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news | Fernsicht Produktion : Christmas dream for GALERIA KAUFHOF, ELÉGANCE, MERCEDES BENZ, MYSTYLE A/W 2012 for WÖHRL and TAKKO

A fully restored period house was the backdrop for Sandra Seckinger’s images, commissioned by GALERIA Kaufhof. She created the Christmas dream with a warm approach – not only for the kids. Photographer Stephan Latusek and Christine Fröhlich (AD Loom Werbeagentur GmbH) carried out a shoot in an idyllic location in Italy’s mountains for ELÉGANCE GmbH. They made Florian Hubrich’s (AD Wire Advertising GmbH) ideas come to life with the help of photographer …

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news | Fernsicht Produktion : KARSTADT and ANSON'S productions in France, retro glacier fashion for FIT FOR FUN, ZERRES Fashion and ESPN

Fernsicht Produktion went to France twice. They travelled there in cooperation with HAMANN PRODUCTIONS to produce a Christmas shoot for KARSTADT Warenhaus KG with Torsten RUPPERT c/o GUDRUN HAMANN. SFX Jan Singh managed to make it snow in the summer yet again. Petra Naskret and Markus MÖLLENBERG c/o TSCHANGIZIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS carried out a shoot in exclusive chalets for ANSON’S men’s wear. They headed for a glacier with photographer Det KEMPKE c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOTGRAPHERS …

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news | Fernsicht Produktion : in Santorini & Kitzbühl for MADELEINE, in California for DAMYLLER and in the mountains for ANSON'S, KAUFHOF and VW

Following productions in Santorini, Athens and Kitzbühl for MADELEINE, photographer Sacha HÖCHSTETTER c/o ARTISTS & CO has now produced a series in California in cooperation with One Production for Brazilian denim brand DAMYLLER. The backdrop was a gold rush ghost town and turned out to be a challenging but ideal location. Next stop was Adelboden, as commissioned by GoSee Member GUDRUN HAMANN Photographen & Production. Petra Naskret from ANSON's had the idea to create a …

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news | Fernsicht Produktion : fake snowy landscapes for ADIDAS, car shoots for BMW and MINI, videos for PHONAK AG and COMMERZBANK campaign

The production company teamed up with former professional tennis ace Stefan Edberg, who was photographed by Detlef SCHNEIDER c/o NERGER M&O for ADIDAS. An entire alpine pasture was covered in snow at 23°C, in cooperation with Hamann Produktion. Fernsicht Produktion would like to thank Jan Singh who was responsible for the SFX. Furthermore, they also contributed to productions with Conrad PIEPENBURG c/o TRASKA PHOTOGRAPHERS for BMW, in cooperation with MARC TRAUTMANN for MINI. The …

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news | NEW : Fernsicht Produktion, Munich

Fernsicht Produktion is NEW at GoSee. Ronald Michalk National’s team provide a full-service, locations, permits, client support and the coordination of national and international productions. Clients such as Adidas, Audi, BMW, Coop, Lamborghini, Medienwerk, Mercedes Benz, Novartis, Rosner, SAP and 55 DSL all rely on the many years of experience Fernsicht has to offer. Berlin’s reputation as a sought after location for international productions has been confirmed once again. The G …

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