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Bilbao Project: BMW M4 Gran Coupé for Ramp Magazin

The Bilbao Project:  three different photographers, three days, one city and one car. Nils Hendrik Mueller from Braunschweig worked as the german part of the project. 
The outstanding project is another idea from Michael Köckritz. A successful experiment published over 20 pages in his ramp magazine.

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Iris Luckhaus is a freelance illustrator, stylist and designer (MoD, Berlin University of the Arts, Fashion Class Vivienne Westwood) since 2000, currently living in Wuppertal, Berlin and sometimes in Paris and working for very different clients from all over the world. In anthologies like Illustration Now!, Freistil, Zeixs or Illusive, she is repeatedly featured as one of “the world’s best illustrators”.

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Evandro Soldati On Vogue.com’s Top 10 Male Models of All Time

Evandro Soldati c/o LOUISA MODELS made it to Vogue.com’s list of top 10 male models of all time. Want so see more?

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Illustrateur et graphiste freelance

Julien Canavezes est graphiste illustrateur freelance depuis maintenant Janvier 2006.
Basé à Paris, il travail sur tout le territoire français mais également à l'étranger. Il a suivi son enseignement à LISAA (l'institue des art appliqué) puis à Intuit Lab. Il à étudié la direction artistique, l'illustration, l'identité de marque, la typographie et également le marketing.
Après un stage chez le designer Ora-Ito, il décide de se mettre directement à son compte en créant son propre studio de création spécialisé dans le graphisme et l'illustration.
Aujourd'hui Julien Canavezes et très polyvalent, il créé selon votre demande logos, illustrations, charte graphiste, site web, animations flash. Il est capable de travailler sur tous types de support, que ce soit web ou print. Ses secteurs d'activité sont très larges, la publicité, l’événementiel, la presse, l'édition.
Bien que basé en France, Julien travail pour différents pays notamment pour l'Angleterre, l'Allemagne, l'Italie, les Etats Unis...
Il a également gagné de prestigieux prix dans le secteur de la publicité tel que le prix "Pencil" par the One Show (prix de la meilleur campagne de pub + prix du meilleur packaging) pour Ricola, mais également prix de la meilleur campagne publicitaire également pour Ricola par the New York Festivals.
Julien Canavezes maitrise parfaitement les logiciels Adobe : Photoshop, illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver...
A l'écoute et réactif, il sera vous donner pleinement satisfaction. Pour tous types de renseignements n'hésitez pas à le contacter, il sera vous donner des conseils et vous orienter sur la meilleur manière de communiquer. http://www.toyzmachin.com


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"Casino Love Affair": Vintage looks in a fashion editorial for Unfolded magazine. Post production by Deltagram.

Judith Omoregie took pictures for Unfolded magazine and once again got Marcus Christopher from Deltagram Studio on board to handle the retouching and post production.

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GoSee Tipp : Colourbox - Music of the group (1982 - 1987) - on show at Between Bridges, Berlin

This is the first exhibition in the series Playback Room that will, over the next months, give a dedicated space to the playback of recorded music. It is considered normal that in order to see original works of visual art one can visit a museum. However there is no dedicated space or place where one can go to to hear the works of musicians with the studio sound quality that the original recording was made in.

Live music has dedicated spaces, whereas recorded music has none. This does not do justice to the fact that to many musicians the very essence of their work is the recorded final version of a song or album. Months of studio time have gone into creating a work with optimum sound quality. In contrast to this effort 99.9% of music playback is on commercial, domestic or portable devices not fit for perfect sound reproduction. Digital compression in recent years has caused an increasingly wide-spread low sound quality in playback.

Undoubtedly music is a huge inspiration to visual artists, and many hold pieces of recorded music in the highest esteem. When attempts are made to bring music into art galleries, it is often done by using visual by-products, rarely by 'showing' the music in dedicated spaces equipped with the highest standard speaker systems. The Between Bridges project Playback Room is hoping to encourage a critical discussion of this divide.

For Colourbox - Music of the group (1982 - 1987) the larger space of Between Bridges will become a playback room equipped with a high-end hi-fi sound system. A sequence of 16 songs will be played. The actual carriers of the recordings will be on show in the entrance space of Between Bridges: a display of original mastering tapes, 2", 1/2" and 1/4", and the records, which were published by the independent label 4AD, London and were created by the highly acclaimed designer Vaughan Oliver, will be available to be handled by visitors. A list of transcripts of the original sound samples used by Colourbox will be displayed at the entrance on the gallery walls.

The nature of Colourbox's way of working lends itself to this focus on recorded music since the group refused to perform live and was generally reluctant to mediate their work in forms other than the records they put out. Brothers Martyn and Steven Young together with Ian Robbins, Lorita Grahame and Debian Curry were pioneers of experimental pop music. They created an eclectic sound drawing from reggae and soul influences, beat-box driven hip-hop rhythms, blue-eyed soul, as well as a fusion of far-ranging influences spanning from classic R&B, to dub and industrial.

Using montages of analogue magnetic tape pieces and experimenting with tape machines, Colourbox were on the fore-front of sampling, which in it's digital form would become ubiquitous in the course of the 1980's. The band worked in a seeming contrast of pure artistic research in the studio and an anti-intellectual stance towards the outside world. The sometimes soul-inspired, sometimes clashing and degraded, at times harsh, sound qualities of their tracks stood apart from 4AD label mates Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil.

The band had considerable success in the independent charts but didn't cross over into the mainstream until 1987, when they embarked on a collaboration with A.R. Kane under the name of M.A.R.R.S. and released the single Pump up the Volume, which went on to become an international No.1 hit. Almost entirely composed of unlicensed samples of other's music and sound pieces the song became the cause of long drawn legal battles and court actions. After this Colourbox ceased recording, never to release music again. Wolfgang Tillmans
A 16 track CD of Colourbox songs will be available at the gallery:

Colourbox - Music of the group (1982 - 1987)
13.09.2014 - 25.10.2014

Between Bridges Keithstrasse 15 10787 Berlin Opening 12. September 19 - 21, We-Sa  12 - 18, www.betweenbridges.net

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André Aimaq joins the GoSeeAwards Jury in 2014

André Aimaq, CEO at ad agency Aimaq von Lobenstein, joins the GoSeeAwards Jury in 2014. News coming soon..... register for free www.GoSee.us/register and become part of the creative event happening in Berlin end of October. News coming soon !

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Artligue vous invite ! Join them in Paris

Ce samedi 6 Septembre 2014 sera jour de vernissage pour les galeries d'art du Marais. Artligue vous invite à découvrir autour d'un verre, les dernières éditions d'oeuvres de :
Juliette Agnel
Olivier Garros
 Natasha Gudermane
Nicolas Guilbert
Fabien Seguin
Ambroise Tezenas
Laure Vasconi
à partir de 16h
ArtLigue 9 rue des Arquebusiers 75003 Paris - OPENING on Saturday, September 6th at 4 pm