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news | Edition Lammerhuber offered the book GENESIS as a souvenir to the gentlemen visitors of the Vienna Opera Ball 2016

Taking Gaetano Donizetti‘s Don Pasquale, the timeless opera about older gentlemen and alleged love, at the Wiener Staatsoper as a case in point, the book GENESIS tells the story of how a new opera production evolves – with the photos of Lois Lammerhuber. Lois observed the new opera production for one year, and thanks to the texts from Director of the Vienna State Opera, Dominique Meyer, the book provides a first hand account of how modern opera management works and how the exact coop …

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news | Shock waves ! Edition Lammerhuber presents with its book ANGELS OF GHOST STREET the incredible story of how social reformer Bindeshwar Pathak brings happiness into the lives of Indian widows for good

Widows in India moving on up thanks to Bindeshwar Pathak. Their story is told in photos by Xavier Zimbardo, a renowned French photographer. “I photographed for 32 years in India, depicting the beauty and uniqueness of the country. During my work at the Holi festival, a celebration of color, I got to know Indian widows and was overwhelmed by their stories and from Dr. Pathak's vision of changing the fate of these women for the better,” the photographer tells us. There are 45 millio …

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news | 'I am the Scheherazade of photography' – the illustrated lifetime retrospective of the photographer LISL BABY, a special edition published by EDITION LAMMERHUBER

“Like Scheherazade I have woven many stories from my life and photography into something like a coherent narrative of the times I found myself in,” says Lisl Steiner, globetrotting photo journalist, illustrator, poet, and muse. At the age of 88 she became a YouTube star with more than 400 000 clicks for Society is Kaput & Other Truths From an Ageless Spirit. Edition Lammerhuber introduces the oeuvre of an extraordinary woman, photographer and artist in the book LISL BABY which a …

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news | EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents 'In Love with Photography' by Volker Hinz. A portrait collection of renowned photographers from around the world, in a limited and signed edition

'In Love with Photography' is a unique treasure in the history of photography, waiting to be lifted from the archives of Volker Hinz, one of the most important and indefatigable photographers of our time. A treasure, amassed in almost 50 years by a passionate photographer of portraits and presented here for the first time: From Ansel Adams to Richard Avedon, from Peter Beard to Alfred Eisenstaedt, from F.C. Gundlach to  Annie Leibowitz, from Peter Lindbergh to& …

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news | Mystical and realistic: Alice Smeets interprets the symbolism of Tarot cards in the slums of Haiti. 'The Ghetto Tarot' - an illustrated book by Edition Lammerhuber and as an exhibition in Aachen, Germany

One would expect of a documentary photographer an honest and correct reproduction of her environment, unadultered snapshots of an often harsch reality. And when multitalent Alice Smeets dedicates herself creatively to a project, she does not do it one bit different. For 'The Ghetto Tarot', Alice Smeets combined her passion for the spiritual world with a love of Haitian culture and interpreted antique Tarot cards photographically in a new way with local means in the Slums of Haiti aided by the H …

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news | Edition Lammerhuber - “Look at me, I am beautiful” – Patricia Willocq won the 2015 Alfred Fried Photography Award for the world-best picture on the theme of peace

Belgian photographer Patricia Willocq won the 2015 Alfred Fried Photography Award with visions of a better Africa. And Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi held the celebration speech. This year´s third annual Alfred Fried Photography Award valued at 10 000 euros, which was founded by Edition Lammerhuber and the Austrian Photographic Society, went to the Brussels resident 34year-old photographer Patricia Willocq. “Look at me, I am beautiful” is the title of her photo s …

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news | 'Sessions – Fetisch in Deutschland' is the empathetic book premiere by Florian Müller at Edition Lammerhuber – a journey to the core, to primeval desires and needs of the human existence

Florian Müller photographs fetishists: People who dress up as dogs or get hung from the ceiling in bondage. For them it is a way to feel relaxed and fulfilled. At first glance, you see a masquerade, Kafkaesque scenes, dance macabres, transformation into an animal, to a slave, or wrapped up maggot. Behind the masquerade are humans and their needs – their wishes, wounds, and desires. Florian Müllers multiple award-winning photographic work tell us these stories. “You have to ima …

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news | Edition Lammerhuber presents the book WHITE EBONY and exhibition in Brussels for the 'First International Albinism Awareness Day' on 13 June, 2015

“While we continue to receive shocking reports of killings and attacks against persons with albinism, Patricia Willocq’s photographs send a message of hope and encouragement for all those who work to improve their lives,” said Flavia Pansieri, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights. After accepting two historic resolutions concerning the protection of persons with albinism, on 19 November, 2014, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 13 June, 2015 the ‘First Intern …

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news | 'The Lipizzaners of the Spanish Riding School' – Lammerhuber edition celebrates the 450th birthday of the Vienna institution with a marvelous anniversary book about the ballet of the white stallions

A top-notch team came together to honor the Spanische Hofreitschule in Vienna and the Piber Federal Stud with a marvelous book for the occasion of their anniversary: Elisabeth Gürtler, Director of the Spanish Riding School, presents the excellence and unique character of the institution as well as its rich tradition. The objective of the classic equitation is to study the natural movement behavior of the horse and to cultivate it to the highest level of elegance possible for the horse thro …

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news | Alfred Fried Photography Award 2015 asks: 'What does peace look like?' closing date for entries 14 May 2015, free to enter

The ALFRED FRIED PHOTOGRAPHY Award is entering round two – and is worryingly even more current than last year. Which is why we ask here on GoSee again: 'What does peace look like?' Register online to enter your photos: friedaward.com . Winners will be announced on 21 September, UN International Peace Day. The press release states :   "The five best works will be honoured with the Alfred Fried Photography Award Medal, the photographers will be invited to attend the award ceremo …

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