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On the run, and into the water... Anke LUCKMANN stages the athletes and sports venues for AUDI MAGAZINE

On the run, and into the water... Anke LUCKMANN realized a sporty spread for AUDI MAGAZINE as commissioned by the Hamburg-based agency Loved. Full of motion, a lot of skin and special lighting – it conveys a very individual mood. We have the entire spread for you here on GoSee.
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Candy-apple red MERCEDES BENZ GLE for MB MAGAZINE in Lisbon - photos byAnke LUCKMANN

The new MERCEDES BENZ magazine shows the spread on the GLE – the motifs were photographed by ANKE LUCKMANN in Lisbon for the Condé Nast Publishing Company with Art Director Dirk Meycke. The protagonists in front of her camera were – besides, of course, the red MERCES BENZ GLE – models Tatiana Chechetova and Tiago Lobo. The new  GLE is available starting at 54,000 euros in the diesel version. For further details go to:
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Anke LUCKMANN goes time travelling back to the 12th century – a visit to Villa Villoresi

In her latest personal work, Anke LUCKAMNN shows us the inside of stunning Italian residence Villa Villoresi from the 12th century. Very painterly! Jens Schmidt was in charge of post-production.
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