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news | Edition Lammerhuber : THE LONG SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL. Photo book on life with nuclear power plant disasters including essay by Michail Gorbatschow

Publisher Lois Lammerhuber says: ‘bad news sell worse, but there are topics that are so important that we have to publish them against all odds’. And the book in question certainly has some bad news in store for us. ‘THE LONG SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL’ deals with the dramatic long-term consequences of the biggest nuclear catastrophe in history. Therefore the author of the book, National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig, came up with the idea of starting a Kickstarter cam …

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news | Gigapixel Project: From Austria to the World - EDITION LAMMERHUBER delivers ‘New York City Window’, the image for the largest mass-produced jigsaw in the world for RAVENSBURGER SPIELE

RAVENSBURGER presented the absolute highlight at this year's Nuremberg Toy Fair with ‘New York City Window’ the largest ever mass-produced jigsaw in the world. Exactly 32,256 pieces were the basis for this unique jigsaw picture, the ‘From Austria to the World’ gigapixel picture project, which they produced in cooperation with Austrian Airlines, Ars Electronica Solutions, Lois Lammerhuber and Martin Ackerl. From afar 165 full-HD displays pile up high at the Vienna Schwe …

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news | The Distance Between Us, Wolfskinder, Matthias Cremer – 25 Jahre DER STANDARD, EPHESOS – the thrill of destruction and GLAMOUR.... FIVE awards for the truly excellent Edition Lammerhuber publishing house at the 2014 German Photo Book Prize

‘The Distance Between Us’ and ‘Wolfskinder’ received ‘Silver 2014’ in the conceptual / artistic picture books category. ‘Matthias Cremer - 25 Jahre DER STANDARD’, ‘EPHESOS - Der Reiz der Zerstörung’ (the thrill of destruction) and ‘GLAMOUR’ received the ‘Nominated 2014’ honourable mention in the coffee table book category at the 2014 German Photo Book Prize, which took place on 15 November 2013 at Haus der W …

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news | Beauty and peace in nature as human rights : Edition Lammerhuber and the Vienna Photographic Society present the Alfred Fried Photo Award for the first time

The Alfred Fried Photo Award 2013, with 5,000 Euro in prize money, was presented for the first time on 5 November 2013 in Vienna. Peter Matthias Gaede, Editor in Chief of GEO commented, ‘the Alfred Fried Photo Award encourages the pursuit of good ideas and visions within humankind’. Named after Alfred Fried, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911, the Vienna Photographic Society (Photographische Gesellschaft Wien) and Edition Lammerhuber presented five Fried awards medals, t …

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news | KINDER (!) GARTEN published by Edition Lammerhuber presents an architectural and property developer project unrivalled worldwide

In mid June the project on Kindergarten in Lower Austria was presented in St.Pölten. The book documents how the ‘Kindergarten landscape’ has changed in Lower Austria from 2008 – 2011 due to the legal lowering of the required entry age. Informative articles written by Renate Steger, Josef Staar, Reinhart Handl and Heinz Kienast, accompany beautiful examples photographed by Lois Lammerhuber showing just how diverse these spaces can look. ‘For decades municipali …

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news | Unique camera drive through New York City: From Austria to the World – Giga pixel images of NYC at Vienna Airport. Now available exclusively from Edition Lammerhuber

‘From Austria to the World’ is the motto that greets passengers at Austrian Star Alliance Terminal Check-in 3 at Vienna Airport, accompanied by five unique Gigapixel images of New York City. 15 metres wide, 9 metres high, super high definition! The images stem from multi-award winning Austrian photographer Lois Lammerhuber and Ars Electronica Linz developed the software that creates an impressive camera drive through Manhattan. 165 screens in the security section of the new ai …

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news | Edition Lammerhuber : .. voted Europe’s best photo book publisher (FEP) and presents artwork from the UNESCO art collection, the Vienna Philharmonic and the magic of nudes in art on GoSee

GoSee Member Edition Lammerhuber won two awards at the FEP European Photo Book of the Year Awards 2013. They were presented with the most important award, the award for best photo book publisher in Europe – ‘Best Editor’ for the books ART FOR PEACE, PASSION - STAATSOPERNORCHESTER - WIENER PHILHARMONIKER and LE LOUVRE NU SCULPTURES, as well as a victory in the ‘Nude’ category for LE LOUVRE NU SCULPTURES. Two additional publications were also named as finalists. O …

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news | Edition Lammerhuber : GLAMOUR – the enchanting world of costume and its creators. Lois Lammerhuber’s illustrated ball gift for the Vienna Opera Ball

Exclusive! It was the seventh time Edition Lammerhuber produced a book with an opera theme as a ‘Herrenspende’ or ball gift. GLAMOUR unveils the enchanting world of costume and the people who design and create it. This world of magical transformation of graceful beauty and fairy tale-like elegance is located in the costume workshops of ART FOR ART in Vienna, which has been run by Annette Beaufaÿs for twenty years and whose excellence in skill, tradition, innovation and creati …

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portfolio | ART FOR PEACE

Die Republik Österreich widmet ART FOR PEACE – von Lois Lammerhuber – der UNESCO als „Kunstwerk aller Kunstwerke".

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news | GoSee Recommendation: Art for Peace. Lois Lammerhuber photographs the United Nations’ largest art collection at UNESCO in Paris. A gift from the Republic of Austria to the member states

Editor and photographer Lois Lammerhuber comments ‘with the greatest respect for the creative geniuses, who have created the artworks and to whom this project is dedicated, I attempted to use my visual language to enrich the masterpieces with a new interpretative layer. It has been a great honour to enter into an intellectual and photographic artistic dialogue with them. I would like to thank everyone by dedicating my work to them’. The headquarters of UNESCO in Paris house the l …

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