news | Go inside ! Get away ! Just don't get STUNG ! Giant wasps are coming! the horror movie 'STUNG' celebrates its premiere on April 18th, 2015 in Brussels - DOP Stephan BURCHARDT

An old, remote estate, unexpecting extras, a couple of quirky leading actors: the perfect ingredient’s for a horror movie. This time around, Stephan BURCHART’S did not only have people in front of his camera, he had wasps too – mutated by pesticides... Rat Pack and XYZ Films produced 'STUNG' with the support of the German Film Fund, starring Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare, Lance Henriksen and Clipfish video star Daniele Rizzo. The horror film will premiere in …

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news | We have the first trailer for Action Thriller 'NO ESCAPE' by the Weinstein Group with Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson in leading roles - DOP was Léo HINSTIN c/o GoSee Member DBC

How far will you go to protect the ones you love? Originally, the film was supposed to be titled 'The Coup' and was planned for March of this year. After several changes, the name of the action thriller featuring Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson – as of right now officially daddy material – and Lake Bell was changed to 'NO ESCAPE', film start was postponed until September, 2015. DOP Léo HINSTIN filmed the blockbuster in Thailand with the cooperation of local Living Films Productio …

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news | DBC Munich welcomes DOP Jan-Marcello KAHL; here with a commercial for LUFTHANSA Private Jet

DOP Jan-Marcello KAHL is new at DBC Munich. The graduate of the Ludwigsburg Film Academy received the Student Oscar in 2014 for the Best Foreign College Film from the DGA Theater in Hollywood for his camera work in the film NOCEBO. Jan-Marcello already cut his first short films with Lennart Ruff, now director, when he was still a child. His customer portfolio includes Lufthansa, Danone, HSE24 and Kodak, among others. He recently set the lighting for the LUFTHANSA private jet commercial. lufthans …

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news | 6 is the magic number for the VW Bus and its 6th Generation is ready to roll. Enjoy the new VOLKSWAGEN Multivan with the spot by Thomas GARBER (director) and Bernd WONDOLLEK (DOP) and both c/o GoSee member DBC

The VW bus has been a cult vehicle for decades for families, surfers, used as delivery van, by new drivers and romantic day trippers. Now VOLKSWAGEN multivan goes into the 6th generation and word is that we can expect great things. The commercial emphasizes the number 6, Thomas GARBER (director) and Bernd WONDOLLEK (DOP) provide nostalgic photographs of big and elementary facts like: the best guitar solos of all times played on 6 strings, or snowflakes have 6 points and are unique. The executive …

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news | Alex FEIL films wonderfully macabre campagne spots for the 50th HAGEBAUMARKT anniversary. production design Merlin ORTNER, both artists c/o DBC - Driven by Creatives

They always lend a helping hand here. In a series of new TV spots, the HAGEBAUMARKT employees prove their customer-friendly attitude – even if it seems to be somewhat macabre. Director Alex FEIL and production designer Merlin ORTNER had the same sense of humor while filming the 30-second spots. The extraordinary campaign films were made for the 50th company anniversary. They tell stories of hobbyists and their special challenges. The film was done by thjnk agency.

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news | Director Florian MEIMBERG and DOP Felix NOVO DE OLIVEIRA deliver fun with numbers in the ING DIBA commercial

In the new TV spot, the direct bank ING DIBA shows how much fun you can have with numbers – as long as you don’t have to enter them as a TAN. Director Florian MEIMBERG and, among others, DOP Felix NOVO DE OLIVEIRA lined up colored lifestyle clips and presented a giro account named 'Numbers' which allows you to make transfers without using transaction numbers. The executive agency was Ogilvy Berlin; the shoot was on location in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Hamburg and Berlin.

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news | WWF 'I am Nature' Spot by director Alex ESLAM c/o DBC

The new WWF film ‘I am Nature’ shows us where we come from and where we go to – and that the way we do it does not always make sense. The spot, much discussed in the net, was directed by Alex ESLAM (DB Esther Kurle), DOP was Stephan BURCHARDT (DBC Halina Dietrich) and since we know that ‘all good things come in threes’, Merlin ORTNER (DBC Esther Kurle) was responsible for the production design. Other films directed by Alex can be found on his DBC page: drivenbycreatives.com/#talent_106 …

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