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Sometimes you are so busy focusing on what's most important in life, like your kids and family you are even glad you miss out on things. Then there a days you open up your laptop and find out that you got a 'honorable mention' in the fashion category at the Monochrome Awards where you send you stuff in a great while back. A moment you just say: "Uhm... well... hell yeah!" ;)

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Premier full-service daylight photography studios for photo shoots and events, located in downtown Manhattan (8 studios, in-house catering, roof top, mobile productions ...)

'We are a group of happy, hard-working people who are passionate about our industry and the people that we have the privilege of working with. We had this notion that it might be a good idea to provide a warm, welcoming environment where clients, photographers and their crews could work. A place that is as relaxed as it is invigorating, a place that you love to come to as much as you hate to leave. We think we have done just that, but we would love to hear it from you. Sometime soon would be nice. Dune Studios is a true oasis in Soho. . . . Another place to play!'

A photo studio in NYC, better have lighting and grip equipment available for their clients to rent. A great photo studio better have the best equipment, knowledgeable staff and be able to get their clients anything that they don't have in-house. So, when we tell you that we want to be great at everything we do, you can guess what kind of equipment department we have here at Dune.     212.235.6500

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ERIK WÅHLSTRÖM had the opportunity to shoot the finalist in the 2015 Design Now competition. Show as an installation of large scale c-prints at the The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Sweden

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New Watch Models by traser® H3 - Post Production by Deltagram

Photographer Reto Spinazzè (Julifoto) shot the new watch models by traser® H3. Deltagram put the final touch on the photographs during post production.

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F&B ad agency ...Waterborne diseases kill 1,000 children every day. Cholera, E. Coli and Leptospirosis are diseases that causes more deaths than all armed conflicts combined. To highlight this huge problem and to promote UNICEF’s solution, we caught The Grim Reaper on film, dancing and singing about his favorite things....

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Patrick Remy - Desire New Erotic Photography

Gorgeous and wide-ranging, this collection of works by established and up-and-coming photographers showcases new developments in erotic photography.

The invention of photography gave artists a new means of expression—and a new way of depicting the human body. This elegant, compelling collection of images from new and established photographers demonstrates how technology has altered the genre—not only in terms of technique, but also composition, theme, and content. This incredibly diverse collection features the works of more than 30 artists from around the world, including Evan Baden’s explorations of the ways youth culture views sex, intimacy, and privacy; Noritoshi Hirakawa’s erotic and intimate portraits, which challenge mainstream conceptions of sexuality and heterosexual desire; David Bellemere’s dreamlike works, which are inspired by 1970s aesthetics, nature, light and the female body shape; and Ana Kraš’s surreal photographs that seem like they were taken coincidentally. At once cutting-edge and tasteful, this compelling volume presents a wide range of erotic photography.

Desire. New Erotic Photography
Hardcover, 280 pages, 21.0 x 28.0 cm, 8.3 x 11.0 in., 220 color illustrations, 20 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-4952-7
USD 49.95 | GBP 29.99 

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GoSee Tribute to MUCEM Marseille

If you visit the south of France - do not miss MUCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations) in the old harbour in Marseille. The  museum offers free access to its renovated roof terraces - and they are quite unique. We have some proof for you right here on GoSee.