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news | US wide campaign for the LINCOLN MKC by Christian SCHMIDT commissioned by Hudson Rouge New York

'Live in your moment.' Christian SCHMIDT snapped the US wide campaign for the new Lincoln MKC. Hudson Rouge New York agency commissioned him to travel to Chicago for a week, where he discovered many impressive locations between Lake Michigan and the skyscraper jungle, in which to photograph the new model.

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news | ‘On Pleasure Grounds’- Clemens ASCHER’s graphic and minimalist photo essay on a fictitious leisure park

Graphic, stylish and minimalist: the new personal picture series by CLEMENS ASCHER is definitely a sight for sore eyes. The ‘On Pleasure Grounds’ pictures show a fictitious amusement park and its visitors. The world he created is artificial, empty and clean and the people within it just consumers.

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news | Atmospheric Alpine panorama, captured by Clemens ASCHER. Emotional image world for client IFH IMMOBILIEN

Real estate company IFH IMMOBILIEN commissioned Clemens ASCHER to produce a series of stunning images of the Tyrolean Alps. He spent several days and nights on and around the mountain in order to catch the right mood for his pictures. The result is an impressive image series with atmospheric and breathtaking shots of the snowy Tyrolean mountainscape.

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news | Christian SCHMIDT : new look for DUNLOP, HAMILTONS Silberpfeil and an award at ADC New York

Dynamic, powerful, new – this was the brief for the summer campaign shoot for DUNLOP tyres. Photographer CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT fulfilled the brief on a racing track in Spain. He created several colour images that highlight the sporty aspects of the tyres as well as focusing on the powerful image of the Dunlop brand. The agency in charge was Leo Burnett with art buyer Cornelia Richter and CD Irina Schestakoff. Speaking of powerful, a fast car was the star of another one of Christian’s …

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news | Clemens ASCHER photographs Paralympic athletes for L'EQUIPE and travels the world for MERCURE HOTELS and DDB Paris

L´EQUIPE is the most established sports magazine in France. And of course it also reported on the Paralympics in Sotchi. In order to promote their reporting they commissioned Clemens ASCHER to shoot portraits of two of the most successful disabled athletes in France: blind sprinter Nantenin Keita and wheelchair tennis player Stéphane Houdet. In addition he hit the road for MERCURE HOTELS – one of the world’s largest hotel chains covering international destinations. H …

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news | “New perspectives for my money” DEKA’s bank campaign in Germany by Christian SCHMIDT

“New perspectives for my money” is DEKA Bank’s new slogan shot by Christian SCHMIDT. The investment expert is launching its new Germany-wide campaign to mark the launch of its new ‘Deka Investments’ umbrella group. Several campaign images were created this way as a commission for Scholz & Friends, which are currently being promoted in all the big publications. Christian was also involved in the creation of several accompanying films. Kerstin Mende headed the art …

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news | Claudia Bitzer : LÜRZER'S 200 Best Ad Photographers, Eurojackpot in the LOTTO subscription campaign, Paragliding, beach and forest atmospheres, NUON opens the biggest windmill park in the Netherlands, AOP award for fog series

The agency has been focusing on ‘quality over quantity’ for quite some time – the latest issue of LÜRZER'S 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide included all their photographers: Clemens ASCHER, Oscar VAN DE BEEK, Matthias BUCHHOLZ and Christian SCHMIDT. The hardworking award clearly goes to Matthias BUCHHOLZ, who has managed to squeeze in some time for his personal work alongside his regular jobs. LOTTO is promoting its new subscription service with a campaign photograph …

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news | Claudia Bitzer : new visual look for LINCOLN CARS, FERRETTI YACHTS 960 worldwide launch campaign, off to India with musician Matteo Capreoli, rugged faces for GENERAL ELECTRIC and BBDO New York, …

What photographer wouldn’t dream of the opportunity of entirely turning around a visual look? Well, Clemens ASCHER got the chance to. When American car manufacturer LINCOLN needed an entirely new visual look they called on his creativity. Clemens headed to the simmering heat of the Californian desert to photograph the full range of LINCOLN vehicles, where he spent several weeks armed with plenty of creative freedom and the classic credo ‘less is more’. The results are images …

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news | Claudia Bitzer : ALLIANZ airport campaign with the Mercedes Formula 1 team, pianist Lang Lang and golf expert Paul McGinnley, cover and PR images for singer Bergitta Victor, snowy Hamburg .... exhibiting at UPDATE 13

We present new images by Christian SCHMIDT for the ALLIANZ airport campaign with the big 1. Once again Christian got to photograph the big names in the industry: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg for the Mercedes Formula 1 team, the most coveted pianist of our time Lang Lang as well as professional golfer and Ryder Cup team captain Paul McGinnley at the legendary St. Andrews gold club in Scotland. The photographer also created four new images specifically tailored to the Asian market. Interesti …

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news | Claudia Bitzer : landscapes, people and stills for the K+S business report, awards at the One-Eyeland-Award for TOYOTA, TELEKOM, SIEMENS and AUDI series, Hamburg TV Tower as a fine art project

Kassel based business K+S commissioned OSCAR VAN DE BEEK to travel around the world for half a year. The Dax rate is a forerunner when it comes to determining the value of raw materials: when it comes to road salt in North America, rice fertilisation in Asia or the production of modern dam materials in Europe. Oscar captured all these processes in images for the annual report and what comes across as dry and technical on paper turns out to be an interesting photograph in real life – as …

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