news | Director Mario ZOZIN lets bakers fly - the athletic spot for GALBUSERA and Grey United on GoSee

In Italy, good food is very important. For the Italian baked goods manufacturer, GALBUSERA , Director Mario ZOZIN c/o DBC let the enthusiastic master bakers jump over their ingredients – a spo(r)t creation from the hand of Creative Directors Pino Rozzi and Roberto Battaglia at Grey United. The 45-second spot was produced by Movie Magic Int.; Philipp Noll and Axel Huber of Schanck Music created the musical composition.

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news | The O'NEILL Unreasonable Film Festival - with cinematic surf poetry by Andreas ROTH (Director) and Roland STUPRICH (DOP) c/o DBC

Director Andreas ROTH was amongst the six filmmakers, who had the privilege of participating in the online film festival "Unreasonable" of the surfing brand O'Neill. The short briefing: re-imagine the modern surf film. Together with DOP Roland STUPRICH, he filmed 'A Perfect Storm' for the American surfing outfitter on the coast of Australia. Production assistance for the emotional 2-minute spot came from Proper Respect. Professional surfer Mark Mathews tells the tale of his great love, …

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news | 'Some countries punish love with death.' DOP Felix LEIBERG films for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL with GoSee member element e filmproduktion

DOP Felix LEIBERG c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES uses strong pictures against intolerance and hate and in favor of equal rights for all people – worldwide and regardless of religion or conventions. The film for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL questions the inhuman double standard, which still runs rampant in many countries all over the world. The executive producer was GoSee member ELEMENT E.

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news | Free your energy - The drink POWER HORSE chooses the music of Woodkid and the photos of director Matthaeus BUSSMANN c/o DBC

Run Boy Run is the music of choice for the POWER HORSE spot, which was directed by Matthaeus BUSSMANN c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES. In addition, we present you on GoSee the four-minute making of as a bonus track to the spot. Soccer fun, lightning storms and spontaneous parties on top.

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news | Only ordinary by name. DOP Martin RUHE convinces with clear imagery for JOHN SMITH'S

John Smith is not a name that sounds unique right off the bat. In 2015, the traditional British JOHN SMITH brewery thought that it was time to do away with any kind of prejudice. To this end, great talents were casted, among others DOP Martin Ruhe c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES. The stars of the campaign are Keith Beasley – farmer during the day and gymnastics fan in his leisure time – and his partner, Hilda the Cow. The executive agency was adam&eveDDB, London. About: Jo …

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news | DACIA definitely celebrates differently... the 10 year Dacia spot by director Claas ORTMANN on GoSee

Party at DACIA. That means: no champagne, no frills, no red carpet, no band, and most certainly, no pseudo celebrities… even testimonial Mehmet Scholl ultimately had to give up. Because Director Claas ORTMANN c/o DBC has no mercy in the latest TV commercial for DACIA. The occasion is Dacia's ten year anniversary plus five-year warranty – that is definitely enough party.

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news | 'I make myself BINCK.nl' - the spot by director Billy POLS

Clear, important, invisible, rich, vulnerable… in 40 seconds the film goes through almost all facets of human characterization. The spot was filmed by Director Billy Pols c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES for the Dutch bank customer BINCK. binck.nl

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news | Who do you want to convince? Director Felipe ASCACIBAR films the family episode spot for VOLKSWAGEN

'Family is a tough job'. That is the conclusion of the episode spot by Director Felipe ASCACIBAR c/o DBC for the customer VOLKSWAGEN. We present you the first five chapters on GoSee. Enjoy it.

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news | Finalist Award. Our neon heart beats for VOLKSWAGEN AMANDO - the spot by director SPECTER and DOP Jan PRAHL, both c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES, was awarded at New York Festivals

Big markets call for bigger action. 'Das Auto' mag knows that. Here on GoSee we show the the spot for the VOLKSWAGEN 'Amando', which received the "Finalist Award" at New York Festivals. The director was Specter, who worked with DOP Jan PRAHL, both c/o GoSee member DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES.

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news | MERCEDES BENZ with power to the second power. The spot for the G 500-Model 4x4 squared by director Mario ZOZIN

MERCEDES BENZ extends its G Class series. The model G 500 4x4² has, as the name already says, power to the second power. The car celebrated its world premier at the Geneva Auto Salon. And the spot by Mario ZOZIN c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES shows: There are no obstacles for this vehicle.

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