue hours’ on set, as Anke told GoSee: ‘together with an amazing team we travelled all across Spain for this campaign… …

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news | GQ Drive special with Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey in interview on his ‘racing’ hobby and photography by Anke Luckmann

Photographer ANKE LUCKMANN got up close and personal with Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey. Anke and team visited Porsche lover Patrick Dempsey at Califonria’s Laguna Seca Raceway. The racing track, which has 11 curves and is famed for its ‘corkscrew’ curve, is one of the most important tracks in California. The shoot took place on a racing weekend, where things get more hectic and testosterone charged. The actor famed for his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd in ABC series 'Grey& …

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