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Do you love to snooze ....? For the brand new IKEA TV spot, DBC director Hanna Maria HEIDRICH catches our sleeping habits on film

From cool to hot, from soft to tough, .... for the current IKEA commercial DBC director Hanna Maria HEIDRICH staged our various sleeping habits. The agency in charge for the campaign was thjnk with creative director Bettina Olf, Executive Creative Director for think, Hamburg since 2010. Editing was handled by Elena Bromine Lustig; responsible for the epic sound was Martin Dirkov. Find more good stuff by the Berlin-based Director in her Portfolio.
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'Is this the low or is this the high?' PEPSI starts its largest ever TV campaign in Germany, 'Live for Now'. Director Matthäus BUSSMANN c/o DBC

Under the heading 'Make it epic', director Matthäus BUSSMANN sent a whole mob into cheerful adventures for the new PEPSI 'Live for Now' commercial. The proper soundtrack is a jaunty tune called "High" by Young Rising Sons.The spot marks the start of the largest ever TV campaign of the brand Pepsi in Germany. Production: Serial Pictures. We say: Just let it go!
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Trivago goes to Italy - the campaign directed by Hanna Maria Heidrich and Alex Eslam (DBC Berlin)

Trivago goes to Italy (among other places) - directed by Hanna Maria Heidrich, Alex Eslam (DBC Berlin), and DOP Stephan Burchardt (DBC Halina Dietrich). You can see all three films on our GoSee Quest with the directing dream team under this link: GoSee///trivago-we-know-everything-about-hotels.
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