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news | Colour galore - Studio Eberhard Sauer develops a vintage car poster series for MANN + HUMMEL Filterwerke Ludwigsburg

It’s often the small things, which have a big effect – and the same goes for these pictures: vintage and new cars in chic perspectives, paired with a bright background of the same colour. EBERHARD SAUER produced this photo concept for a poster series for client MANN + HUMMEL Filterwerke, Ludwigsburg. About - Mann + Hummel 1,000 research & development specialists, continuous growth and more than 16 filter elements produced per second - for over 70 years MANN+HUMMEL has displaye …

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news | Studio Eberhard Sauer : Californian feeling and Swabian perfection for the M-class and Blattler agency

Stand-in makes it possible and makes the world come a little bit closer together. London agency Blattler commissioned the photographs of the M-class for the English market. Eberhard Sauer’s studio images reflect the night time atmosphere of San Diego, shot by Holger Wild. Multi-award winning photographer Eberhard Sauer created a perfect reality with clever mirrors, small-scale models and various light constructions.

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news | Studio Eberhard Sauer : yellow and green – the logo’s colours – and a neutral car for MANN + HUMMEL

... these are the words of the strict brief for a calendar image for industry- + vehicle filter systems manufacturer MANN + HUMMEL from Ludwigsburg. Eberhard Sauer, a multi award-winning photographer from Herrenberg, turned the simplicity of the brief into an equally simplistic colour – and photo concept. Using the primary colour yellow as a background, he added old-timer cars in classic surface colours blue, green and red and refrained from using any effects, landscapes or perspective …

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news | NEW : Studio Eberhard Sauer, transportation photography, Herrenberg

Eberhard Sauer is new at GoSee. He has already spent many years successfully realising photographs for all the big car makes such as AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES, HONDA, PORSCHE, LAMBORGHINI, MASERATI and TOYOTA – mostly at his own studios in Herrenberg by Stuttgart. The studio surface area totals 1,200m2. The large studio (600m2) is fitted with special lighting technology for cars, furniture and large products, the second studio (150m2) is ideal for still life photography. In addition to this, …

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