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news | Carlos LUMIERE shoots campaign for London based menswear designer EAST CLUB

Carlos LUMIERE snapped the campaign pictures for menswear designer EAST CLUB with models Louren Groenewald and Jacob. Reyes Montecristo was in charge of grooming.

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news | PAULANER alcohol free campaign – pictures by MAIWOLF, casting by Artists & CO.

MAIWOLF once again snapped the latest pictures for PAULANER’s alcohol free wheat beer. They produced the pictures in summery temperatures and in collaboration with Hamburg based advertising agency THJNK. Artists & Co carried out the casting of the protagonists. Lina Eggers and Katrin Grün were in charge of art buying and the creative director was Felix Demandt. The hair & make-up artist on set was Alexander HOFMANN c/o KULT ARTISTS.

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news | Actress Cornelia Gröschel in INTOUCH STYLE – pictures by Kerstin JACOBSEN

Berlin based photographer Kerstin JACOBSEN combines fashion and performance art in her spread for INTOUCH STYLE magazine. She allowed actress Cornelia Gröschel to freely interpret current summer dresses in a casual and airy fashion high up on the roofs of the capital.

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news | Where Steffi Graf and Prince Charles meet - Carlos LUMIERE documents the Royal Ascot horse race for LONGINES

Luxury watch manufacturer LONGINES commissioned Carlos LUMIERE to document the traditional Royal Ascot horse race. The photographer managed to get many celebrities in front of his camera, including tennis legend Steffi Graf as well as Prince Charles and his Camilla. He also captured many unique moments of the race and the guests with his camera.

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news | LE MILE mag celebrates ‘White Glaze’ - editorial by Katja SCHUBERT

Katja SCHUBERT captured a spread for French magazine LE MILE on the subject of ‘White Glaze’. Vangelis TZIMIKAS c/o FAME AGENCY styled the hair and applied the make-up of model Carolin S. c/o MUNICH MODELS. The photographer enthused: ‘the atmosphere on the shoot was so fantastic, so productive and fun that the result just had to be amazing! It’s always great when everyone involved is really into the shoot and put their best into it. Many thanks to Gina for the wonderful s …

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news | BHS BOSCH SIEMENS haircare. Photographed by Katja SCHUBERT for RESpublica

Katja SCHUBERT once again shot hair-themed photographs for BHS BOSCH SIEMENS household appliances. Heiko PALACH c/o BIGOUDI was responsible for hair and make-up on set and the agency in charge was RESpublica with CD Robert Winter. PX5 put the finishing touches to the images in post-production.

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news | In Rihanna’s hometown... Kalle SINGER presents a documentary on Barbados and Tobago

Kalle SINGER presents a new documentary on Barbados and Tobago with lots of snapshot from the Caribbean. The two islands are part of the Lesser Antilles between the southern Caribbean and the Atlantic. The most famous celebrities from Barbados are probably musicians Grandmaster Flash and Rihanna.

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news | Natural Beauty. Katja SCHUBERT shoots a completely post-production free beauty series

We present an entirely post-production free beauty series by Katja SCHUBERT. She has honed her craft so well that she chose to do without Photoshop.

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news | Kerstin JACOBSEN photographs oriental inspired editorial in poetic signature style

Berlin based photographer Kerstin Jacobsen produced a personal series, the subject is secretive and oriental. We can see Kerstin’s signature style really come into effect as always. GABRIELLE c/o BASICS perfected the model’s porcelain complexion and Daniella Petrovics came up with the styling.

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news | Carlos LUMIERE shoots London looks for ELLE THAILAND

Carlos LUMIERE braved the London rain and shot a fashion spread for ELLE Thailand. The team travelled all over the city. The result is a collection of cool London looks.

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