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news | Broodybookings face Helena as happy mother in NIVEA spot

Helena c/o BRODYBOOKINGS was commissioned for a fictional NIVEA spot, which captured the topic 'a mother’s happiness' in perfectly beautiful pictures. Helena Hofmann, Dorian Lebherz and Daniel Titz, three Film Academy students, conceived this spot. The creative artists at Nivea also liked the spot – and it will be presented as a TV commercial in Romania.

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news | 'Design your own style.' Lea c/o BRODYBOOKINGS presents the PSM Primo made by BOSCH

'Make it your home.' Testimonial Lea c/o BRODYBOOKINGS is being imaginative: in the new BOSCH spot, she optimizes her home – making room for shoes by using the compact electric grinder PSM Primo. The film was produced by V-4.

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news | Four faces have to make five decisions: Emely, Christoph, Hansi and Yusuf c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in "either - or" spot for BW-BANK

Wife or girlfriend? E-Bike or chopper? Either – or… Emely, Christoph, Hansi and Yusuf, all four c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, had various decisions to make for BW-Bank. V-4 produced the spot on making the right decisions; the executive agency was Zum Goldenen Hirschen, Stuttgart.

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news | EU works together to protect online shoppers - so they can shop safely online in Europe - Steven L. c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in the info spot

Online banking – comfortable and safe: no problem - thanks to the EU – BRODYBOOKINGS model Steven and his girlfriend can now book their vacation much easier – online. The spot for the European Union project no. 41 was produced by Wanda Productions. Further European projects can be found on page: About - EU Consumer protection authorities have joined forces to bring thousands of websites into line with the law, and advice centres across Europe helped 8 …

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news | Telephone service provider SIMYO asks what Spain believes - with testimonial by model Dominic c/o BRODYBOOKINGS

Model Dominic c/o BRODYBOOKINGS was in Barcelona on a film mission for the SIMYO TV spot shown on GoSee. The executive agency BÁRBARA & Co. from Madrid filmed the stylishly reduced new spot for SIMYO Spain. About - Simyo is part of the E-Plus Group which has 22.7 million subscribers (Dec 2011). Simyo belongs to the Dutch telecommunications group KPN, the fourth-ranking mobile telephone operator in Europe, after acquisition of the remainder of E-Plus on March 14. 2002. In Spain, Si …

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news | Do it yourself! Model Alena in MAX FACTOR Tutorial

Alena c/o BRODYBOOKINGS was commissioned for a MAX FACTOR tutorial in which make-up artist Stephan SCHMIED c/o BLOSSOM MGMT presents the perfect smokey eyes. The spot was produced by Schokolade.

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news | Maya c/o Brodybookings is the face of the new VANESSA BARONI collection

Creative Director Victor Jovcevski presented model MAYA, a very impressive appearance showing the new Spring/Summer 2015 collection of jewelry label VANESSA BARONI. The colorful shots were done by photographer Vlado GOLUB c/o TSCHANGIZIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS

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news | Lady of the manor with style: model Jula c/o Brodybookings in fashion editorial for ELLE Hungary

In an old Berlin mansion, model JULA was shown as the stylish lady of the manor for a fashion spread in Hungarian ELLE. GoSee member KATALIN KISS & Szilard Kiss created the appropriate looks, the matching make-up was done by Patrick GLATTHAAR c/o BALLSAAL. Photographs were shot by Dan Carabas. …

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news | Almost nude for the MUSTANG Bodywear Lookbook 2015: Brodybookings models Sula and Patrick purposely body conscious

In the MUSTANG bodywear lookbook 2015, Brodybookings models SULA and PATRICK showed much skin while presenting a colorful body- and homewear collection. The creative photography was done by Vlado GOLUB c/o TSCHANGIZIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS.

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