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GoSee loves Raymond Pettibon - The exhibition Homo Americanus at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

The exhibition Raymond Pettibon. Homo Americanus at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg presents the sharp reflection of the myth of American culture in the exceptional work of a great graphic artist. The show includes more than five hundred works illustrating Pettibon's incisive take on the American Dream-from Woodstock to the so-called War on Terror.

Raymond Pettibon - Homo Americanus . 19 November 2016-12 February 2017 . Mönchsberg, level 3 . museumdermoderne.at//raymond-pettibon
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Andrea Popowich Meislin today announced a new venture, Meislin Projects

Gallerist, art historian, curator, and author Andrea Popowich Meislin today announced a new venture, Meislin Projects. Located at 819 Madison Avenue at 69th Street, New York City, Meislin Projects will produce a highly select schedule of in-depth exhibitions and installations, sometimes developed in collaboration with major institutions in the United States and overseas, as well as public and private commissions. The opening of Meislin Projects comes eight months after Ms. Meislin closed Andrea Meislin Gallery, located in Chelsea, following a flood that rendered the space unusable. Meislin Projects will present three-to-four exhibitions a year by international artists working in a variety of media, including painting, photography, video, and installation. In conjunction with these extended-showing exhibitions, Meislin Projects will develop and produce special projects with artists, institutions, and select artists’ estates. Meislin Projects will also continue the former gallery’s engagement with artists who have strong ties to Israel. The projects will be enriched by scholarly...
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Grosses NÜRNBERG-Opening by WORMLAND! Neben Formal-, Casual- und Jeanswear vieler nationaler und internationaler Marken und Designer, warten viele tolle Angebote, exklusive Aktionen und Geschenke auf Sie! Newcomer- bis High-End-Labels präsentieren sich zwischen ausgefallenem Interieur modern bis klassisch, entspannt bis exklusiv.
Ab einem Einkaufswert von 50 € schenken wir Ihnen ein limitiertes T-Shirt. Unser neuer Store ist zentral in der Nürnberger Innenstadt gelegen – in unmittelbarer Nähe der U-Bahnstation Nürnberg Weißer Turm (U1, U11).

SEE IT – FEEL IT – HEAR IT Den passenden Sound für Ihr Shopping-Erlebnis gibt’s von DJ GEENO SMITH, der an diesen Dates live bei uns im Store auflegt: 26.10.2016 – 29.10.2016 05.11.2016, 26.11.2016, 31.11.2016 Den WORMLAND Sound für Zuhause gibt’s außerdem als CD Give-Aways von WORMLAND MUSIC – rock on!

***NÜRNBERG ONLY*** HAMMER & NAGEL: Wenn sich ein echter Mann von seiner samtweichen Seite zeigen möchte, gibt es dafür viele Möglichkeiten – eine sind seine Hände. Mit HAMMER & NAGEL in der neuen Nürnberger WORMLAND-Filiale, bieten wir...
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European Le Mans Series by photographer Marc Fluri on GoSee

I have followed European LE MANS SERIES and the team massivemotorsport for 6 months on circuits round in Europe.... and I am impressed by the massivemotorsport team cooperation, team spirit and understanding of each other's roles. They can all perform under the most difficult conditions because they know exactly who does what and when.

I have now been on the Paul Ricard, Silverstone, Imola and Estoril racetracks and it is just fascinating to see how everyone works together for a common goal. Their team spirit, intuition, skill and calmness in stressful situations enabling them to improvise and adapt to make the most of each and every situation …even with closed eyes. Enjoy the photos on GoSee.
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A well-organized children’s room offers two big benefits: Kids can find what they’re looking for fast, and the room stays neater because everything has a place. All parents love organizing kids’ rooms because their bedroom is the place where children sleep, play, read… It can be a great place for them to DREAM. Organization is a never-ending battle in a kid’s room. With one playdate the contents of a tidy toy box quickly return to the floor, books come off the shelves, and that neat row of stuffed animals becomes chaos. While messes are inevitable, having plenty of smart storage spots can help make cleanup easier and faster. Clean up your child’s floor and teach them the value of good organization with our excellent selection of kids' storage. Toy boxes help your children keep their treasures close by, make cleanup easy and stylish. Kids need and want to use their space for playing, right? They don't want their precious floor space crowded with boxes of their own toys! But heaven forbid they actually have to give up any of those toys!!!

Gold is a Toy box inspired by the...
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Robert Niederl presents his new work as part of the Vienna Art Week, again with make-up artist Sophie Chudzikowski.
Pictures in which he captures undisguised beauty in a magical moment.
The exhibition invites the observer to explore a reduced view of the human nature and seeks the direct contact in a timeless moment.
Sensual & intense, reduced & expressive.
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'Théodore Rousseau: Unruly Nature' at the Glyptotek, Copenhagen | Mid-C.19th French Landscape Painting

This week, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek opens its major Autumn exhibition Théodore Rousseau: Unruly Nature, which runs until 8 January 2017. This large-scale exhibition is the first major show of Théodore Rousseau's work ever in Scandinavia and the first in Europe since a 1967 retrospective at the Louvre. The show explores the mid-19th century French painter (1812-1867) as one of the great innovators of landscape painting, whose daring brush strokes and dawning abstraction anticipated the Impressionists and subsequent generations of French painters.

As an unruly artist, Théodore Rousseau was both admired and hated in his time. His realistic and romantic approach to art made him known as ‘Le Grand Refusé’ when he decided in 1841 to boycott the uppermost tier of the official art scene in France. However, Rousseau soon made his comeback, casting himself as a heroic martyr, who not only conquered the art scene, but also won a seat on the Salon jury. His works were rapidly sold at dizzying prices for museums and private collectors.

Covering two floors and featuring 56...
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Mary J. Blige's new single #THICKOFIT - cover by Dennis Leupold c/o no-namemgmt

"We're excited to share our newest project: the cover art for @maryjblige's new single . By and @NoNameProductions"
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