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Jérôme Zonder - Fatum. The first, fateful solo show of the young Paris art star with the knack for morbidity at Paris' La Maison Rouge

Paris' La Maison Rouge is looking forward to its first solo show by Jérôme Zonder in Paris. The 1974 graduate from Paris Beaux Arts, uses brush, pencil, or charcoal to create his very own, sometimes crassly morbid worlds and is considered a whiz kid in the young and contemporary Paris art scene. The title of his exhibition Fatum stands for an inevitable fate that it is impossible to escape, no matter how hard we try. It sets high expectations but also lives up to them as we see it. Here are a few impressions for you from Children's Party, among others, on GoSee. So be the hand of fate and decide for yourself.

The press release for the show explains: "For more than ten years, Jérôme Zonder has been developing a body of work of great virtuosity, centered on drawings. Primarily executed in lead pencil and charcoal, often in large formats, his works elicit admiration yet contain elements of fright. Today, his millennials are teens. After childhood, with its terrors and nightmares, comes adolescence, an age of internal upheaval, metamorphosis, realizations and uncertainties. Poetic and dark, the scenes in this series highlight the violence and tragedy erupting in individual lives and on the grand scale of history. They also have the stylistic immediacy of a child’s drawing and demonstrate the prowess of his technique. Many questions arise: How should we interpret these images? What is our relationship with the everyday violence around us and what kind of witnesses do we make?"

The artists own views on his creative process: "I first set out to convey the world’s complexity and heterogeneous nature, and conceived of a polygraphic approach with cellular drawings a personal narrative line and a more conventional style of representation, recalling my self-portraits of 2003. I concentrated on these three aspects and on a key underlying issue in my work – that of pushing the limits – that evolves, goes dormant and reappears at intervals, each time in a different way... My approach traces the development of thought in connection with what’s happening at a given instant T. It’s a back-and-forth kind of process: my personal intuitions interact with my topic of reflection as well as the end result on paper, which sends my thoughts in another direction.My working principle operates by capillarity. I start with an initial postulate, then pursue the ramifications to explore new territories."

Jérôme Zonder - Fatum. until 10 Mai 2015. 10 Bd de la Bastille, 75012 Paris.lamaisonrouge.org
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Join in and bring back crystal pepsi. Meet activists Grayson and Tina Haver Currin on GoSee

What is the best answer to life’s absurd situations? Grayson and Tina Haver Currin's response is the same as ours would be. They respond to so-called 'Pro-life advocates’ with lots of humour and creativity beating them at their own game. 'Pro-life advocates’ are activists in the United States that feel responsible for and meddle with the lives of unborn babies with sweeping generalisations in a radical way. The clinic that helps women in need even had a judge impose a 300-metre proximity ban on the activists. Now these people stand 300 metres away from the clinic every Saturday and try and spread the message with homemade signs.

Every Saturday, husband and wife Grayson and Tina Haver Currin thought up responses to their signage in the car. But they wanted to do more. So one day they got out of the car and changed their role with their position and perspective. They became protagonists in their own play. Their own signs are not mean-spirited, they don’t judge. And they still have an impact. The hateful chanting stops when they are there, so that women can enter and leave the clinic in peace. The media noticed the couple’s blog – and now they are not just local celebrities. We have a few photo highlights for you here on GoSee and recommend their blog saturdaychores.tumblr.com for more nice protest moments.
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ART COLOGNE - first ‘Hello GoSee!’ messages from SPRÜTH MARGERS Berlin, EIGEN & ART LAB and our neighbour MARION SCHARMANN as well as the pictures from the art event from Cologne, Germany

More than 200 galleries from 25 countries present masterpieces of Classical Modernity and post-war art, as well as great names and promising new positions in contemporary art. The world's oldest fair of its kind offers collectors and art enthusiasts a first-class overview of current trends in art and on the art market. In addition to the established GALLERIES and NEW CONTEMPORARIES sectors, the new COLLABORATIONS sector also celebrates its premiere. And what could be better than seeing it first, with all the other ‘very important people’? That’s exactly where GoSee belongs! Here, art meets money – very, very old money.

ART COLOGNE visitors can expect to see large-scale work by Joel Shapiro, Ai Weiwei and Jeppe Hein. Specifically outside of the entrance hall, three monumental bronze sculptures of the American artist Joel Shapiro as visitors arrive. The 48th ART COLOGNE takes place from 10th – 13th April. We present a GoSee selection: SPRÜTH MARGERS Berlin, EIGEN & ART LAB and our neighbour MARION SCHARMANN (who presents photography work by Kathrin Ahlt and work by Jana Müller) with their ‘Hello GoSee’s.

The exhibitors are much more varied this year and the organisers even added a film video art section. From 9 April 2014, 12 noon the FILM COLOGNE programme goes live and art channel ‘souvenirs from earth’ will play 50 films on rotation across the entire duration of the trade fair. Find the channel online via www.sfe.tv.

Interesting perspectives and fresh positions are promised by the participants of the of the new COLLABORATIONS section, which is being organised jointly by ART COLOGNE and the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA). O
gallery Thomas Schulte (Berlin), which is cooperating with Choi Lager (Cologne), will direct attention to the painter Bernhard Martin, who generates a puzzling, almost spherical mood in his paintings.

An expert panel of judges chose 19 young artists that have the opportunity to present their work in specially equipped conveyor belts next to the stands of their gallerists as part of the NEW POSITIONS support programme. The support programme was initiated in 1980 and offered now established artists such as, Neo Rauch, Olafur Eliasson, Rosemarie Trockel and Thomas Schütte an early presentation platform. In addition to the exhibition space, one participating artist will be honoured with the NEW POSITIONS prize. The prize includes a solo exhibition at the Cologne artothek for a total value of 10,000 EUR.

AIWEIWEI a site-specific installation by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who is currently subject to a travel ban, was created especially for the entrance hall of ART COLOGNE. Ai Weiwei produced this large wallpaper work as a non-commercial work of art for two long walls that progress toward one another like a funnel. In addition to a large-format text image, upon which the artist requests the return of his passport confiscated by the Chinese authorities, the work reflects on Ai Weiwei's 'bouquet in bicycle basket' project. Every morning, a fresh bouquet of flowers will be placed in the basket of a bicycle chained in front of Ai Weiwei's studio in Peking, which is under camera surveillance, until the confiscated passport of the artist is returned to him. The installation for ART COLOGNE arose in cooperation with the 'FRIENDS OF AI WEIWEI', represented by their co-initiator Alexander Ochs, who is also appearing at ART COLOGNE as a gallery owner, and who has been presenting contemporary art from China here for many years. Already on 3 April 2014, the world's largest solo exhibition of Ai Weiwei opened in the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. (Source: press, ARTCOLOGNE)

BANKaddressing issues of architecture and human interaction, the Danish artist Jeppe Hein presents a bench sculpture from the series 'Modified Social Benches' created in 2010 in the new boulevard of the upstairs exhibitor hall 11.3. Hein's artistic practice is informed by architecture, communication and social behaviour. Hein modified the basic form of a park bench in such a way that the usual behaviour pattern of passive, in some cases lonely lingering is disrupted. Sitting down instead involves increased activity, even extending to physical exertion. The locations at which the benches are found are thus infused with an active character, encourage dialogue and are given a social quality - a conscious reference to the contradiction of art and functional object. The Jeppe Hein sculpture is realised with the friendly support of Galerie Johann König, Berlin. (Source: press, ARTCOLOGNE)
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