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CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PROD : with productions for HAGEBAUMARKT, 20 years MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter, UNITYMEDIA, Palina Rojinsky for SONY Xperia Z3, COMMERZBANK for small and mid-size businesses, and GOLDWELL

Commissioned by thjnk, CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS produced the motifs of the UNITYMEDIA business campaign – including location scouting. Photos: Lena BURMANN c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN. Unitymedia is a German cable network provider located in Cologne, which was established in 2005 through the merger of iesy, ish and Tele Columbus West.

This year, MERCEDES BENZ celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Sprinter. For the campaign photographs, the team led by CLAAS CROPP was booked for production and location scouting. The executive agency was Lukas Lindemann Rosinski; photos were shot by Martijn Oort.

The beautiful in-your-face TV presenter Palina Rojinski was the testimonial for the SONY Xperia Z3 campaign, which was made by JBS/Häberlein Maurer. Production and location: CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS.

Under the creative direction of thjnk Agency, the producers were also in charge of casting and location scouting for the campaign shoot for HAGEBAUMARKT. The photographer was GoSee member MARKUS MUELLER.

For McGarryBower/Isobar and the beauty client GOLDWELL, the CLAAS CROPP team was in charge of production, casting and location scouting. The beauty motifs were photographed by Markus Jans.

And for the motifs by photographer Özgür ALBAYRAK c/o EMEIS DEUBEL for the COMMERZBANK Mittelstandsbank, CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTION was responsible for production. Executive agency: SinnerSchrader.
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'We think Stylist' says GOLDWELL and lets CLAAS CROPP organise the casting & production. Enjoy the show!

GOLDWELL present their hairstyling products and hair trends alongside the Goldwell stylists in the new image film and the campaign pictures from the previous year – ‘it’s all about creativity’. McGarry Bowen Isobar agency commissioned CCCP to carry out extensive international castings for GOLDWELL as well as the accurately timed studio productions, alongside which photographer Markus JANS c/o ADAMSKY directed. DOP Ken Tonio Yamamoto was in charge of the film camera.
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SLOGGI launches young lingerie campaign with VCCP agency - production & location by Claas CROOP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS

VCCP agency booked Lena BURMANN c/o WALDMANN SOLAR to photograph a young lingerie campaign for SLOGGI. CLAAS CROPP reliably carried out the production and location scouting.
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