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news | In the realm of the Princess of Polka Dots - Yayoi Kusama presents 'Give Me Love' and her walk-in Dot House from 2002 at David Zwirner NYC

David Zwirner presents with 'Give Me Love' the second solo exhibition of the world-renowned artist Yayoi Kusama in New York. Presented in the two galleries on 519 and 525 West 19th Street are new photos from the 'My Eternal Soul' spread, new polka-dotted pumpkin sculptures – but also the legendary installation titled 'The Obliteration Room' from 2002, a furnished, completely white room which visitors can actively transform into a unique piece of art with adhesive dots. And Veronique Ansorg …

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blog | New York City Moments 2015 ......

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news | 'A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.' Chanel introducing Eau Premère with the event "No. 5 in a New Light" - popping up in New York in the delightful month of May

 "No. 5 in a New Light"—Chanel is publically celebrating its 94-year old fragrance, bringing it to new life so it can endure the changing times. Even if the flacon design is celebrated in the Museum of Modern Art – it's an open secret, that self-aggrandizement is the best stylistic means of keeping the brand in customer's minds and the sales figures up. Gabrielle Chanel knew that; Karl Lagerfeld knows it, ... and so does CHANEL Master Parfumeur Jacques Polge, who has …

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news | Tête-à-tête with Karl Lagerfeld. The Hyères Festival de mode et de la photographie 2015 celebrates its 30th annual anniversary with a CHANEL exhibition, fashion shows and young designers. GoSee was there.

A tête-à-tête with Karl Lagerfeld? That's not even likely to happen in Hyères. Neither will you get a career as a fashion designer on a silver platter; not to mention one as an international shooting star photographer after receiving an award. So what's the secret behind Villa Noailles, the very French Festival of Fashion and Photography? Why has the festival in southern France existed for 30 years now? "It wasn't that easy to organize the festival every year," …

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news | Grand Prix, Prix Chloé and special prize of the jury. A selection of the Hyères shows and all of the winners

As an aspiring, young fashion designer, you can participate by submitting an online application with an outfit and a portfolio. The amazing thing about 2015 was that, of the ten finalists, a total of three Finnish and three German participants made it into the final round, next to one contender each from Spain, the Netherlands, and France, plus the very impressive Yiyu Chen from Taiwan. And although the festival organizers and her mother tried to convince us that Annelie Schubert, who won the …

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news | Fashion finalists meet the 'The Formers' - Hyères showrooms 2015. Photo impressions for you on GoSee

"Fashion dies young, that's what makes it so touching", the quote of the Frenchman Jean Cocteau, was a winged phrase in different variations at Hyères 2015, and Minister Fleur Pellerin explicitly emphasized that it dies younger every year. The collection has hardly made it onto the shelves, and the intermediate collections have to be created if you want even half a chance of following the market momentum, the competition and the trend. This applies to young designers as well as …

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news | CHANEL - Innovation, 'KARL LAGERFELD - Three Worlds', LORENZO VITTURI .... the exhibitions in the Villa Noailles, Hyères still running until May, 2015

The winners and the ten finalists were announced last week in the Villa Noailles. But the contemporary museum is still worth a visit because, until the end of May, the house will be the host of several exhibitions. The main sponsor CHANEL presents haut couture clothing themed upon innovation. Karl Lagerfeld, who turned the House of Chanel into a creative think tank, shows a cross-section of his fashion in an exhibition titled "Three Worlds". ‘We must not overexpose the model, …

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portfolio | St. Tropez, Marseille, Hyères, Giens ....France 2015 Souvenirs on GoSee

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blog | GoSee Tribute to MUCEM Marseille

If you visit the south of France - do not miss MUCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations) in the old harbour in Marseille. The  museum offers free access to its renovated roof terraces - and they are quite unique. We have some proof for you right here on GoSee. mucem.org

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blog | HYÈRES - 30ème Festival international de mode et de photographie

HYÈRES - 30ème Festival international de mode et de photographie - and GoSee is on location. First photos here, NEWS coming soon.

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