news | Photographer Bito builds sand castles on the beach for client SONY Europe

The images Bito shot for client SONY Europe on the Isle of Fehmarn back in the summer are out now. The Europe-wide campaign advertises the new Sony Nex-5T system camera. The size of the sandcastle symbolises the astonishing size of the camera’s sensor – which is important for very detailed shots. The agency in charge was B+D COMMUNICATIONS and GoSee member ADD PICTURES was responsible for production on the beach. …

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news | Marc Behrens for EYEWEAR magazine – pictures by Mert

Mert c/o BANRAP PHOTOGRAPHERS snapped two pictures for Cologne based EYEWEAR magazine, which we present here on GoSee. Model Marc Behrens struck a pose for his camera.

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news | Emmanuelle Seigner dreams for ZEIT magazine – photography by Juliane WERNER

French actress and musician Emmanuelle Seigner comes from an acting dynasty. Her grandfather was celebrated French comedian Louis Seigner (1903–1991). Her father was a photographer and her mother a journalist. Since 1989 she has been married to famous director Roman Polanski, with whom she has two children. Juliane WERNER recently portrayed Emmanuelle for the ‘I have a dream’ column in renowned ZEIT magazine.

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news | Shrimpers in 2014 – a personal project by Jann KLEE

Photographer Jann KLEE was drawn to the sea. He accompanied shrimpers on their shrimp boat and documented their hard daily life on the high seas in poetic images. Shrimp fishery is one of the oldest cultural techniques of fishing in the North Sea. Shrimp are caught in many coastal countries in the world - in Germany there are still about 280 boats left fishing for crabs on the North and Baltic Sea.

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news | STAWAG advertising pictures – shot by Jo KIRCHHERR

Culture, sports and carnival: Jo KIRCHHERR photographed advertising pictures for client STAWAG in beautiful Aachen. Counterpart advertising agency commissioned him for the shoot, while GoSee member IMAGEREFINERY carried out the post-production.

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news | Barcelona Dreamin' – personal work by Adrian T KUBICA

The title of this personal series by photographer Adrian T Kubica already gives it away : Barcelona Dreamin'. He captured the pictures in various locations in Barcelona. Styling by Mascha MOELLER and hair & make-up by Anja SCHWEIHOFF, both artists c/o GoSee member NINA KLEIN. Adrian T KUBICA told GoSee : ‘this is the story of Nico and Yelain. Proof of the simple beauty of life. Thrown into roles and falling in love. Time doesn’t matter anymore… just live.’ …

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news | Personal transportation work from Barcelona - by Malte BARTJEN

Malte BARTJEN snapped these two images as part of a personal project in Barcelona. He took pictures of both male model Alex as well as a Mercedes CLA. The photographer received production support from GoSee member IMAGE NATION.

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news | Banrap : GRANINI ‘die Limo’, ‘Maßstäbe’ (standards) campaign for AXA KONZERN AG, ‘Wireless Freedom’ for DENON, MGH Hamburg, BITBURGER ALKOHOLFREI, DORTMUNDER KRONEN, personal work.... and exhibiting at UPDATE13

Aziz WAKIM snapped ‘die Limo’ for Flächenbrand agency and client GRANINI in a fresh contemporary style. Who wants to be sweet anyway? Publicis Frankfurt advertising agency commissioned photographer Rainer HOLZ to shoot the current ‘Maßstäbe’ (standards) campaign for AXA KONZERN AG. And client DENON trusted the visual powers of seduction of photographer MERT to illustrate their ‘Wireless Freedom’ slogan. The agency in charge was Interstat …

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news | Banrap Photographers : people images for PROCTER & GAMBLE, HOHES C stills, Ina Müller for STERN, MC FITTI for EYEWEAR MAG, RENO, ‘Hosur Road’ photo project from Bangalore, portraits and personal work

Perfection is my passion! Adrian T KUBICA carried out the photography for PROCTER & GAMBLE and Grey Shopper agency with art director Sora Kim. Niki Stephanus was in charge of hair and make-up while Stefanie Schmidt was responsible for styling. Jann KLEE produced a project with dance band ULRICH TUKUR & DIE RHYTHMUS BOYS. Actor and musician Ulrich Tukur founded the dance band back in 1995 and they have passionately been performing their own tracks as well as evergreens since. Aziz …

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news | Banrap Photographers : GRANINI - DIE LIMO advertising campaign, VEDA GmbH, airport production and lots of free work

Aziz WAKIM snapped GRANINI - DIE LIMO lemonade for their current advertising campaign. The agency in charge was Flächenbrand with art director Mira Singh and Werner Schlaghecken c/o ARTBOX carried out the post-production. Stefan Müller, director of marketing for mother company Eckes-Granini Deutschland GmbH on introducing the lemonade with the tart and sweet flavour: ‘with Die Limo by Granini we are adding a modern product to the soft drink market on the one hand and creating …

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