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news | Maik FLOEDER photographs Instagram campaign for VW

Everyone is talking about Instagram. "Being famous on Instagram is basically the same thing as being rich in Monopoly". That was not quite the slogan of the shoot, but Maik FLOEDER photographed the VW Instagram Campaign with the typical Instagram look. Svein Hadsek Olsen (Creation DDB Hamburg) and Maik FLOEDER were a great team, even through they could not avoid getting a few parking tickets during a spontaneous search for motifs on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. The Art Buyer was Isabell …

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news | Maik FLOEDER shoots campaign motifs for MAXI mag

In Hamburg, Maik FLOEDER created the first of four campaign photographs for the women’s magazine MAXI from Bauer Publishing. Creative Director Petra Sievers was responsible for the realization. Also on set were the Liganord Trio Hendrik Schaulin, Tanja Rose (styling) and Rebecca Herrmann (hair & make-up).

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news | Maik FLOEDER shoots KHUJO rebels for new collection

Maik FLOEDER photographed the new collection for the Hamburg-based fashion label KHUJO with four cheeky rebels. Since back in 1996, the creative designer team has designed fashion with a very fine sense for all-purpose clothing and urban streetwear.

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news | Female reinforcement for DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS! Welcome people and celebrity photographer Johanna BRINCKMAN

The two Tinas are happy about their female reinforcement and collective girl power! Johanna BRINCKMAN was born in Hamburg in 1990 and realized very early in life that photography was her calling. At the age of 20, she decided to work freelance and has since worked for many well-known magazines and brands.

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news | The DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS welcome new team member Markus HEUMANN

Stills and food photographer Markus HEUMANN works very creatively to produce high-quality photos in his own studio in Hamburg with post production, which he opened in 1998. Markus HEUMANN’s finds particularly intriguing the details of the still-life and food photography. Since 2001, he has received many awards for his works and is also the proud owner of a Silver Cannes Lion, as well as two ADC Awards and many other prizes, which he won at New York Festivals.

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news | Welcome Cedric SCHANKE! new entry at DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS

The Double T family welcomes new entries – the two Tinas have three new photographers on board: among them, Cedric SCHANZE, only 24 years old, who specializes in outdoor photography and film (adventure & sports, under water). Winner of the broad jump NO3, Cedric SCHANZE has already photographed in the Brazilian rain forest, on icy Fjords in Norway and in and on the Alps. He is now traveling Iceland, but lives in Berlin, where he is hardly ever seen. He masters many extreme sports like …

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news | SZ readers and what they think about SÜDDEUTSCHEN ZEITUNG, captured for the campaign by Manu AGAH c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS for Wunderhaus

Hamburg-based photographer Manu AGAH documented more than ten real readers of the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG for the new campaign proving the claim: You can tell a good newspaper by its readers. Photographs were shot in Munich, supported by Peak Productions. Executive agency: Wunderhaus.

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news | Manu AGAH photographs the new MERCEDES BENZ Atego fire engine for Scholz & Friends Berlin

The MERCEDES BENZ Atego series presents the new fire engine. Manu AGAH went to Hamburg’s Freihafen Bridge for Scholz & Friends Berlin to photograph the impressive vehicle in style. Art Buyer was Kirsten Rendtel; the production sequence was organized by J&I Productions.

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news | 'Sparkling Spring' with campaign and lookbook S/S 2015 by HERR VON EDEN - photos by Manuel PANDALIS

The suit label HERR VON EDEN starts a 'Sparkling Spring' and illustrates his Spring/Summer 2015 collection with new pictures for the lookbook and campaign. Again behind the camera: Manuel PANDALIS c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS. About - Herr von Eden In our collections we take influence from the peak experiences of the 20th century in a perfect blend with the contemporary. Unconventional looks, constant suprises. An effortless combination of statement and sophistication that empowers the man or w …

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news | Ad motifs for THERAMED / VADEMECUM by DOUBLE T photographer Manuel PANDALIS - here's the first pic

Manuel PANDALIS c/o DOUBLE T photographed in the Hamburg Briese Studios for the customer THERAMED / VADEMECUM. The team on-site consisted of make-up artist Rebecca J. HERRMANN and hairstylist Daniela VROESCH, both c/o LIGANORD, as well as stylist Mira Uszkureit. The executive agency for the shoot was Heye and Art Buyer Anusha Atreya. Unfortunately, we only have one motif for you right now, more will follow later. …

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