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news | Cleverness, that gets you where you're going! The great TV spot for the introduction of the LUFTHANSA brand EUROWINGS with Magnum Tom Selleck - director Claas Ortmann for Lukas Lindemann Rosinski

LUFTHANSA relies on best price offers instead of overloaded advertising motifs for its new low-priced subsidiary EUROWINGS, and in its new spot by Director Claas ORTMANN c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES, it shows what is really not needed for a fantastic repositioning on the market. We look forward to seeing Tom Selleck again, who is famous for the series Magnum, as well as to fantastic pictures, great planes, super music, fantastic champagne, fabulous crew… The concept, that gets you …

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news | 'Become your greatest version' with the FREELETICS training program - a sweat-inducing TV campaign by DOP Maher MALEH for Überground

The start-up FREELETICS relied for its first international TV campaign on ideas of the newly founded agency Überground, as well as on the long years of experience of DOP Maher MALEH. The Munich enterprise offers, with a fitness app, individual training plans and doesn't make a big deal out of the fact that having a dream body – regardless of what other ads say – is hard work. Creative direction of 'The Truth About Greatness' was handled by Überground founder Jo Marie Farwic …

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blog | 'The Invitation' by KAUFLAND - DBC wishes all of you a Merry Christmas !

We believe in the force of creativity - and wishing all of you Happy Holidays.

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news | 'Never stop experiencing'. With the new MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class through fabulous worlds of discovery thanks to DOP Carlo JELAVIC

Nature, striped shirts, stretch jeans, gala event, ... All just a click away. DOP Carlo JELAVIC c/o DBC-Driven by Creatives delivered a multifaceted interpretation in the new MERCEDES-BENZ A-class spot and accompanied the protagonists through experimentally charged worlds of discovery. The executive agency was Jung von Matt/Berlin with Art Director Nikolaus Sauer. Production: BigFish, Director: Daniel Warwick.

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news | Once a liar. The Christmasy-thoughtful-holiday-forgiving EDEKA spot for Christ's birthday by Alex FEIL (Director) and Carlo JELAVIC (DOP)

Right on time for the holiday season, supermarket chain EDEKA launched a particularly emotional TV Spot themed upon the family get together with all its ups and downs. Because even worse than the quarrels on the eve of Christ's birthday celebration would be having to be alone without the unnerving loved ones - no matter how nice the table is decked. The spot shows that it is sometimes necessary to resort to drastic measures in order to make people happy – so instead of just waiting to inhe …

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news | Ding, Ding, Ding, ... Director Billy POLS hits the right note for EASY CREDIT and the new TV spot

For the newest EASY CREDIT TV commercial, DBC Director Billy POLS hit the right note and made dreams come true. EasyCredit is the expert for installment credits of the Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. The 45-second spot was produced by Czar Film.

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news | New at DBC - Driven by Creatives: DOP Árni FILIPPUS from Reykjavik. For you with a stunning nature commercial for GEYSIR clothing

New at DBC – Driven by Creatives is DOP Árni FILIPPUS from Reykjavik. In his commercials, he likes to play with retro moods, washed out color patterns he tends to be a bit humorous. In the 'Leader Sheep' spot for the Icelandic fashion label GEYSIR, he completely concentrated on the wild flora and fauna of his native country. Production: True North, Direction: Samuel & Gunnar. About - Geysir designs and develops clothing from its studio in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland. I …

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news | CNBC presents 'Jay Leno's Garage', the new auto show with legendary host. Director of the intro spot Richard D'Alessio

When Jay Leno rocks the US TV channel CNBC with his new show, they literally put the pedal to the metal. Under the direction of Director Richard D'ALESSIO (DBC Prague), the comedian and host raced through the desert with a horde of custom old-timers for the intro spot of his show 'Jay Leno's Garage'. The subject of his show: the contents of his Big Dog Garage, one of America’s largest collections of cars and motorcycles. About - Jay Leno's Garage Jay Leno loves wheels, and his Big Dog G …

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news | DBC - Driven by Creatives is pleased to welcome Berlin-based DOP Kevin KLEIN; we present you his 'Land of Quattro' spot for AUDI

DBC - Driven by Creatives is pleased to welcome another newcomer – DOP Kevin KLEIN from Berlin. His opulently dramatic imagery in advertisements, music videos, documentations, and feature films has convinced customers such as Adidas, Nike, Nikon, and Levi’s. For a first impression of his monumental work, we present you the AUDI Quattro TV spot titled 'Land of Quattro', which he realized in 2013 in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Russia. Background music: Royal Scottish National O …

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news | Does it sound like you? We say: this is a job for DEEZER - and there is always room for one more. The spot by Micky SÜLZER c/o DBC - Driven By Creatives

Just got your wife pregnant and off to the in-laws for a visit? Horror scenario? Not with DEEZER. Deezer is the largest website for music on-demand. Discover more than 35 million titles, create your own playlist and share your favorite songs – maybe not with your new mother-in-law though. Micky SÜLZER c/o GoSee member DRIVEN BY CREATIVES directed the wonderful spot – which highly recommends the use of football language. GoSee's verdict on the great campaign: no doubt about it & …

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