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'The home of the classics' Anke Luckmann photographs for Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars

They came from the sacred halls adorned by the most famous star on Earth - our MERCEDES-BENZ heroes. In a nutshell: Old-timer W 111 meets young-timer R107 and the W123. The three were staged according to the topic: 'The home of the classics' for the campaign was photographed by ANKE LUCKMANN in Germany for Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars with post production by GoSee member RECOM.

"Chrom trim, panoramic windows, roof rails, interior shots... the exact same aspects of the latest car models... but then again, a little bit different... ," Anke tells GoSee. And Lisa Berger, Creative Director/ Senior Art Director, Shanghai Berlin, explains: "The careful collection of setting, perspective, lighting atmosphere, and color pallete enabled us to stage the Mercedes-Benz models in an entirely new light. The challenge was finding a new contemporary look, which also upholds the legend of the iconic vehicles."

Stylist Anja Meta Meyer 'smoothed' the pajamas of the R107 so that the wrinkles are in all the right places. The motifs were produced by Klaus Herde.
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Anke Luckmann : stages the MERCEDES BENZ CLA Shooting Brake above big city rooftops as 'Big.City.Hunter.' commissioned by JvM/Alster and JvM +365

The transportation photographer staged the MERCEDES BENZ CLA SHOOTING BRAKE very impressively like a crown above the city skyline in Paris, Frankfurt, London and Barcelona. "The new CLA Shooting Brake is a car for people who are constantly hunting for something new, exciting and special, something only big cities have to offer. The car is here the perfect companion and emphasizes the exceptional style of the driver with its progressive design. Like an urban hunter, the vehicle in the printed motifs lurks over the rooftops of the cities of London, Paris, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Ready at any moment to recognize the next trend and to plunge into the pulsating urban canyons.

The particular challenge during this project was that, even though the locations for the shoot served as a breathtaking backdrop, they also considerably limited our mobility. We were able to achieve these results in spite of the dizzying heights because Anke and her team did everything possible to create the perfect picture," says Simon Hattrup, Art Director at Jung von Matt Alster, who is responsible for the campaign motifs.

Olaf Scheer, Art Director at Jung von Matt +365 and responsible for the literature, adds: "In the literature, we take the new CLA Shooting Brake literally and go hunting. We experience two vehicles in a large city, searching for new trends and challenges. It was an exciting task during this project to repeatedly stage both CLA Shooting Brakes in an attractive motif. Thanks to excellent teamwork, we were able to create eleven exciting dynamic motifs."

"We were surprised that this fascinating project would bring together three native people from Münste," says the photographer who commutes between Barcelona and Münsterland. "A great project with super production by Volker Denks and his team, a great view and some of the highest locations of the city… "

The MB CLA Shooting Brake shoot was realized for the Daimler AG and the agency Jung von Matt Alster +365. Art buying was done by Susanne Nagel and Yannik Nielsen. Responsible for consulting were Lars Holling and Nina Ebert; ADs were Simon Hattrup and Olaf Scheer in the production by Volker Denks, with post production by GoSee member RECOM.
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ANKE LUCKMANN portrays Porsche CEO Matthias Müller for GQ Germany

For GQ Germany, people photographer ANKE LUCKMANN took it to Bahrain where he portrayed Porsche CEO Matthias Müller for the story titled 'King Eleven'. The Stuttgart-based carmaker now manufactures even more SUVs than it does sports cars – this was reason enough for the magazine to speak with the Porsche boss about the myth behind the brand and its future. The pictures for the article written by author Ole Zimmer were shot by Anke on the racing circuit of the kingdom during the WEC, World Endurance Championship race. Responsible for the production of the shoot was Kai Tietz; The Art Director was Christiane Weyrauch.
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