news | WWF 'I am Nature' Spot by director Alex ESLAM c/o DBC

The new WWF film ‘I am Nature’ shows us where we come from and where we go to – and that the way we do it does not always make sense. The spot, much discussed in the net, was directed by Alex ESLAM (DB Esther Kurle), DOP was Stephan BURCHARDT (DBC Halina Dietrich) and since we know that ‘all good things come in threes’, Merlin ORTNER (DBC Esther Kurle) was responsible for the production design. Other films directed by Alex can be found on his DBC page: drivenbycreatives.com/#talent_106 …

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news | The new A1 TELEKOM AUSTRIA Commercial, directed by LISK & PASSARDT c/o DBC

The new A1 TELEKOM AUSTRIA Commercial was directed by LISK & PASSARDT. In order to match the claim “WIR BRINGEN DIE ZUKUNFT ÜBERALL HIN” (we can get the future anywhere) the network giant offers a nationwide optical fiber technology for Austria. The music is delivered by the US American Indie-Rockband Awolnation.

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news | Steve SUMMERSGILL c/o GoSee Member DBC Berlin and the Art Department team of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel won the Oscar in 2015 for 'Best Production Design'

The entire DBC –Driven by Creatives family is just as happy as Art Director Steve Summersgill (DBC Berlin) and the Art Department Team of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel about the Oscar in 2015 for the ‘Best Production Design’. Made in Germany becomes Made in Goerlitz becomes Made by DBC. We, the GoSee team, would like to congratulate as well and take this opportunity to show you the trailer of the film which, quite rightly, has received this awarded. More fantastic art work by S …

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news | Director team SOPHIA+ROBERT aka Sophia Magdalena Koegl + Robert Dziabel c/o DBC present their experimental film '399' on GoSee

SOPHIA + ROBERT present their new and very experimental film project 399 here on GoSee. They say: ‘399 deals with elements from advertising, feature and experimental films. This project is really important to us and we have been visualising it for a long time. It was vital for us to try out a new approach and terrain – the future, to be precise. Our previous films did not have a clear grounding in a specific time and were rather set in the past. The script for this project was longer …

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blog | NATURE MORTE - a movie created and realised by Sophia Magdalena Koegl and Robert Dziabel c/o DBC

Watch the trailer on GoSee and go & see more information on naturemortefilm.com

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news | “Feed Em To The Lions (Part 1)” by Solo 45. DOP Mark STUBBS wins with ME dance film at Dance 30fps Festival in Ohio, USA

The ME dance film, which DOP Mark STUBBS shot together with Musuta Team’s Finnish directors, won both the Jury and Public Award at this year’s Dance 30fps Festival, in Ohio, USA. The camera focused on: "lovely Solo 45" according to Musuta. Watch the video, “Feed Em To The Lions (Part 1)”, here on GoSee. About - Dance@30FPS - OSU Dance Annual Festival of Dance Film. Organized by OSU Department of Dance professor Mitchell Rose, Dance@30FPS is vibrant two-part p …

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news | Production designer Colin TAPLIN c/o DBC supports football super star and brand testimonial Lionel Messi on the ultimate toughness challenge for GILLETTE

Early this year GILLETTE, one of the leading brands on the men’s beauty market, announced Lionel Messi as the new face of their global football brand campaign. Gillette was also made partner of the Leo Messi Foundation. So far, so good. The spot featuring razor sharp production design by Colin TAPLIN c/o DBC shows just how much the FC Barcelona star had to give. Damp, rain, heat, lightening and blows. All part of the package. Direction by Bruce Hunt, Production: Chelsea Pictures. Watch the …

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