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news | FA Cesar Bespoke Images : The Golf. The car - the VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VII campaign, PORSCHE Cayenne catalogue with futuristic city scenes by CG designer Tino SCHAEDLER

Alex RANK shot the new VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VII campaign. The idea of the campaign ‘If you had to rely on ONE car for the rest of your life, which one would it be?’ had been transformed into a hero campaign as well as into several people motifs, which were used to tease the concept. The people motifs certainly tease and leave the viewer wanting to find out more about the new Golf. DDB TRIBAL Berlin with CD Behnaz Pakravesh was the commissioning agency. GoSee Member THE SCOPE Digital St …

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news | F.A.Cesar Bespoke Images : VW asks ‘a door for everyone. Wouldn't that be great?’ in the ‘4 doors’ spot for the VW up! and motifs for the BMW Sport Line campaign on GoSee

‘A door for everyone. Wouldn't that be great?’ Tino SCHAEDLER was the production designer of the action-packed VOLKSWAGEN TV spots on the hot topic of ‘4 doors’ for small cars. The TV spot for the new VW up! takes an entertaining approach to just how important it is to always have a door handy – especially if one doesn’t want to go head first through a wall, unlike the superstars that seem to constantly be at it on TV. The crafty commercial was shot in Uni …

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news | F.A. Cesar Bespoke Images : REMA LOLA beachwear catalogue, fierce fashion for XOXO magazine, NICK & CHLOÉ solo exhibition in Paris

Autumn SONNICHSEN photographed the catalogue for up and coming Brazilian beachwear brand REMA LOLA. Helena Prestes strutted her stuff for the camera. Camilla ARMBRUST shot a fierce editorial with model Solange for XOXO magazine, Turkey. Jennifer Mv Farlane styled the outfits and Tina Schmoll perfected the hair and make-up. NICK & CHLOÉ had their first solo exhibition at Le Baron de Paris last month. ‘Lord of the beasts of the earth and the fishes of the sea’ is ins …

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news | F.A. Cesar : There is Plenty to Discover – the BMW 3er Touring campaign, Kourtney ROY in SOUP MAG, summer camp shoot for PHOOTCAMP exhibition in Brooklyn

Alex RANK shot the BMW 3 series Touring ‘There is Plenty to Discover’ catalogue and campaign. Diversified and with a variety of look and feel, Alex took the briefing and pushed the 3 series Touring to show off its qualities: more sporty, more practical, more dynamic. True to the motto: ‘BMW Efficient Dynamics - Takes A Little And Gives A Lot’. Kourtney ROY’s self-portrait series ‘The Abandoned Bride’ reflects the inner melancholy of a deserted bri …

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news | F.A.Cesar Bespoke Images : Nick & Chloé's ‘Are we hard yet?’ and the ASVOFF Grand Prix for Kourtney Roy's fashion film ‘The Doll’

Despite or because of temporary scepticism about collaborations between so-called 3D and classic photography NICK & CHLOÉ gave it a try. Their latest project 'ARE WE HARD YET?' combines fine art photography and the possibilities computer-generated details offer and let them push their ideas further to the yet unseen. The result of this fruitful liaison with the Berlin 3D artist ZEITGUISED was part of two exhibitions in Paris last month.Creative duo Nick & Chloé commen …

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news | F.A. Cesar Bespoke Images : L'OFFICIEL, Audrey Hepburn homage in GENLUX mag, birds and kids editorial for JUNIOR MAGAZINE

Kourtney ROY's fashion series with the promising title 'Print Obsessionnel Compulsif' was published in the recent issue of L'OFFICIEL. However, the motifs prove that the series is far from 'compulsive' indeed and we are pleased to feature it here on GoSee. Alexandra Elbim styled the obsessive print looks that were shot in the set design 'Chambre 204' by Patti Clairet. Akiko Sakamoto perfected the make-up and Benjamin Fuller fixed the hairstyles. Both artists were on location on the versatile …

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news | F.A.Cesar Bespoke Images : ONE CLUB Creative Award Ceremony campaign, THE ANGELENO mag, PLAYBOY and FHM

Cade MARTIN photographed a bizarre campaign full of fluffy bunnies and fledglings, talking bears and smiling clouds for the annual creative award ceremony ONE CLUB. With this campaign, the Design Army agency seeks to emphasise the fact that in this world of wonders, deadlines have no power and must always make way for the 'the ONE' idea – ‘ONEDERFUL’. Tyler KANDEL portrayed hotelier Avi Brosh and Beverly Hills hairstyling icon Jose Eber for ANGELENO lifestyle magaz …

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news | F.A.Cesar Bespoke Images : VOLKSWAGEN CC campaign, Guinness World Record Holder for the most Prolific Dancing Game High Scorer, film noir style self-portrait series

DDB and VOLKWAGEN launched an international campaign for the new Volkswagen CC: ‘no second chance for a first impression’. The campaign shows that it is neither about superficiality nor exaggerated vanity, produced by DDB Team Blue – responsible for the development of core campaigns and major product launches at DDB Worldwide – in cooperation with DDB Tribal Berlin, DDB London and DDB Sydney. ‘On this production we were able to demonstrate the strength of ou …

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news | F.A. Cesar Bespoke Images : Another Day. Another Adventure - MINI Roadster campaign, festive in VOGUE NIPPON

Alex RANK was booked again for the MINI Roadster 'Another Day. Another Adventure.' campaign. BSUR Amsterdam sent executive creative director Jason Schragger to Hamburg to develop the campaign backgrounds together with THESCOPE Digital Studio. Kourtney ROY produced an editorial for VOGUE NIPPON. Kourtney was once again modelling in front of the camera herself and Akiko Sakamoto and Leslie Thibauld took care of the her hair & make-up. Yuki Matsuyama was in charge of the styling. GoSee pres …

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news | F.A. Cesar Bespoke Images : Pirate - the new music video for folk band KINA MINZE by Kai HATTERMANN

Kai HATTERMANN directed the new music video for KINA MINZE and also took care of the editing and camera work. The shot took place in Berlin and none other than Autumn SONNICHSEN was booked as the assistant director. Anneke Kina Schwabe fronts the ominous folk band from Berlin, founded in 2010. She studied acting at the Otto-Falckenberg-school from 2001-2005. Anneke loves the stage and played at the Munich Kammerspielen, at the St Pauli Theater, Schauspielhaus Hannover, Staatsschauspiel Dresd …

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