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Chancen Magazin

Frankfurt am Main, we had a great time taking some pictures for the Chancen Magazin.

Collages and Vessels by Liselotte Watkins c/o LUNDLUND

Liselotte Watkins c/o LUNDLUND lives and works in Rome and is one of Europe’s most prominent fashion illustrators. After her studies at the Art Institute of Dallas in the late 90s she launched her career as an illustrator in New York. Her unique style gained immediate attention and she landed the prestigious assignment to illustrate Barney’s make-up ads every Sunday in The New York Times. Her strength lies in never-ending restlessness and she never stays complacent, but ceaselessly refines and transforms her style. She does all the drawing by hand and then uses Photoshop for coloring, creating portraits and surroundings with many beautiful details, but above all a lot of attitude. Liselotte is sometimes also working with a collage technique to create colorful and rich artwork. Last November her vessels were exhibited at CFHILL in Stockholm. Find more of her work on GoSee or directly via LUNDLUND.


Here are some of Giordano Poloni's latest projects; The poster of the documentary American Utopia by Maxime Pelletier-Huot, an illustration for GQ Travel and a last illustration created as part of a competition for Le Grand Paris Express.

Born in 1980 and resident of Milan, he earned a cinema bachelor’s degree in 2006. The same year he starts his illustrator career for clients as The Guardian, Scientific American Magazine, The New Scientist, Random House Australia, Wired UK, TIM Mobile... Inspired by his huge collection of comics, music videos, movies and photography books, he creates digital artworks highly reminiscent of his Italian heritage.


Because Ross3D, who's also a roughman, has various talents, and because you often ask us 3D and vectorial artwork, here is the brand new portfolio of Ross 3D. Here is a selection of his best projects to help you in your 3D needs.


For a few months, Katrinn has been working on a new style and exploring new hand drawing techniques. "I missed the contact with the material. I needed to lose control a bit, get caught by a burr, too much water and play with the material. What a pleasure to mix together the different mediums, such as watercolor, colored pencil and graphite directly on fabriano paper and see the reaction of the support... Pure happiness, without counting all the meditative side that there is in this technique. I found the small 5 years old Katrinn. To begin with, I present a dozen of playful, dreamlike and poetic illustrations. Presently in Quebec, and particularly in Quebec city, we're in the middle of winter. There is a cocooning atmosphere. We feel the need to warm up. I had fun exploring the themes of winter, comfort, the need to wrap ourselves up in big and warm woollen garments. Also, I wanted to juxtapose the nature of Northen Quebec and the North Coast and its conifers. And finally, our brave small birds from Quebec which spend the hard winter with us, which I imagined wrapped with...


Agent Molly & Co now representing illustrator GUSTAF ÖHRNELL HJALMARS

Gustaf Öhrnell Hjalmars is a freelance illustrator, living in Bagarmossen, south of Stockholm. In his artwork he looks to combine a digital approach with a handmade feel. He is addicted to subtle textures and bold colors, seeking to counterpoint solid geometric shapes with crisp line work. The aesthetic is inspired by traditional graphic techniques such as screen printing, with a bit of wobble and unevenness. His ambition in illustration is combining high quality workmanship with a witty and relevant approach to any given subject, trying to contribute both visually and intellectually to the context of the artwork. His work range from character design and backgrounds for animated commercials, to editorial illustration and book covers. His clients include SvD, Ikea, Ica, Postnord, UR and Naturskyddsföreningen, amongst others.

Haute Photographie Rotterdam Art Week

Haute Photographie is an international photography fair with a refreshing take on the fair format. Initiated by Roy Kahmann, director of Kahmann Gallery, publisher of GUP Magazine and a long-term advocate of photography in the Netherlands, Haute will be launched as part of Rotterdam Art Week in February 2017.

Haute is centred around a group exhibition, featuring works by the grand masters from the history of photography, to the youngest and most exciting talents working with the medium today. This collection brings together a select group of international galleries. Haute Photographiewill be a meeting place for artists, curators, collectors - both young and experienced - and anyone with a genuine love for photography. The first edition will see contributions from the following galleries, bringing together works from nearly 50 international artists: Kahmann Gallery (Amsterdam), Esther Woerdehoff (Paris), Grundemark/Nilsson (Stockholm/Berlin), Howard Greenberg Gallery (New York), Ibasho Gallery (Antwerp)

Alongside Haute’s main exhibition, a focus...