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'Are you sure about this?' The mafia-like GILLETTE CLUB COMMERCIAL by DOP Jan PRAHL c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES. We have the film for you on GoSee

'The Godfather' was undoubtedly the inspiration for the humorous commercial which DOP Jan PRAHL c/o DBC – DRIVEN BY CREATIVES realized as commissioned by GILLETTE and the agency Grey (London) with German Director Kai Schonrath and Nice Shirt Films, to be aired first on the English market.

The plot: In a kind of barber shop backroom, a young Italian-American, played by stage actor Jordan Misfud, informs his capo of a big delivery of 'premium' razor blades that is a sure thing and already on its way. He talks with a New Jersey accent kind of like Tony Soprano and plays around with the vernacular of 'Goodfellas'. He finally convinces the boss and takes the package of blades – nice and easy – out of his jacket pocket. Free delivery included!

The online Gillette Club Service is operating in Germany too, and it says there in no uncertain terms: 'As soon as you're in, you're part of the family'.

Credits: Creative Director: Will Adam, Copywriter: Robert Greaves. Art Director: Samuel Daly, Agency Producer: Jessica Taylor, Creative Producer: Ali Power, Planner: Alix Toothman, Media Agency: SMV, Media Planner: Marie-Claire Wyatt, Editor: Stephen Dunne, Producer: Luke Goodrum, Post Production: Rushes
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The spot 'Playground' for FILA by Director Andreas ROTH and DOP Stephan BURCHARDT, both c/o DBC, ask yourself: Are you ready?

When you close your eyes – what do you see?' is the question athletes are asked by athletes at the beginning of the new FILA spot and asks you one thing: Are you really ready for it? For all the sweat, the sacrifices you have to make and the tears you are going to cry, do you feel the fire in you, do you feel the team spirit and can you already taste the victory? The agency Markenloft commissioned director Andreas ROTH and DOP Stephan BURCHARDT, both c/o DBC - Driven by Creatives, to shoot the philosophical commercial for the client FILA. The company Fila was founded in the year 1911 in Italy by the brothers Fila and is headed in South Korea since a takeover in 2007.
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'And the world stands still here in Hinterwald...' The music video to SILBERMOND's new single 'B 96' from the album 'Leichtes Gepäck' by Andreas BRUNS, Armin FRANZEN & AD Merlin ORTNER, all three artists c/o DBC - Driven by Creatives for you on GoSee

The single 'B96' from SILBERMOND can be found on the band's new album 'Leichtes Gepäck', which translates to 'Traveling Light'. A song about early birds, picket fences without visitors, musty pub regulars, dented childhood... and about a place called Hinterwald-Hinterland – where dreams begin. A place which will always be your home, if only in your heart – and every visit says more about you than about those who never left. The album was recorded in Nashville, the capital of US State Tennessee, and is titled 'Leichtes Gepäck', which translates to 'Traveling Light' and was released on 27 November, 2015.

The DBC trio consisting of Andreas BRUNS (Director), Armin FRANZEN (DOP) and Merlin ORTNER (AD) filmed the clip for the German pop and rock band SILBERMOND as an ode to highway B96, which leads directly to their home town. Highway 96 is an interstate in Germany. It runs from Zittau in the eastern part of Oberlausitz all the way up to Sassnitz on the island of Rügen - and cuts through Berlin on the way.

About - Silbermond (German for "Silver Moon") is a German rock band from Bautzen, Saxony. The band consists of Stefanie Kloß, Andreas Nowak, Johannes and Thomas Stolle. The band members originally met in 1998 when they participated in the music project Ten Sing. Two years later, they decided to form their own group, and as a result they began performing locally under the name JAST (composed by the initial letters of band members). In 2001, they changed their name to Silbermond, simultaneously concentrating on songs in German language for the first time.
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