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'For the PAYBACK things.' Action for the fun things in life! Director Matthäus BUSSMANN and DOP Sebastian WINTERØ, both c/o DBC- Driven by Creatives, shoot the new CHASE BANK commercial

In its new commercial, the CHASE BANK focuses on the fun things in life and had director Matthäus BUSSMANN and DOP Sebastian WINTERØ capture particularly awesome moments for the film titled 'For The Fun – ranging from remote control sharks to eating supersized ice cream. True to the claim: 'Chase - so you can.' The idea came from the agency Saatchi & Saatchi NYC; executive agency of the production was Serial Pictures. And NEWS brought to you by GoSee premium member DBC - Driven by Creatives.
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Nice and nostalgic? Rather something new! VOLKSWAGEN shows the TVC '... from Grandpa'. Directed by Mona EL MANSOURI c/o DBC - Driven by Creatives

 If Daddy is still driving a car from way back in Grandpa's day, you know that its time for something new. In her father-son story, director Mona EL MANSOURI shows in a touching family setting, how much fun it can be to buy a new car and how simple it is to cash in on the 4000 euros environment bonus for a used car at VOLKSWAGEN. Smooth production was guaranteed by soup.film Berlin; the executive agency was DDB Berlin.
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Go inside ! Get away ! Just don't get STUNG ! Giant wasps are coming! the horror movie 'STUNG' celebrates its premiere on April 18th, 2015 in Brussels - DOP Stephan BURCHARDT

An old, remote estate, unexpecting extras, a couple of quirky leading actors: the perfect ingredient’s for a horror movie. This time around, Stephan BURCHART’S did not only have people in front of his camera, he had wasps too – mutated by pesticides... Rat Pack and XYZ Films produced 'STUNG' with the support of the German Film Fund, starring Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare, Lance Henriksen and Clipfish video star Daniele Rizzo. The horror film will premiere in Europe on April 18th, 2015 at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

STUNG. DOP: Stephan Burchardt. produced by XYZ Films and Rat Pack Film Production. Written by Adam Aresty. Directed by Benni Diez. Produced by Christian Becker & Benjamin Munz. Starring Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare and Lance Henriksen. Sound Design: Tilman Hah . Production Design: Jörg Möhring. xyzfilms.com
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