news | Three spots from the UK that scored big at Cannes Lions 2014. Congratulations !

Harvey Nichols – "Sorry I spent it on myself" by Adam & Eve DDB  4 Grand Prix awards (Film, Titanium and Integrated, Promo and Activation and Press categories), 8 Golds (Promo and Activation (1), Direct (1) Outdoor Lions (6), 1 Silver (Design) & 2 Bronze (Design) Adidas "D Rose Jump Store" by TBWA/London  2 Gold (Design), (Outdoor) 4 Silvers (Outdoor (2), PR (1), Branded Content and Entertainment (1) 1 Bronze (Outdoor) Ho …

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news | ‘Nocebo’ the film in the run for the Student Oscar 2014. GoSee meets director Lennart Ruff for a GoSee short QUEST and showcases the trailer once more

Director Lennart RUFF c/o GoSee Member DBC's graduate film ‘Nocebo’ (as reported by GoSee) is currently in the run for the Student Oscar as we discovered as a practical tip-off at the ADC from Lennart himself. He has been nominated for the ‘best foreign feature film category’. Now we need to wait until 7 June in Los Angeles to see if it will be Gold, Silver or Bronze. Lennart Ruff was born 1986 in Mannheim, Germany, and grew up in Frankfurt, Rome and Hamburg. He …

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news | Ivy Quainoo - wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! And GoSee seconds that. Watch her video message on GoSeeTV

Ivy Quainoo is certainly one of the most exciting voices in Germany. The Berlin pop singer with Ghanaian roots began her career as the incredibly well deserved winner of the first series of singing casting show ‘The Voice of Germany’. Those of you that saw her duet with singer-songwriter Florence Leontine Mary Welch (Florence and the Machine) probably had goose bumps all over. We all knew who deserved the crown in that moment. And we all know how difficult it is to launch and sust …

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news | Wool From Cool! JACK & JONES ‘Made From Cool’ campaign with Christopher Walken for Agentur & Co. Denmark wins the Epica Award Grand Prix 2013

‘Sewing it Up’, ‘Knit With Wit’ & ‘Wool From Cool’ are the titles of the mini films with Hollywood legend Christopher Walken as an extraordinary tailor with super talent. The actor looks into the camera with a stoic expression as if nothing could ever possibly put him out of sorts. The commercial promotes young menswear label JACK & JONES’ premium range. ‘Christopher Walken is our greatest style icon and a great source of inspiration. The campaign is tailored to him. H …

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news | Magic Midnight and we get lucky. Special and very happy moments with Pharrell Williams – or 24-hour happiness thanks to his latest ‘Happy’ song

Happy around the clock – as embodied by the smart man with the cool moves, Pharrell Williams. Pharrell and creative partner Woodkid are on the tracks of Sigur Ros song ‘Varud’ and dance through streets, houses, buses, trucks, sometimes with a dog and umbrella, crutches can’t even stop them…. Hundreds of dancers on countless locations. Welcome to the world of ‘happy’. They are happy to show us outrageously happy people that in spite of, or perhaps be …

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news | Carrie - the film for fans of daily horror and his little mean viral girlfriend

Cult horror movie ‘Carrie’ is shocking us once again. In the leading roles: Julianne Moore as the god-fearing mother and Chloe Grace Moretz as the devil’s daughter with psychic abilities. And how do you promote a horror film in 2013? With viral marketing of course. And what’s the spookiest place since Buffy? The coffee shop. But have a look for yourself: the trailer and viral video (director: Kimberly Peirce) here on GoSee.

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news | Mutation in the mind? Brutal, romantic and very pixelated - the Saatchi & Saatchi Showcase ‘Just for Hits’ presents a visual and oral extravaganza

Hand on heart! This year we couldn’t attend our favourite showcase. Too big a programme, too many films – but also too much Rosé and an extreme queue and all that at 9 am kept us away from the ‘visual and oral extravaganza’ showcase of international newcomer director talent. So we’re going to have to take Michael M. Maschke from Saatchi & Saatchi’s verbal feedback word for it ‘if you enjoy good post-production, you can’t miss Lucio V …

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news | Movers, Makers, Shakers - We love film. Amadin Ryan's GoSee video message from Cannes Beach and his great documentary ‘Makers Our Story' on Independent Filmmakers in London

This year in Cannes we were also delighted to meet director, producer and all-round talent Amadin Ryan. The Londoner has worked in the film industry for over 15 years, from Hollywood to Bollywood, learning all there is to know, making contacts everywhere and even more friends along the way. Including ourselves… Amadin’s main focus is on filmmaking as well as the promotion of the British film industry. In addition to this, he is GoSee Member THE MARMALADE’s London ambassador …

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news | 20 million and an Amnesty International Activist say "Hands up for arms control!"

Amnesty International and one of many supporters have worked towards this exact moment: on 2 April, with a landslide majority the UNO states waved goodbye to arms trade, which bans arms deliveries, when this results in genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Every minute one person dies from arms related violence – resulting in the deaths of half a million people every year. Hundreds of thousands of people are threatened, supressed and injured by arms every year. There are cle …

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news | ’Let’s change the world!’ Grabarz & Partner and the VIVILised world are back on air with the ‘Freudenkette’ spot

Grabarz & Partner has launched the refreshingly friendly new brand campaign for VIVIL. It was only last autumn that the Grabarz & Partner creative agency secured a pitch to win the account of the VIVIL sugar-free sweet brand. We present the results: after 7 years of TV abstinence the family company, now in its fourth generation of ownership, will finally be back on air on TV. Dr. Alexander C. Müller-Vivil, who personally supervised the pitch and campaign development comments, &l …

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