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TOTAL & BETC Paris launches its new Space Travellers ad campaign

Total is launching its new Space Travellers ad campaign featuring Total’s upgraded network of service stations in France and around the world. Created with advertising agency BETC, the quirky campaign will be deployed internationally, in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

“We wanted to show how Total reinvents itself every day to remain the favorite brand of customers and their first choice of station to pull in to”, explained Philippe Boisseau, Member of Total’s Executive Committee and President of Marketing & Services. “The campaign reflects the new face of our brand and our ability to innovate to improve the lives of our customers, whether by upgrading our stations, by offering new products and services or strongly digitalizing our businesses with contactless payment or free Wi-Fi access. These selling points make us much more than a mere fuel retailer.”

The campaign’s main focus, the Space Travellers commercial created by BETC, depicts a half-human, half-extra-terrestrial crew, whose low-on-fuel spaceship touches down at a Total service station. Despite...