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The autograph cards of the MERCEDES Motorsport stars Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg & Co., portrayed by Anke LUCKMANN for Jung von Matt/Neckar

Normally they race past you so fast that you can’t even see them - the MERCEDES race car drivers. But for the new autograph cards, they stopped their engines for Anke LUCKMANN’s camera: Formula 1 stars Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, DTM winner Pascal Wehrlein, as well as Motor Sport Manager Toto Wolff, and Formula 1 Engineer Paddy Lowe. The shoot took place at the circuit in Barcelona for the executive agency Jung von Matt/Neckar with AB Susanne Nagel, CD Bend Teismann, and AD Katharina Lanz. Grooming was done by Yuk Fredriksson in the production by Nikolai Semjevski. Post production of the photos was done by GoSee member RECOM.
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Mean and radically modern - the new Lexus RC F. A test drive report in GQ Germany with photos by Anke LUCKMANN

For the test drive report of the new Lexus RC F in GQ Germany, Anke LUCKMANN photographed the V8 5-liter engine in the dim dusk light of southern Spain. GQ copywriter Jost Kaiser starts his enthusiastic report about the sport coupé like this: "Have we all gone soft? Many car designers seem to think so. They give us comfortable, soft, round cars with a mean look so that Daddy can at least look viscious through the rear view mirror. The future is over. Grandpa’s saying "everything was better in the good old days" delivers the motto for several designs. But not at Lexus. The sport coupé RC F is mean. And radically modern. In any case, the design is right on."

The executive agency was Condé Nast Publishers with GQ Director of Photography Roya Norouzi. Production was in the hands of GoSee member IMAGE NATION with retouching by Michael Hanisch. Read the whole story on
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ANKE LUCKMANN shoots the AUDI used-car campaign titled "Easy Rider" with agile, relaxed protagonists on two wheels

When the agency thjnk knocked on the door for AUDI´s 'Easy Rider' print campaign, it meant an unusual ride for photographer ANKE LUCKMANN: a road trip on two wheels instead of four. “With the help of Olaf and Move n Shoot, the team managed to position both vehicles on two wheels.” Anke Luckmann tells GoSee about the daring feat. Production was under the executive of GoSee member IMAGE NATION. The campaign comprises a TVC (Bruce St. Clair), print motifs (Anke Luckmann), and an online mix.

thjnk Creative Director Matthias Walter tells GoSee about the idea behind the campaign: “Audi used car drivers can all drive relaxed and care-free thanks to the 5-year guarantee. We stage it all in oversized photos.” and continues to explain the production process “In a nutshell: a relaxed shoot with Anke Luckmann. The team led by Anke Luckmann realized the shoot professionally and completely relaxed. Staging cars in spectacular scenes is what we do every day; sometimes we push the limits a little further.”

And Stefan Schulte, CEO of Creation at the Berlin office of the thjnk agency group: “We all love car stunts – very popular style devices. 
But I have never seen relaxed driving staged like that in the area of automotive communication before.” We have the result for you on GoSee.
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