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Actor Fahri Yardim a fugitive? Featured in THE RED BULLETIN magazine - grooming by Ischrak NITSCHKE c/o BLOSSOM

Fahri Ogün Yardım is a German actor with Turkish heritage and only seems to be a fugitive. He grew up in Hamburg-Harburg and received his acting education at the Hamburg's Bühnenstudio after graduating from secondary school in Harburg. And as you can see, Fahri Ogün Yardım not not makes a great appearance in the role of Til Schweiger's Tatort sidekick. The spread was photographed by Christoph VOY c/o GoSee member COSMOPOLA for THE RED BULLETIN mag.

About - Fahri Ogün Yardım (born 1980) is a German actor of Turkish descent. He is best known for his portrayel of Hüseyin in Almanya – Welcome to Germany and as investigator Yalcin Gümer in the German crime television series Tatort alongside Til Schweiger. In 2013 he had a supporting role in the adventure film The Physician, which became an immediate box office hit in Germany.
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