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Ding, Ding, Ding, ... Director Billy POLS hits the right note for EASY CREDIT and the new TV spot

For the newest EASY CREDIT TV commercial, DBC Director Billy POLS hit the right note and made dreams come true. EasyCredit is the expert for installment credits of the Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. The 45-second spot was produced by Czar Film.
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New at DBC - Driven by Creatives: DOP Árni FILIPPUS from Reykjavik. For you with a stunning nature commercial for GEYSIR clothing

New at DBC – Driven by Creatives is DOP Árni FILIPPUS from Reykjavik. In his commercials, he likes to play with retro moods, washed out color patterns he tends to be a bit humorous. In the 'Leader Sheep' spot for the Icelandic fashion label GEYSIR, he completely concentrated on the wild flora and fauna of his native country. Production: True North, Direction: Samuel & Gunnar.

About - Geysir designs and develops clothing from its studio in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland. Inspired by Nordic city life and the country’s history of craft and knitwear, Geysir creates pieces uniquely balanced between tradition and modernity. Geysir’s ambition is to design everyday clothing with character; pieces that tell a story through every thread. With locally sourced textiles and yarns, mixed with quality materials from around the world, each item can be perfectly woven into any wardrobe. The collection is sold in Geysir stores around Iceland. geysir.com
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CNBC presents 'Jay Leno's Garage', the new auto show with legendary host. Director of the intro spot Richard D'Alessio

When Jay Leno rocks the US TV channel CNBC with his new show, they literally put the pedal to the metal. Under the direction of Director Richard D'ALESSIO (DBC Prague), the comedian and host raced through the desert with a horde of custom old-timers for the intro spot of his show 'Jay Leno's Garage'. The subject of his show: the contents of his Big Dog Garage, one of America’s largest collections of cars and motorcycles.

About - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno loves wheels, and his Big Dog Garage houses one of America's great collections of cars and motorcycles. Custom-built from the ground up, the garage is staffed by a crack team of mechanical wizards, who can fix, restore or customize just about anything. Join Jay and his team for a series of unique automotive adventures every week. nbc.com/jay-lenos-garage
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