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NO MANGO PLEASE am 07.04.2017, ab 19.00 Uhr bei JULIA WALDMANN, Hamburg

NO MANGO PLEASE* am 07.04.2017, ab 19.00 Uhr mit Arbeiten von Annekathrin Schreiber, Anne-Laure Robin, Arndt von Hoff, Caro Mantke, Christoph Himmel, Edisonga, Hayley Austin, Marc Peschke, Martin Timmermann, Maya Darli, Oliver Schwarzwald, Ralph Baiker, Ruben Riermeier, Silke Baltruschat und Stefan Thurmann.

*Das Thema „NO MANGO PLEASE“ gründet auf einer Aversion gegen Mangos, die vermutlich weniger dem Geschmack als dem Eindruck geschuldet ist, dass die Mango vor ein paar Jahren plötzlich das Land, die Speise-, Dessert- und Getränkekarten derart okkupiert hat, dass man kaum glauben kann, dass es zuvor ein Leben ohne Mango gab. Der Einnahmestrategie der Mango wird das Motto „NO MANGO PLEASE“ entgegengestellt. Das ist eine persönliche Haltung und sie mag falsch sein und sicher nicht für jeden zutreffen. Dem Motto wird eine Ausstellung gewidmet, bei der sich alles um die Mango dreht – ob in Ablehnung, Zuneigung oder absoluter Indifferenz bleibt den Künstlern überlassen.



There are just 10 days left to enter the creative ring and submit the entries to one of the leading festivals of creativity in Eastern Europe – IX White Square International Advertising Festival.


Obviously, it’s high time to hurry up! But if you consider yourself worthy of awards and are ready to fight for victory, you still have some time to prepare your best cases, video and radio clips, logos, packages and all the rest advertising and marketing projects.

The process of entry submission is simple. You should just sign up on official website adfest.by and upload your entry into an appropriate contest in your personal account. White Square includes five contests: creativity, branding, marketing, digital, social advertising.

If your professional activity is related to advertising, marketing, branding, design, digital you are welcome to participate and to show everyone the power of your advertising talent!

The judging at White Square is based on the Regulation of Jury work, where the rules, criteria and process of judging are...

Leejeans Europe Lookbook SS17

Client: Leejeans Europe EMEA - Spring Summer 2017 POS & Lookbook
Agency : Satisfaction Brussels
Photographers: John Israel & Nam Simonis
Casting & Production: Ariane De Siron
HMU: Gigi Hammond
Stylist: Georgia Boal-Russel
Location: Brussels

Emily Astrup @ Diva Models
Bastian Thiery @ Nest Models


#Colorista #jointherevolution #Lorealparis , a commercial by Sacha Wiernik

  • Production Manager
    Ariane DE SIRON

Leejeans Emea Lookbook & POS 2017 with The-Satisfaction, starring Diego Villarreal, Emily Astrup, Bastian Thiery & Saara Sihvonen

New Lookbook for Leejeans Europe Spring Summer 2017

Agency : Satisfaction Brussels
Photographers: John Israel & Nam Simonis
Casting & Production: Ariane De Siron @ Lagocon Hamburg
HMU: Gigi Hammond @ Untitled Artists London
Stylist: Georgia Boal-Russel @ Untitled Artists London

Models: Emily Astrup & Saara Sihvonen @ Diva Models, Bastian Thiery @ Nest Models & Diego Villarreal @ Option


New Work for Schön Magazine!

“Fashion gets a pop art makeover as photography duo Ilka & Franz sends candy-coloured accessories into motion for Schön! Styling by Zoe Kozlik combines playful Gucci, Swatch and Dolce & Gabbana in a pop narrative of machine-like animations. Fasten your seatbelt, grab the popcorn and pop up the volume.”

Photography & Retouch :: Ilka & Franz c/o Cosmopola
Styling :: Zoe Kozlik
Set :: Lydia Kasumi Shirreff

See it on schonmagazine.com!


Metaxa 12 Stars - MIke Horn - Don't Drink It, Explore It !


Metaxa is launched last year, the METAXA 12 Stars in Europe and Russia. Metaxa 12 Stars is one of the Metaxa’s most premium styles of the collection. It’s the refined expression of the Metaxa Stars range. It’s not a Whisky, it’s not a Bourbon, it’s not a Cognac. It’s a one-of-a-kind smooth spirit. It’s an amber spirit of exceptional craftsmanship that captures a unique rich, sweet and delicate taste made of subtle floral and herbal touches. Metaxa 12 Stars is subtle and complex. Its taste is unique and transports us.

Each sip is a pilgrimage to flavor. Its charm and particular exoticness are irresistibly associated with the principle of “journey” and in the first step of these “journeys” lies the true meaning of our campaign.