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news | Alexandra Kinga Fekete : only a few are closer to the stars – people magazine CLOSER’s campaign for thjnk Berlin and Bauermedia

Alexandra KINGA FEKETE shot the scenic motifs for people magazine CLOSER’s image campaign, created by thjnk, under the headline ‘only a few are closer to the stars’. thjnk Berlin created the campaign under the direction of Martin Beike, head of Bauer Brand Management. Chief editor Tom Junkersdorf says: ‘the campaign is provocative and conveys the competence of the Closer brand with a cheeky wink. The name says it all – near, close, Closer!’ Peter Levetzo …

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news | Alexandra Kinga Fekete : a night with ‘Oh Boy’ actor Tom Schilling for KULTURSPIEGEL, party on ... young fashion in TREAT MAG

The fashion and celebrity photographer spent a night with the editor and Tom Schilling for a KULTUR SPIEGEL cover story. The actor plays the main role in the new feature film ‘Oh Boy’ a self-deprecating portrait of a young man and the city he lives in – Berlin. The black and white film shifts between melancholia and humour and presents the main character on his search for his place in the world. The actor is famed for his role in ‘Crazy’ twelve years ago. What h …

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news | Alexandra Kinga Fekete : MEN'S HEALTH Best Fashion and WOMEN'S HEALTH and at the UPdate 12 PRESENCE LIBRARY

Alexandra Kinga FEKETE photographed a fashion spread for MEN'S HEALTH BEST FASHION autumn/winter 2012, featuring the perfect accessory that many men probably dream of when getting ready for the day. The ‘accessory’ is called Theresa Genth and her male admirer in dapper outfits is Polish male model Adrain Wlodarski. Fashion editor at Best Fashion, Yilmaz Aktepe, was responsible for the styling in harmonious colours. Sonja SHENOUDA c/o GoSee Member BIGOUDI was in charge of ha …

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news | The flying game - MANDO DIAO by Alexandra Kinga FEKETE

Mando Diao (Dance with Somebody, 2009), comprising lead acts singer Björn Dixgard and singer/guitarist Gustaf Noren and their project Caligola – all photographed by Alexandra for UNIVERSAL in their Berlin hotel room. Alexandra was commissioned by Universal Music to live the dream of the true fan. One day, one hotel room in Berlin and Mando Diao all to herself. No problem for the celeb experienced fashion and celebrity photographer. The PR images were shot for a new project, an …

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news | NEW : Alexandra Kinga Fekete, fashion & celebrity photographer, Berlin; fashion editorials including one with actress Fritzi Haberlandt for SZ magazine and for BEST FASHION

Fashion and celebrity photographer Alexandra Kinga FEKETE from Berlin is the newest addition to the GoSee ranks. GoSee is currently featuring her fashion editorial with actress Fritzi Haberlandt for SZ Magazine. The award-winning actress calls both the stage and the silver-screen her home and has been playing at the Burgtheater, Vienna too since 2009. Alexandra also photographed Philippine-Canadian Givenchy model Paolo Roldan and burlesque dancer Eden Glamorama for BEST FASHION in Hamburg …

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