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BLUE SEVEN S/S 2017 collection for kids and adults for Baschnegger Ammann Partner photographed by Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB

On the picturesque coast of Portugal and in Lisbon, Sabine Duerichen photographed for the client BLUE SEVEN the Spring/Summer 2017 collection for mini kids, kids, teens and adults. The first photo production in Munich took place in May. More than 120 little models with a talent for acting were casted for the KIDS lookbook, which was staged by renowned fashion photographer Sabine Duerichen.

Creative input came from the agency BAP, Baschnegger Ammann Partner, which is responsible for the tailor-made redesign of the entire communication line – from the lookbooks and the website to the ads and POS design.

Photo production and support of the team was taken care of by Lucky Ju, with styling of the little models by Heike Lohse and hair & make-up by Carina Kristandt. The next productions are already full underway. In the fashion world, Fall/Winter of 2017 is already around the corner.
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KÄTHE KRUSE image campaign by Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB

Sabine Duerichen realized the new image campaign for the client KÄTHE KRUSE in her Munich rental studio in the year 2017 in her studio in Munich. KÄTHE KRUSE – just awarded “Brand of the Century” – is taking a new path with a complete relaunch of print and online media. In collaboration with the photographer and her team, a completely natural image spread was created.

The elaborately handmade dolls were played with and cared for by the girls all day long. In the end, all of the puppet-lovers fell in love with "Leni" (from the film “Der geilste Tag” with Florian David Fitz). The company's history goes back to 1911, when Käthe Kruse received her first order and began serial production of her handmade dolls in her Berlin apartment.
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MILUPA relaunch with kids & families - photographed by Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB for Realadventure & Plan.Net Connect

MILUPA started in 2016 with a complete relaunch of its brand including the topics of pregnancy, baby, toddlers, and family. GoSee member Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB realized an extensive shoot. “The imagery is completely natural and unstyled. The 'models' photographed were real families, pregnant women and children. The idea was to shoot the photos casually on the sidelines so that the intimate family moments would not be disrupted by anything. It resulted in extremely emotional moments and situations since the cast was able to just go about their family life undisturbed in front of the camera. The photos are all unretouched and are labeled with the names of the cast members, which makes it all even more personal,” the photographer tells GoSee.

“MILUPA demonstrated its courage too try out something new for this project, and our very special thanks go to Ian Bates, CD at, who took a very sensitive approach to it. We would also like to thank Alexandra Hörmann from Plan.Net connect GmbH & Co. KG, and Carina Kristandt, who showed what a great job her hands can do with her minimal styling and make-up.”
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