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The HOLSTEN PILSENER beer campaign stays on course, both campaign motifs by Anke Luckmann

Rough edges and strong features. The new HOLSTEN PILSENER beer campaign goes for the topic 'Stay on Course', for which the photographer who is famous for her legendary transportation campaigns, ANKE LUCKMANN, created the two campaign motifs presented on GoSee. Anke tells GoSee: “This is my first beer campaign... It was photographed in Hamburg in rather bad weather. The motifs are leaned toward the plot of the TV spot which is centered on a man with a strong character: A navigator who literally keeps the ship on course in even the most difficult everyday situations.” Holsten on the campaign: “Storm, rain, tight situations. Or short: our kind of day. Because what could be better than looking back on the day in the evening and knowing you really achieved something. And if a cold Holsten is there waiting for you, nothing can stand in the way of it becoming a perfect day.” The executive agency was Philipp und Keuntje.
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Personal landscape spreads on the Canary Islands – photos by Anke LUCKMANN

That there are also fantastic landscapes beyond the exciting architecture – and not just sunshine – is shown in the personal spread by Anke LUCKMANN. The motifs were shot on one of her many travels to the Canary Islands. Post production was done by Elisabeth Winter.
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Mercedes-Benz V-Class AMG & EXCLUSIVE Line – photos by Anke LUCKMANN

Anke LUCKMANN and her team took it to the Canary Islands for the agency LLR to shoot MERCEDES-BENZ V-Class motifs. This time around, it was all about the AMG and Exclusive Line special editions. Together, ADs Damian Kuczmierczyk and Lily Sohm went to the sunny paradise. Production was in the hands of GoSee member IMAGE NATION, with post production and CGI from RECOM from Stuttgart, with styling by Lin Adler, and hair & make-up by Eli Fernandez.
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