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GoSee Awards - Reportage Head of Jury and first names ....

We are happy to announce photographer and publisher Lois Lammerhuber as head of jury in our category 'Reportage'. And we are more than happy to let you know that the fabulous Maud Klarenbeek (Wieden + Kennedy) will be  back in 2014 in the same category, as well as Kristina Wilmar from Stockholm, art production legend as we would call her. So spread the good NEWS and tell your photographers friends to upload their best shots for our highend jurors in 2014. And trust us - there are more to come !

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A Headscarf "More than a piece of cloth"

"More than a piece of cloth"  is a project  born out of an interest and curiosity to reveal the real woman behind the headscarf.  This is a photographic  themed project, where the subjects  are twenty headscarf wearing residents of the culturally diverse  Amsterdam neighbourhood of Bos en Lommer. The  subjects will be shot in this area adding context to the subjects and the environment in which they live.
The project will seek to inspire talents and skills of  young women  in the neighbourhood. 

Four young female volunteers living in Amsterdam West looking to improve their prospects in the competitive jobmarket, will work with a professional fashion photographer to create photographs and interviews. They  will participate in a workshop by a professional photo studio located in Bos en Lommer where they will learn and work on assembling a photo exhibition. They  will also participate in a workshop with professional PR consultancies, learning about marketing and PR.  Finally,  six other young female volunteers living in Bos en Lommer  will  work with the four others on staging the exhibition.

Each of the twenty photographs will be displayed along with signature quotes from  the short interviews carried out at the time of the shoot. The full interviews will be held on www.differentviewsonamsterdam.nl as part of the virtual online  exhibition of the project.

The goal of the project is  to produce a scarf  made up of all the photos taken for the exhibition in a mosaic headscarf.

At the moment I am looking for funding for the project, via government, commercial and private donations. Also I would  like materials or volunteer help.
So if you can help me make this project a reality please contact me on 0031 6 1386222 or  v_ady@hotmail.com

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GoSee AWARDS are more than happy about jury members from PUBLICIS !

Who it might be? We will let you know asap - and show you more photos from their legendary Sommerfest in Munich.

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GoSee Awards Jury Update 2014

We are more than happy to welcome two top creatives (CD & CEO) from famous global working ad agency Zum Goldenen Hirschen in our GoSee Awards jury panels - who they are? In which of the twelve juries they will judge your artwork? More about Julian and Jens soon on GoSee ! ;-) !

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The Pines - Film Location

The Pines rests on five-acre grounds with majestic old growth trees, two-story barn, and natural pine forest. The entire property is free of any overhead wires. This Hudson Valley property is just under 100 miles from Broadway.