news | “Feed Em To The Lions (Part 1)” by Solo 45. DOP Mark STUBBS wins with ME dance film at Dance 30fps Festival in Ohio, USA

The ME dance film, which DOP Mark STUBBS shot together with Musuta Team’s Finnish directors, won both the Jury and Public Award at this year’s Dance 30fps Festival, in Ohio, USA. The camera focused on: "lovely Solo 45" according to Musuta. Watch the video, “Feed Em To The Lions (Part 1)”, here on GoSee. About - Dance@30FPS - OSU Dance Annual Festival of Dance Film. Organized by OSU Department of Dance professor Mitchell Rose, Dance@30FPS is vibrant two-part p …

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news | Production designer Colin TAPLIN c/o DBC supports football super star and brand testimonial Lionel Messi on the ultimate toughness challenge for GILLETTE

Early this year GILLETTE, one of the leading brands on the men’s beauty market, announced Lionel Messi as the new face of their global football brand campaign. Gillette was also made partner of the Leo Messi Foundation. So far, so good. The spot featuring razor sharp production design by Colin TAPLIN c/o DBC shows just how much the FC Barcelona star had to give. Damp, rain, heat, lightening and blows. All part of the package. Direction by Bruce Hunt, Production: Chelsea Pictures. Watch the …

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news | DOP Stephanie LEITL accompanies Gao Yuanyuan to breathtaking Nepal for the 2-minute TOREAD commercial

When dreams become outdoor reality. DOP Stephanie LEITL went on an exciting travel adventure to Nepal for the commercial of Chinese company TOREAD, where she produced the ‘dreams’ of actress Gao Yuanyuan. Including a ride on an elephant past prayer wheels towards snowy mountain chasms and raging rivers.< About - Beijing Toread Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. is engaged in the outdoor products industry. Its main products are outdoor clothing, outdoor shoes and outdoor equipment. Its …

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news | 'Live Your Life' with REAAL insurance – filmed in a ‘knightly’ manner by director Billy POLS

For their latest commercial, Dutch insurance company REAAL commissioned director Billy POLS to throw some light on the knights of ancient and modern times, who bravely fight for the right to go their own way, in line with the company slogan ‘Live Your Life'. The location for the 1-minute spot shoot was Lithuania, in cooperation with creatives Carsten van Berkel & Stefan Leendertse from Etcetera agency. The editing was in the capable hands of Govert Janse.

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news | In cinemas from April: 'Run All Night' with Liam Neeson and Ed Harris. DOP Martin RUHE c/o DBC

This spring new blockbluster 'Run All Night' with Martin RUHE as DOP hits cinema screens. He had the pleasure of capturing the action packed sequences with Hollywood heroes Liam Neeson, Ed Harris and Vincent D'Onofrio, as well as Joel Kinnaman and Genesis Rodruigez. The film deals with an aged hitman, who has a fight with his former boss, to protect his son and his family. Direction by Jaume Collet-Serra, film music by Dutch multi-instrumentalist Junkie XL.

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news | Moon landing with added diva effect - Andreas HOFFMANN (direction) makes history with VOLTAREN

If Neil Armstrong hadn’t reached for VOLTAREN Dolo, then the first moon ladning would have gone a bit differently – at least this is what the TV commercial by Andreas HOFFMANN claims. Blast Radius agency commissioned him to shoot the first moon landing with a female lead. The production was in the hands of Jo! Schmid.

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news | DOP Sten MENDE shoots BLISTEX 'Happy Lips' in teenie concert crush

DOP Sten MENDE captured ecstatic concert fun for BLISTEX lip balm spot. The commercial presents 'Happy Lips' flavours strawberry and mango in a teenie whirlwind of singing, dancing and screaming. Plexus Productions ensured everything ran smoothly.

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blog | Run All Night Trailer #1 (2015) - Liam Neeson Action Movie HD, DOP Martin RUHE c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES

Brooklyn mobster and prolific hit man Jimmy Conlon (Neeson), once known as The Gravedigger, has seen better days. Longtime best friend of mob boss Shawn Maguire (Harris), Jimmy, now 55, is haunted by the sins of his past—as well as a dogged police detective (D’Onofrio) who’s been one step behind Jimmy for 30 years. Lately, it seems Jimmy’s only solace can be found at the bottom of a whiskey glass. But when Jimmy’s estranged son, Mike (Kinnaman), becomes a target, Ji …

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news | DBC Berlin welcomes new entry Peter RIIS, DOP from Denmark; with AUDI Quattro commercial on GoSee

DBC Berlin is delighted to welcome new entry Peter RIIS. The Danish DOP is renowned for his eye for landscapes, people and cars. His clients include big brands such as Volkswagen, Nespresso, Union Bank Global and TDC. We have attached his commercial for the new AUDI Quattro – you can find more in his Portfolio – and here on GoSee soon.

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news | Sia presents her Hunger Games hit "Elastic Heart" with a sexy and almost X-rated video, featuring top act Shia LeBeouf. DOP Sebastian WINTERØ

The second it went live, Australian pop singer Sia’s (aka Sia Furler) new video grabbed the headlines. Shia LeBeouf and super young up and coming dancer Maddie Ziegler got together for an animalistic dance performance in a super sized birdcage for DOP Sebastian WINTERØ’s lens. "Elastic Heart" is the latest track, a sure fire hit along the lines of Grammy nominated song "Chandelier", which also featured Maddie Ziegler. This time the 12-year-old dance star of …

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