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GoSee loves... CRUSHfanzine – Release Party in Paris and Editor & Photographer Nicolas Wagner in a conversation on his 'Sun City' exhibition in Paris

During PARIS PHOTO, men’s fashion magazine CRUSHFANZINE invited guests to the release of the new edition at the hip Jules&Jim Hotel in Paris’ Marais district. There we met the congenial Nicolas Wagner, photographer and co-editor, who not only helped determine the direction of the magazine for many years as Art Director and celebrity photographer, but also presented his first photography exhibition 'SUN CITY' over the weekend. We are delighted to introduce CRUSHFANZINE and Nicolas with his works on GoSee.

Nicolas Wagner is, together with Khary Simon, the creative mind behind CRUSHfanzine, a quarterly publication based in New York and Paris which is distributed around the globe. Each issue is about an obsession. The new issue was released with a party in New York and during the Paris Photo week at the Jules&Jim Hotel in the middle of the Marais district in Paris. Among the young crowd were models, designers, photographers… and us! Perfect timing for a GoSee Mini Quest with le cher Nicolas.

What is the obsession of your latest issue? The new issue “Men at work” deals with the importance of what you wear at the workplace and the effect it has on your surroundings. Would you trust the pilot of your flight if he was not wearing his uniform? How do you communicate trust, respect, efficiency or does your job require that you protect yourself, make sure you stand out in the middle of a crowd.

The magazine presents a mix of men’s fashion, art, celebrities... Are you in charge of the celebrity shoots? Or do several photographers work on each issue?  Each issue is so different than the previous one... depending on the "obsession", we collaborate with photographers who have some common ground with the theme. Matt Gunther, Miguel Villalobos, Jacopo Benassi are part of the family. We also get tremendous help from creative people for design and fashion as well, like the french duo Storny and Misericordia .

What is your obsession? You are obsessed with photography we can imagine, over the weekend, you also presented your first photo exhibition in the heart of the Marais district as well. ‘Sun City’ – can you tell us a little bit about the name of the exhibition and the presented work – we can see a mix of architecture, men’s fashion and celebrities?  I have several obsessions, which I am never sure is a curse or a blessing... for the magazine, we tend to become obsessed with fierce warrior-like women such as Grace Jones, Jessica Lange or Faye Dunaway. On a personal level, I have to touch the door of the plane twice before I board a flight... not sure if it does any good. I am also very much into black flowers like black cosmos, columbine or iris and also Nike sneakers, mid-century Mexican furniture, François Ozon movies, the band Minuit, artist Sue de Beer’s work, Venice, actress Fanny Ardent, used Levi’s, and Carvil boots.

The exhibition was curated by Ariel Kenig, The title refers to different locations in Arizona and South Africa, and is also the name of a sauna in Paris. I like the idea of having the word SUN in the title as Paris is indeed a bit gloomy a year after the attacks... The images are a mix of my work for CRUSHfanzine and personal work, commissioned portraits for FLAUNT with Isabella Rossellini, friends, soccer games in Brooklyn, or architecture details.

Sun City was presented one year after the Paris attacks? The exhibition ran during Paris Photo, and the last day was indeed the one year anniversary. One of the images was taken on Bastille day; you can see a part of the Eiffel Tower illuminated by white smoke from the fireworks. Paris remains one of my favorite places to take pictures. It’s home.

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Edda Gimnes is Designer for Tomorrow 2016 by Peek & Cloppenburg and its online shop Fashion ID

Edda Gimnes is the winner of the 2016 fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow” by Peek & Cloppenburg and its online shop Fashion ID. The graduate from the London College of Fashion presented her womenswear collection “The Ragpicker” this evening on the catwalk at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and won over the Jury Board led by patron Alber Elbaz with her hand-drawn prints in black & white. The award show kicked off with the new collection by Mareike Massing, the 2015 DfT winner.

“I was very impressed by the individuality and creativity of all the collections,” Alber Elbaz said in a video message from Paris. At the last minute, the patron of this year’s “Designer for Tomorrow” award had to cancel his appearance at the show. He is currently recovering from pneumonia, which prevented him from traveling to Berlin. The patron watched the live stream of the award show that was held in the tent at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and, together with the jury board, selected the “Designer for Tomorrow 2016”. Alber Elbaz was represented at the show by his long-time companion and muse Sofía Sanchez de Betak, who is well-known in the fashion industry as an art director, fashion consultant and model. Alber Elbaz said of the winner: “I especially see a lot of potential in the collection by Edda Gimnes.

Jury board: Christiane Arp (Editor-in-Chief VOGUE), John Cloppenburg (Member of the Executive Committee Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf), Melissa Drier (German Correspondent Women’s Wear Daily), Karen Heumann ( thjnk), Marcus Luft (Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Fashion Director GALA), ...

The fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow” has been presented as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin since 2009. As an initiative of Peek & Cloppenburg and its online shop Fashion ID, the award provides a visible platform for creativity. It offers up-and-coming fashion talent the opportunity to be discovered as such and to receive a great deal of attention from the fashion industry and the public.
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GoSee QUEST: 'Burning Desire' – the Mercedes-Benz S/S 2017 campaign with musician Eliot Sumner, model Lucie Von Alten and Director Christian Larson. An interview with CD Tilman Gossner from the creative agency ANTONI

With wonderfully dark imagery, Swedish Director Christian Larson and DOP Erik Sohlstrom realized the new fashion film 'Burning Desire' for MERCEDES BENZ. Fire as a metaphor for desire plays a major role. And in the middle of it all: Eliot Sumner, English musician and the daughter of Sting, German model Lucie Von Alten and, of course, the main protagonist: the new CLA.

The campaign and film were shot on location in an old steel warehouse in Bucharest, Romania. The agency was Antoni Berlin with Creative Directors Tilman Gossner and Marcell Franke plus AD Mathias Wilke. The raw environment was apt for Director Christian Larson to capture the spirit of the CLA. A true visionary, Larson has worked with many of the world’s most innovative artists, including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Kylie Minogue. For Larson, the project started with the idea of creative destruction: “I think that there is a beauty in destruction, and in this case, I felt fire, and burning things, could look very beautiful. Fire is always something that brings people together – the storyline of the two girls meeting is about them being intrigued by the fire – and it also suggests the idea of “playing with fire”. I wanted to play with emotions, objects, elegance, rebelliousness in some kind of virtual dystopian world.”

For the shoot, Larson was inspired by the music of Eliot Sumner: “When I develop ideas for films, I hear a lot of music to put myself in the right mood. It's almost like a soundtrack which underscores the creative process. For this project, I listened to lots of music from Eliot Sumner; that gave me deeper insight into her personality, and it helped me feel the mood which she creates with her music.”

The two models are dressed in wonderfully dark fashion from designer David Koma. Lucie Von Alten, who has been the face of campaigns for Marc Jacobs and has appeared in international magazines including ELLE and Grazia, on the shoot: “I am really excited to be a part of this campaign; it is a great opportunity to work with David Koma and with Christian. It is a campaign for cars but I feel like fashion, and especially Mercedes-Benz, work really well together.”

“Empowerment” is London-based designer David Koma's forte, who creates body-contouring silhouettes, a quality he also brings to Mugler as its CD. Koma dressed Von Alten in one of the rigorously defined looks from his own collection, shown during London Fashion Week and created a bespoke look for Sumner. “This is the first campaign that I’ve worked on that is not tied to my own brand or Mugler.”

“This season, we wanted to challenge the traditional concept of campaign imagery as we wanted to personify the rebellious nature of the CLA promoting confidence and individuality. The Spring/Summer 2017 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Campaign pushes boundaries and challenges the norm through its creative concept and dynamic cast as well as appealing to a contemporary audience, highlighting the progressive nature of the brand,” says Michael Bock, Director of Sport & Lifestyle Marketing at Mercedes-Benz.

The film was produced by Anorak. Post production including 3D effects was in the hands of Swiss, and Slaughterhouse Berlin took care of online post production. And the must-see making-of clip is on YOUTUBE.

We had a chat with CD Tilman Grosser from ANTONI about the campaign and wanted to know where the dark imagery – compared to the previous key visuals for the Fashion Week – comes from and whether it's easy to convince classic clients to try out new ideas. “The target group of the campaign is very progressive, and the Fashion Week audience knows its trends very well. It's all about taking it to the limit with the client. We wanted to be at the head of the pack in this fashion segment with our imagery. We were able to put more creative energy into this new campaign and had more time to brainstorm for ideas.”

How did you put the team together when it came to realizing of the ideas? “Christian Larson is an exciting director and former student of Jonas Akerlund. He photographed the motifs and even edited the film himself. It is important for us as creatives to pick up important trends and ideas. Christian knows how the international fashion scene works and recommended David Koma as an upcoming designer who was perfect for the campaign.”

And can you tell us something about how you chose the two women? “A sexy woman in front of a car is, of course, classic. If we decided to put a a man in front of the car instead, it would have been the complete opposite but not exactly innovative. So we chose two very different women, whose sparking attraction becomes apparent at second glance. Only Fashion insiders know that the two models are a couple. And we found it particularly great that Mercedes was open to the idea without making a big deal about it.”

You filmed in Bucharest? “In such an elaborate production, it is naturally important to keep an eye on the budget. We wanted to take the visual experiment as far as it could go, and Bucharest had the best conditions to do so. It really only took us one night to shoot the photos and the film. And the two women were as professional as before and in a good mood even at dawn after a long night of filming. The film shoot was a lot of fun for everyone involved.”

Tilman Gossner is an expert when it comes to automotive productions. His work has received both Gold and Silver at Cannes Lions as well as several prizes from ADC, Lead Awards, One Show, D&AD, LIAA, Clio, NY Festival, AME Award etc.. We are delighted to count the top creative among the jurors or our GoSeeAWARDS and look forward to welcoming him at on 30 September in Berlin.
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