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EDITION GERHARD HATJE presents Julian Schnabel CVJ - Nicknames of Maitre D's & Other Excerpts from Life

In 1987, with CVJ – Nicknames of Maitre D's & Other Excerpts from Life, Julian Schnabel wrote a type of pictorial autobiography, retracing from the first-person perspective the artist's path to success. At that date, he had already participated in the groundbreaking exhibitions of his time: "Western Art" in Cologne (1981), "A New Spirit in Painting" in London (1981), and "Zeitgeist" (1982) in Berlin. The long out-of-print, opulently illustrated artist's book is now available as a facsimile edition, for today's readers a gorgeous testimony in the sense of "The Artist as a Young Man.”In the framework of this reissue, Julian Schnabel realized a very special project as an Edition Gerd Hatje: he has personally painted, printed, and spray-painted with acrylic paint the individual, linen hardcovers. These original paintings on canvas were then bound by hand with the facsimile. Each book is thus unique—the contents are identical, the cover its own artwork! As varied as the pieces are, they follow in the gesturally executed characteristic style and the superimposition of paint...

Super Happy! Thank you Phillip Lim and Viviane Sassen for another incredible shoot featuring Liya Kebede

For the Spring 2016 advertising campaign, we continued our collaboration with photographer, Viviane Sassen, creating artful, unexpected images that “romance reality” rather than escape from it. For the third consecutive season, we accomplished this with a minimal team - a photographer, an assistant, a producer, a model and Phillip Lim - on the streets of a global city shooting spontaneous, real moments.

This season, we pushed the boundaries even further by asking a world-renowned model to join us in this guerrilla affair; we asked her to do this in her home country with her actual family. The model is Liya Kebede and her home town is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she grew up with her four brothers and where her parents still live. Liya is also passionately devoted to her role as a maternal health advocate. We are enormously grateful to Liya and her family for being part of this special moment and welcoming us to their home


PEROU's Coulrophobia project in collaboration with MAC Cosmetics

PEROU's latest personal project, and accompanying book, was created in collaboration with MAC cosmetics. Coulrophobia is an incredible series of self portraits created by world renowned make-up artists, and Marilyn Manson, who were asked to interpret a version of clown face for the project.

The artists who worked on the project are: Hamilton, Sam Bryant, Natalie Sharp, James O'Riley, Georgina Graham, Daniel Sallstrom, Holly Silius, Kenny Campbell, Pablo Rodriguez, Rebecca Wordingham, Marco Antonio, Gemma Smith-Edhouse, Ciara O'Shea, Lan Nygyen-Grealis, Phyllis Cohen, Lucy Bridge, Christine Cant, Marylin Manson, Loni Bauer and Topolino.

The exhibition of the project will be touring New York, Berlin and Paris after the London one kicked off the tour.

James Lipman photographs the new Bentayga global media launch for Bentley Motors

James Lipman photographs the new Bentayga global media launch for Bentley Motors

James Lipman is a London based commercial and editorial automotive photographer. For the last decade, he has photographed cars, trucks, aircraft and boats across the globe. He is well known among the industry greats. His clients include Rolls Royce, Porsche Cars Great Britain, Porsche Panorama magazine, Mercedes Benz UK, Alfa Romeo UK, Tesla Motors, Bentley Motors, Mercedes Benz World, BBC Top Gear magazine, Car and Driver magazine, CAR magazine, Citroen UK, Fiat Group Automobiles Japan, Honda UK, Honda Motor Europe, Hyundai Motor UK, KircherBurkhardt GmbH, Mazda Motors UK, MotorSport magazine, Octane Magazine, Motor Cars, Vantage Volvo Car.

CPxART LookBook 2016 by Martina Cyman

Meet the CPXART French streetwear brand bringing art to life. The CPxART LookBook photographed by Martina CYMAN for you on GoSee.

About - CPxArt is a young French fashion brand by German designers. Focusing to put Art and Fashion together and let the creativity rule over every single pieces.CPxArt was founded in Paris 2015. First out is the GOD IS ART collection. Most important are that their products are all hand-painted and fabric in europe.