news | #TakeBackControl - director Denis PARCHOW illustrates the constant Internet surveillance threat for private platform THE RESPECT NETWORK

In times of global surveillance possibilities (and scandals) THE RESPECT NETWORK offers privacy protection. Director Denis PARCHOW illustrated the ‘constantly being watched’-ness of our times impressively in his one minute ‘Playtime’ commercial. About - The Respect Network All relationships on the Respect Network are peer-to-peer. Each relationship is its own private, secure cloud-to-cloud connection called a personal channel. Only the parties to that relationship …

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news | Hear what you want to hear! Micky SÜLZER directs the amazing DEEZER commercial ‘Nutjob’

Director Micky SÜLZER emphasized the beautiful feeling of only hearing what you want to hear, with the ironic advertising film ‘Nutjob’ for international music streaming service provider DEEZER. We’d say: this guy deserves a raise! The agency in charge was DOJO Berlin with creative directors Joachim Bosse and Max Buschfeld. The production was in the hands of Bigfish.

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news | ‘Who wants it, gets it’. The MEDIA MARKT campaign commercials by Alex FEIL (director), Peter MATJASKO (DOP) and Merlin ORTNER (production design). See the awesome medley here on GoSee

MEDIA MARKT lead agency Ogilvy & Mather commissioned an entire DBC Berlin team to shoot the campaign commercial for the leading electronics retailer: director Alex FEIL, DOP Peter MATJASKO and production designer Merlin ORTNER. Technology-loving consumers reveal juicy details and successful strategies – all tongue-in-cheek of course. Our GoSee highlight at 50 seconds in: the ‘super complainy teen’ – we won’t give anything away, but this girl is just amazing.

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news | Borussia Dortmund stars enjoy TURKISH AIRLINES all-round service - Jürgen Klopp, Mats Hummels and co in the TV commercial by director Mario ZOZIN and DOP Jens MAASBØL

As a premium partner of Bundesliga football club Borussia Dortmund, the team around Jürgen Klopp and Mats Hummels always flies TURKISH AIRLINES when they are playing international games. And as director Mario ZOZIN and DOP Jens MAASBØL illustrate, a visit on board is worth it for the food alone. Lowe & Partner created the TV commercial and Anka Film ensured a smooth production process.

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news | Newcomer talent KOVACS presents her debut EP ‘My Love’ with a dark and gloomy music video – directed by Sandin PUCE

Singer KOVACS just launched her debut EP. The romantic title ‘My Love’ nicely clashes with the gloomy imagery in her music video, directed by Sandin PUCE. Dutch talent Sharon Kovacs is only 24-years old but has deep soul and heartfelt emotions in her voice, like a grand dame. The artist on here influences: ‘I listen to a lot of Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington… I also like Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. Female singers with persona …

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news | Director Lennart RUFF presents "The Hidden Valley" spot for ALPENHAIN toastie cheese

In his latest three-minute spot director Lennart RUFF c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES takes us to the “Hidden Valley”. Why is the mountain square? Find the answer to this and more mysteries solved in the commercial. Sound cheesy. Hmm, think you might be right there. ALPENHAIN’s toastie cheese stars in the ad. A mouth-watering mixture of cream cheese, mozzarella and Emmental – pure cheesiness!

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news | Director and DOP Lutz HATTENHAUER braves stormy weather for a one minute CASIO spot

How are you doing? Where is your location? How is the weather? When you need precise answers and timing is of the essence then professional equipment. Welcome to the timekeeping world of CASIO GShock Premium. Here on GoSee we present the latest campaign spot by director and DOP Lutz HATTENHAUER c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES.

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news | Passionate about your ideas. Director Lennart BREDE shoots JACK DANIELS' Supporter of the Independent

Jack Daniels - the 30-second "Free Thinker" spot is by director Lennart BREDE c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES, promoting the power of ideas as part of the 'Supporter Of The Independent' campaign. “Jack Daniel's celebrates the independent spirit. Those who do things their own way, who take pride in their craft. Because that's how we make our whiskey. Every single day.” A competition in Germany will support the best idea with 7,000€ in prize money to turn your idea into a …

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news | Selfie Style Alarm with Steve SUMMERSGILL and Scottish whisky HAIG CLUB

If you are going to take a selfie, make sure it’s a stylish one - the new HAIG CLUB single grain whisky commercial spot and director Guy Ritchie seem to be telling us this. Steve SUMMERSGILL c/o dbc Berlin joined them on the Scottish highlands, ensuring the production was a stylish affair.

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news | "Fearless is..." the little moments that count. Matthäus BUSSMANN shoots three 30 second ads for BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD Insurance

Superpowers? Dad's playlist? Headstart? Matthäus BUSSMANN headed the direction of three enchanting 30-second ads for US health insurance company BCBS - BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD. In keeping with the campaign’s claim of "Fearless is..." he visualised the little moments of achievement and happiness that count and make our lives that little bit better. BCBS confidently claims : "Trusted for 80 years. Opens doors in all 50 states. Accepted by over 90% of doctors and specialist …

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