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'Théodore Rousseau: Unruly Nature' at the Glyptotek, Copenhagen | Mid-C.19th French Landscape Painting

This week, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek opens its major Autumn exhibition Théodore Rousseau: Unruly Nature, which runs until 8 January 2017. This large-scale exhibition is the first major show of Théodore Rousseau's work ever in Scandinavia and the first in Europe since a 1967 retrospective at the Louvre. The show explores the mid-19th century French painter (1812-1867) as one of the great innovators of landscape painting, whose daring brush strokes and dawning abstraction anticipated the Impressionists and subsequent generations of French painters.

As an unruly artist, Théodore Rousseau was both admired and hated in his time. His realistic and romantic approach to art made him known as ‘Le Grand Refusé’ when he decided in 1841 to boycott the uppermost tier of the official art scene in France. However, Rousseau soon made his comeback, casting himself as a heroic martyr, who not only conquered the art scene, but also won a seat on the Salon jury. His works were rapidly sold at dizzying prices for museums and private collectors.

Covering two floors and featuring 56...
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Mary J. Blige's new single #THICKOFIT - cover by Dennis Leupold c/o no-namemgmt

"We're excited to share our newest project: the cover art for @maryjblige's new single . By and @NoNameProductions"
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This past summer we welcomed Ricola, Droptree Productions from Portland USA, Burns Group NYC and Zebra NYC to Zermatt.
The production was realised within 2 shooting days with a nimble, yet talented team. Local knowledge of locations and logistics experience ensured a smooth production from start to finish.
Locations, casting, estimations and local logistics were among our tasks for this project.
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Play Rent Studios, Hamburg

This charming white factory loft offers over 500m2 of studio space (in 2 studios), affording the freedom and scope to create all your ideas. Both Studios boast superb daylight. We offer a full support service, sourcing equipment and crew to suit the needs of any Film or Photo shoot. Whether it be assistants, hair/make-up artists, props or set-building, let us know your requirements and we will be happy to help. Top catering, and the best coffee in town are taken for granted at Play Studios.

Our central location in the heart of Schanze, Hamburg’s hip hub of creativity, also offers an ideal location for productions, with camera, lighting, props and wardrobe rental agencies in the area. Not to mention the lively Clubs, Bars, and Hotels, all within walking distance from this location. So all in all, this is a great place to shoot, with fantastic space and light, professional service, and one of the most sought after locations in Hamburg.
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Chakuza Video Trailer 'Gold' by MOOKWE FILM PRODUCTION

Watch the trailer of the new video 'Gold' from CHAKUZA... production company: MOOKWE

mookwe is a creative film production company based in Hamburg. Our focus is on the creation and production of animations, commercials, corporate films and music videos. With more than 15 years of experience we are still looking for challenges and we are passionate about emotional content, stories and moments. We offer full production services or single based solutions for all types of projects and channels.
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Ad Execs on the Campaign Trail…Storytelling, Social Media and Negative Advertising: the Creative Process of Political Advertising

New York, NY – October 11, 2016: With the 2016 US presidential debates in full swing and only 29 days until the election, the media is saturated with the presidential candidates pitching their own political brand. Candidates’ ads passionately push their personalities and policy points to compete for a stronger position in the polls. Whether the candidates are selling themselves in a print ad, commercial, a YouTube video, tweet or an Instagram post delivered to your Smartphone, politicians rely on a host of advertising mediums to reach constituents. Candidates strategically use media to pitch their personal strengths and their bigger-than-life personalities while aggressively exposing their opponent’s weaknesses, and they recruit the best and the brightest advertising creatives to craft their message.

All brands advertise and utilize storytelling to engage consumers, politicians are no exception. What tactics do the creative geniuses behind the political candidate’s ads take when crafting a successful political advertising campaign? New York Festivals International Advertising...
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L’art pour tous : des photographies à toucher

Le Musée de l’Elysée lance le projet L’art pour tous : des photographies à toucher jeudi 13 octobre 2016 à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de la vue. Une sélection d’oeuvres phares de la collection du musée devient ainsi accessible pour un public de non et malvoyants. Ce projet novateur met à profit les nouvelles technologies et favorise l’exploration de la photographie par le toucher.

Convaincu de sa mission éducative et de son rôle décisif en matière d’intégration sociale, le Musée de l’Elysée travaille depuis l’été 2015 sur un ambitieux projet d’accessibilité aux images pour les non et malvoyants. Le musée s’associe avec Feel the Arts créé par l’américaine Denise Lasprogata qui conçoit des programmes d’accessibilité pour aveugles et malvoyants permettant une interaction avec l’art par le son et le toucher.

Imprimée sur un papier de microcapsules se développant à la chaleur, la photographie est transcrite en traits et en ronds. Ombres, lumières et couleurs sont précisées, dans une approche curatoriale de l’oeuvre, sur un descriptif à part, audio ou imprimable en...
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Sur Paris – Alain Cornu, opening November 8 at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon

Sur Paris – Alain Cornu shows from november 9 to december 24 at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon. French photographer, Alain Cornu, invites us to a contemplative and exalted trip on Parisian rooftops! Opening on Tuesday November 8, 2016 from 6PM to 9PM in presence of the artist. alaincornu.com
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