news | DBC - Driven by Creatives : in conversation with the future owner of your AUDI

What starts as a classic bank robbery with a Bruce Willis doppelganger, quickly turns into a psychological game. Who could the beautiful brunette in the passenger seat be? Of course, it’s the future owner of the vehicle. Director Alex FEIL c/o DBC Berlin produced the new Audi films for the AUDI ‘used car’ campaign in Barcelona – and they are on air now. We present the first film, ‘Bankjob’, here on GoSee. The commercial featuring animals already aired on TV. T …

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news | Life is a game ! So let the games begin with BET-AT-HOME and the football commercial by Eric HILLENBRAND c/o GoSee member DBC - Driven by Creatives

Life is a game. And everyone is going to get involved at some point. Of course we are talking about football. And faraway Brazil. Beaches, sexy girls, glam and the most sporty Jesus of all time – it’s all in director Eric HILLENBRAN’s commercial for client BET AT HOME, one of the leading online betting sites in Europe. And we are pretty sure that not just Bet At Home will be watching the kick-off game on Thursday and asking: who’s going to get the title this time? If you …

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news | Veltins V+ campaign film is action-packed with an energetic rush of images – direction by Matthäus BUSSMANN and DOP Carlo JELAVIC

Are you even near? Burning boards, disco balls in the forest, tutus on the run. Power yoga, athletic challenges and great friends forever. The new VELTINS V+ one-minute campaign commercial spot shot in Chile is action packed with intense images by director Matthäus BUSSMANN and DOP Carlo JELAVIC, both c/o DBC BERLIN. V+ is short for Veltins plus cola and lemon, or Veltins with lemonade and grapefruit, V+ Energy is teamed with an energy drink and guaraná. The range also includes: V+ C …

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news | A video declaration of love to HSV by Lisk & Possardt

German premiere league team HSV commissioned a video to present their long unique history of being in the premiere league, with a fearful nod to the potential of sliding to the second league. HSV is the only team to have tajen part in every premiere league season since 1963/64. This golden streak could now finally come to an end in 2014. But no cause for concern: Directors Lisk & Possardt created a video declaration of love that says love knows no leagues and that true fans support their tea …

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news | "Don't say we did not warn you!" – the new NIVEA spot by director Micky SÜLZER

"Don't say we did not warn you!" How a small scratch can lead to big problems – as illustrated in the ingenious spot by director Micky SÜLZER c/o GoSee PREMIUM Member DBC - Driven by Creatives, who also shot the NIVEA ‘Age Day Moisturizer’ commercial. Take note NIVEA men – it starts with you! We would also like to use this opportunity to draw your attention to the revamped DBC website. It launched on 1 April and also features new agency partners Lisa Cohen, …

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news | MEDIA MARKT plays with gravity – direction by Alex&Steffen, DOP Maher MALEH

German electronic goods retailer MEDIA MARKT plays around with gravity in their ‘zoom’ commercial. Their current prices are so attractive that they just take us back to earth with their down to earth prices. Directors Alex&Steffen and DOP Maher MALEH, all three artists c/o GoSee Premium Member DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES captured the retail giant at what seems like the speed of light, celebrating their 750th store.

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news | JOHNSON & JOHNSON ask "What makes you a true winner?" – direction by Lennart BREDE

Outift? Weather? Circumstance? Team? Time? Passion? What makes you a winner? To find out JOHNSON & JOHNSON’s answer watch the commercial here on GoSee. Director Lennart BREDE shot the commercial. As part of their ‘True Winners Care!’ campaign Johnson & Johnson GmbH are looking for true stories of people that are taking care of others. true-winners-care.de

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news | DBC - Driven by Creatives : congratulates the Deutschen Werbefilmpreis 2014 winners and presents Andreas Bruns’ winning 'LUX – Save your Skin' commercial

The Berlin based film talent factory told GoSee, "We would like to congratulate all the winners of the Deutsche Werbefilmpreis 2014. We are very happy for Andreas Bruns for winning the award for best young talent with his film 'LUX – Save your Skin'. Also congratulations to Peter Matjasko for winning best camera for his work in 'Konzerthaus Dortmund – Duell'. Colin Taplin and Marketa Korinkova won best Art Department for 'Vodafone - Add Power'. And Best Sounddesign was awarded t …

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news | Got a woody? The 'Is it Ok' commercial featuring Pamela Anderson by director Charley STADLER

Has Pamela Anderson ever given you a ‘woody’? Hmmm… the joys of language. Director Charley STADLER c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES is the man behind the commercial spot to accompany the refreshing alcoholic drink’s latest campaign to appeal to the modern man. The commercial was shot in Auckland, the supervising agency was Barnes, Catmur & Friends. The premixed drink made of Woodstock Bourbon and cola is being relaunched with a new packaging design. CREDITS Produ …

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news | The POLARWEISS commercial celebrates winter – by director and DOP Lutz HATTENHAUER

What is whiter than white? Clearly the POLARWEISS coverage champion. The attached spot clarifies this by using the season that seems to have gone into early hibernation in 2014, at least in Europe: the whiteness of winter. The commercial’s direction and DOP credits for DIY inspiration go to Lutz HATTENHAUER.

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