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PHOTO OFF / 5ème Édition - Du 13 au 16 Novembre 2014, Paris (PARIS PHOTO weekend)

EXHIBITORS can be found here

JEUDI 13 novembre
15h00-18h30: Après midi réservée aux professionnels, collectionneurs, presse, médias.
18h30-20h30: Inauguration Art’péritif sur invitation ou entrée payante, cocktails sur invitation Vip.
20h30- 22h00: After PHOTO OFF nocturne  

VENDREDI 14 et SAMEDI 15 novembre
12h00-22h00:  Ouverture au Public
18h30-20h30: Art’péritif , cocktails sur invitation Vip.
20h30-22h00:  After PHOTO OFF nocturne  

DIMANCHE 16 novembre 11h00-20h30: Ouverture au Public

PHOTO OFF revendique une position de plateforme révélatrice pour toute une
nouvelle photographie qui inscrit le témoignage dans sa création. PHOTO OFF créé en 2010 à la Bellevilloise Paris 20ème, est le premier salon Off de Paris Photo. Il donne une visibilité à de jeunes galeries et, particularité de l’évènement, à de jeunes photographes sans représentation, dont le travail s’accorde pleinement avec le positionnement responsable et engagé du salon.

PHOTO OFF assume en cela pleinement son rôle de découvreur.

PHOTO OFF est un salon photographique qui s’engage et s’affirme dans une volonté de sélection artistique, tout en garantissant accessibilité de prix et avant-garde.

PHOTO OFF donne à découvrir « au prix d’aujourd’hui les futures stars de demain » selon Martin Parr, parrain de l’édition 2011.

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Focus on Focus

I was commissioned to create assets for the reveal of the newly redesigned Ford Focus.  We shot on the streets of San Francisco CA to capture the essence of the brand story for focus.  

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Les Insectes du Mal - Beauty Editorial

In an unusual beauty editorial, photographer Karolina Harz captured insect inspired make-ups created by talented Klaudia Utnicka. Together they created an amazing editorial depicting both beauty of the models with beauty of the insects which might cause a bit unsettling feelings while thinking about makeup.

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See you at UPDATE14 in Berlin!

We are looking forward to UPDATE14 in Berlin. Hope to see all of you there. Best, Cameralink.

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GO gaba - The Brain Booster from Mexico

Find your center with our hydrolized protein, vitamin C and green tea extract.

When the phones are ringing, colleagues who called in sick start posting party photos all over facebook and your inbox is exploding it can all get a bit too much. The concert of “bings” and vibrations from your phone lights up your desk. Your boss seems to be stressing about everything and the secretary keeps droning on about the beautiful weather. Sure, these aren't multi million deals on the stock market but you wonder how you're ever supposed to concentrate, fulfilling quotas let alone ever reaching your personal goals. The permanent hunt for some peace and quiet follows you around constantly tired, distracted, always ending exhausted in bed intent on changing it all the next day.

Things don't have to be this way! You can break out of this cycle of stress with a targeted rest and the right active substances. GO gaba, the Brainbooster, is the new drink to achieve balance and improve your mental concentration from Mexico helps you shake off your stress naturally and focus on the essentials. In addition to its active hydrolised milk protein GO gaba (lactose free) is also enriched with concentrated herbal ingredients such as green tea extract and vitamin C. This contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and to reduced tiredness and fatigue. GO gaba is available in the refreshing flavours of apple/citrus and strawberry/kiwi, tastes with a low calorie content.  After a successful launch in Mexico the drink can now be seen all over university libraries, stressed out meetings and even on the red carpet. The targeted function GO gaba drink is now conquering the European market wherever more concentration and less stress are needed. Find your center with GO gaba!

GO gaba is now available for the European market. Follow the launch in Germany at www.facebook.com/GOgabaGER.

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Photographer: Hormis Tharakan
Hair & Make-up: Carla Gersie & Dale Titus
Production: Cool Banana Productions

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Narcisse Magazine Sweden

Photographer: Christoph Koestlin
Location: Luderitz, Namibia
Production: Cool Banana Productions