blog | GoSeeAwards 2014 ..... Head of Jury are confirmed

Meet Lois Lammerhuber, Maud Klarenbeek, Arno Lindemann, Rolf Leger, Patrick Falter, Julian Scholl, Alice Feja, Raban Ruddigkeit, Michael Biedowicz, Bianca Winter, Anke Kolberg and Michael M. Maschke in Berlin .... you want to know who does what ? NEWS coming soon.

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news | Join in and bring back crystal pepsi. Meet activists Grayson and Tina Haver Currin on GoSee

What is the best answer to life’s absurd situations? Grayson and Tina Haver Currin's response is the same as ours would be. They respond to so-called 'Pro-life advocates’ with lots of humour and creativity beating them at their own game. 'Pro-life advocates’ are activists in the United States that feel responsible for and meddle with the lives of unborn babies with sweeping generalisations in a radical way. The clinic that helps women in need even had a judge impose a 300-metre …

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news | ART COLOGNE - first ‘Hello GoSee!’ messages from SPRÜTH MARGERS Berlin, EIGEN & ART LAB and our neighbour MARION SCHARMANN as well as the pictures from the art event from Cologne, Germany

More than 200 galleries from 25 countries present masterpieces of Classical Modernity and post-war art, as well as great names and promising new positions in contemporary art. The world's oldest fair of its kind offers collectors and art enthusiasts a first-class overview of current trends in art and on the art market. In addition to the established GALLERIES and NEW CONTEMPORARIES sectors, the new COLLABORATIONS sector also celebrates its premiere. And what could be better than seeing it first, …

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news | Bravo Cabaret de Paris ! The premiere of the unique Rambazamba theatre in film clips and snapshots on GoSee

ROLF SCHEIDER CASTING invited us to Rambazamba Theatre and GoSee was happy to take him up on it. And we experienced a night with Casting Director Rolf Scheider that we won’t be forgetting any time soon. The theatre seats up to 100 guests, so obviously other than Rolf’s guests, it was mainly friends and family that were all bundles of nerves on the opening night. After all Rambazamba isn’t just any old theatre. Enter a collective of people who are considered ‘mentally disa …

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news | Henry Leutwyler says "Hello GoSee" and presents 'Neverland Lost' and 'Ballet' at Photobastei Zurich

Swiss born Henry Leutwyler’s exhibitions ‘Neverland Lost’ (as reported by GoSee) and ‘Ballet’ are the first to return to his Swiss roots. Born in the German region of Switzerland and raised in Lausanne, he headed for New York via Paris at an early age, where he now lives with his family. “Hence Swiss-German is very distant to me”, he told GoSee at the press conference on the morning of the exhibition openings at the temporary Photobastei space Zurich. …

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news | Corporate Architecture. Development, Concepts, Strategies. A book by Jons Messedat

‘Corporate Architecture’ is a strategic instrument for the design of buildings, interiors, and temporary corporate exhibitions. This book, published in 2005, presents its development to date, showing the strategies available and the best architectural and design concepts accompanied by detailed discussion. Since there were no press images available at short notice, the GoSee editorial team took some quick homemade snaps of the book for you. The historiography and premise of Corpo …

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news | A photographic kaleidoscopic journey. Marie Cosindas’ unique arrangements, on show at Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Bruce Silverstein Gallery is delighted to present artist Marie Cosindas’ unique arrangements almost fifty years after her first ever museum exhibition. Visitors can look forward to seeing 35 photographs dating from the ‘60s – ‘80s. The gallery comments: "Arrangements is Cosindas' term for her richly layered assemblages created primarily in her Boston studio, and in later years, around the world, from found or borrowed objects—fabrics, flowers, figurines, je …

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news | It’s Christmas and GoSee says thank you. And recommends a few last minute gift ideas

Christmas ! A little GoSee summary – we recommend a very last minute present idea: a Fräulein Wunder IVY QUAINOO concert ticket, or the great book SCARTI – and if that doesn’t appeal to you, why not support the ART AID BABY charity project by Ingela och Vi. And if you don’t want to spend any money at all, you should participate in the WACOM and GoSee Christmas project. Until the 24th of December we will be giving away amazing gifts via the WACOM website. Simply answe …

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news | GoSee at FMF Soho : a night out at the Film, Media and Fashion Party 2013 with special guest star Grace Jones and an exclusive GoSee video message from Philip Treacy himself

GoSee attended the annual Film, Media and Fashion Party 2013 hosted by Amo Media Group. This year’s event was as glitzy as ever and dazzled with international stars. Christmas clearly came early in terms of this year’s entertainment. There were many highlights but the live performances by self-professed slave to the rhythm Grace Jones and, keeping it in the family, her brother Chris Jones who launched his new album Strong, were clearly difficult to top. But hey, it is that ma …

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