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news | Fly fishing in the idyllic early morning nature, captured by Matthias BUCHHOLZ c/o CLAUDIA BITZER

We do admit: Getting up before sunrise in any kind of weather for a hobby like fly fishing is not everyone's cup of tea. One thing is certain though: Being accompanied by Matthias BUCHHOLZ and his camera always ends up with a great picture.

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news | CLAUDIA BITZER welcomes new entry Adrian SAMSON, stills and people photographer, London; We present you a first impression of his cinematic style.

Adrian SAMSON is a new member in the photographer family of CLAUDIA BITZER. After several stops all over the world, the Slovakian native now lives in London where he has his own studio. "I don't sign a contract with just any photographer. The new photographers I choose for my team, have to have something that I consider very special, and Adrian is such a case,“ the agent tells GoSee. The most striking hallmark of Adrian's photos is his unique use of lighting, which is reminiscent of c …

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news | BFF and ADC awards for CLAUDIA BITZER photographer Christian SCHMIDT

Nighttime in Rotterdam: The city seems to be standing still. An unusual moment of silence surrounds the otherwise hectic intersection – the ideal moment for Christian SCHMIDT to capture this picture. The jury thought so too.oo and awarded the picture an Art Directors Club ADC prize, plus an BFF Silver Award. Our congratulations!

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news | 'Exceeded Expectations' campaign for ROBINSON CLUB and Scholz & Friends - follow photographer Oscar VAN DE BEEK to Mauritius on GoSee

'Exceeded Expectations' was the motto of this ad for Robinson's dream vacation which is presented in its clubs. And photographer Oscar VAN DE BEEK was hired to make dreamy pictures, five images in all, that incite the desire for adventure, relaxation and a feeling of togetherness. On Mauritius, Oscar found the ideal conditions to make Scholz & Friends' plan come together. Whether under water, in the mountains or on a white sandy beach – the island in the Indian Ocean had just the ri …

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news | 'I go wherever the road takes me.' Christian SCHMIDT shoots ad campaign for global player DUNLOP

Once more, photographer Christian SCHMIDT was on the road, this time in Spain, for tire manufacturer DUNLOP. But, in contrast to classic automobile and tire shoots, this time, priority was placed on the idea of a collage. Always combined with the challenge of placing the individual elements to create harmony between the whole and its parts.

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news | Key word 'Broholmer' - photogrrapher Matthias BUCHHOLZ on tour for DOGS magazine

At a shoot for DOGS magazine, the dog race Broholmer was the center of attention. On a mission for Gruner & Jahr, Matthias BUCHHOLZ traveled to Denmark, where he photographed dogs and master as well as distant relatives in their natural habitat. About - The Broholmer, also called the Danish Mastiff, is a large molosser breed of dog from Denmark, recognized by the Danish Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. It has been employed as a guard dog in the home …

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news | 'Stop Racism. Start Raeceism.' Matthias BUCHHOLZ shoots for young fashion brand NIZZA Apparel

Young fashion brand NIZZA Apparel is aimed at the urban cycling community and particularly at bike polo teams. Matthias BUCHHOLZ accompanied bike polo players for a while and took lots of pictures that underline the young brand’s image.

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news | World class rider Penelope Leprovost for RANGE ROVER - photography by Christian SCHMIDT

With a new campaign picture RANGE ROVER highlights its connection to horseracing. In line with the world riding championship in Caen, France, Christian SCHMIDT portrayed French world-class rider Penelope Leprovost at national stud Haras du Pin.

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news | MERCEDES ME sends Christian SCHMIDT to Rotterdam. Two pictures on GoSee

Christian SCHMIDT spent two nights in Rotterdam for client portal MERCEDES ME. They chose the Dutch harbour city as it combines openness and beautiful landscapes with big city flair.

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news | BMW Isetta vs bicylce – two personal projects by Oscar van de Beek

Oscar VAN DE BEEK produced two new transport themed images. Oscar shows us landscapes that offer the right environment for men and nature. The fact that one of the machines is the 1950s BMW Isetta, makes this series even more special.

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