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GoSee loves... 'Human Tonic' – Norwegian photographer Hans-Olav Forsang observes the relationship between little everyday episodes and larger existential issues. An illustrated book at Kerber Publishing

In May, Kerber published the photo project of Norwegian photographer Hans-Olav Forsang, who has won numerous international and national awards, including the World Press Photo Award, the Golden Eye Trophy and the Children's Award. The photos of his project 'Human Tonic' challenge the viewer. Some of the photos are staged while others are little photographic notes of actual events. After Forsang had for many years valued strictly documentary photography, he felt the desire to break free from the rules of the genre. The book presents the results and underscores the relationship between the little everyday episodes and the big existential issues.

The photographer on his project Human Tonic: “Some pictures are staged while others are small photographic notes of actual events. Human Tonic is a collection of images that highlights the relationship between small everyday episodes and larger existential questions. The images are not meant to explain anything, but intend to challenge the viewer by arousing emotions, recognition and wonder...  Without losing the value of the experience from documentary photography, I now have a need to liberate myself from the strict rules the documentary genre uses in its approach. By combining different genres, I can more easily express something that is not tied to particular news or events... In my latest work, the most important quality is the use of a playful, curious and less restrictive approach combined with the use of classic documentary techniques. The exhibition/book might also include a smaller, separate part with purely historical documentary material to substantiate this reference and experience...”
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'The Masterpieces hiding in Old Master Paintings' – science meets art, the impressive work LEAD by Alejandro Guijarro at Tristan Hoare, London

 Alejandro Guijarro's work LEAD uses x-ray technology and ultraviolet light to investigate what is hidden behind or in old masterpieces – and discovers a mysterious world of light and shadows. TRISTAN HOARE London is delighted to present the works by the Madrid-native artist and is looking forward to numerous visitors. This is already the second solo exhibition by Alejandro Guijarro in the gallery.

“Although he has made it with a deep scholarship, Guijarro’s is not a dry inquiry nor a research project. It is a way of making photographic objects whose twin beauties perfectly complement each other. These lovely swirling or choppy marks of painterly activity are a beautiful reflection on what it means to paint; and, because Guijarro is an artist of great subtlety, also on what it means to photograph.”
 – Francis Hodgson, Art Critic for the Financial Times

The title of the new series, LEAD, refers to the presence of the metal in 17th and 18th century paint. This is what the X-rays show, bouncing back off lead pigments and transforming the paintings from recognizable images into otherworldly scenes, as if the viewer is given access to a separate reality below the surface paint.

“For LEAD, I worked in collaboration with the conservation and collections departments of the Prado Museum, Madrid, the Louvre, Paris and the National Gallery, London,” Alejandro Guijarro tells the THE GUARDIAN. “These images are reproductions of X-ray and ultraviolet photographs of celebrated old master paintings – including works by Van Dyck, Rubens, Delacroix, Goya, Da Vinci and Velazquez, among others.”

And Alejandro Guijarro continues: “At the heart of this series of work is a paradox: as X-rays, they belong to the realm of scientific images, objective, possessing an unquestionable scientific truth. Yet, by their visual indeterminacy, they also exist in the subjective world of personal interpretation, the intuitional and emotional.”

We also read in THE GUARDIAN: “This series continues Guijarro’s investigations into the paradoxes and contradictions which emerge where the boundaries of the photographic image break down. His first major series, Momentum, was a three-year project which saw the artist travel to the great quantum mechanics institutions around the world. From Berkeley in California to CERN in Switzerland, Guijarro photographed blackboards as he found them, before reproducing them at a 1:1 scale. By undermining our recognizable modes of perception, Guijarro’s photographic practice aims to question the solidity and authority of the photographic image and its ability to refer to reality and truth.” Read the complete interview here:

LEAD Alejandro Guijarro . Tristan Hoare . Lichfield Studios . 133 Oxford Gardens, London, Eng W10 6NE . United Kingdom . 9 March - 28 April,
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GoSee loves ... Sonia Sieff 'Les Françaises' - a sensitive portrait series of young French women. An exhibition in A Galerie in Paris and as an illustrated book at Rizzoli

Oh la la! Sonia Sieff presents with 'Les Françaises' an oeuvre of 150 portraits of naked women - dancers, actresses, models or just girlfriends. The daughter of famous photographer Jeanloup Sieff photographed her protagonists at Paris landmarks such as Opera Garnier, but also in the countryside and secluded in the salon. Without poses and the use of filters, Sonia set out to capture the pure beauty of the women. "French women by heart or by birth, they offer me their beauty, their animal strength, their sweet madness," The photographer revealed in an interview with France.Fr. "I wanted to make portraits undressed because the nude is what ages best, otherwise the photos become dated. I wanted them to pass the test of time, to do the opposite of what I do for my fashion photos. These are not women who are used to posing, I did not want them to have automatisms. This reflects a strong desire for reverie, poetry, something out of time," Sonia Sieff tells LePoint.

The portraits of the women are on display thru 1 May in the Paris photo gallery A Galerie, and an illustrated book was recently published at Rizzoli featuring the works. We have a small selection for you on GoSee.

Les Françaises, A Galerie, 4 rue Léonce Reynaud, 75116 Paris
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