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news | First Productions : TV commercials for ‘Visionary Bay’ construction project by NAN FUNG GROUP in South Africa

FIRST PRODUCTION recently produced two TV commercials for NAN FUNG GROUP, who have been working on property developments in Asia for 30 years. The commercials promote the group’s ‘Visionary Bay’ property development in Hong Kong. It was a mammoth production to organize and so First Production is delighted to see the rewarding results of all their hard work and efforts. The production company handled the whole commercial personally, as they usually do with all their Still Pho …

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news | First Productions : enter round two of summer season in super sunny Cape Town – with a breathtaking location and elegant pictures by GoSee Member Peter SCHREIBER

"With the summer season drawing to an end, it has gone super fast with only fantastic teams working with us over the last 6 months. We look forward to welcoming our last teams for April and May, and then taking a break over the winter months to update our database by sourcing new locations. In this news we would love to show off the stunning work done by German photographer, GoSee Member Peter SCHREIBER as well as a brand new location that has been booked solidly by our teams from the momen …

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news | First Productions : present pictures for IMPRESSIONEN by Torsten RUPPERT

GoSee member TORSTEN RUPPERT once again went to South Africa to produce pictures in perfect conditions for fashion client IMPRESSIONEN, with amazing support from FIRST PRODUCTIONS. Ina CIERNIAK c/o NINA KLEIN carried out the hair and make-up styling on set and the supervising agency was SCHMIDTLIKE. Melanie Bold c/o FIRST PRODUCTIONS took this opportunity to give us an update on the current 2014 season in South Africa: ‘we are past the half way mark of our summers season and its been a …

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news | First Productions : editorial for Italian TU STYLE made in South Africa

GoSee presents photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis’ editorial shoot for Italian magazine TU STYLE, produced with the help of GoSee Member FIRST PRODUCTION. Fashion Editor Laura Soliani carried out the art direction herself – check out the dreamy results. Melanie Bold comments on the current 2014 season : "It has been a very short break for First Productions, with tons of preproduction going on for the many teams arriving in the upcoming months. We are looking forward to a busy s …

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news | First Productions : and the art of feeling good for PARAMOUNT HOTELS in South Africa. Spot on GoSee

Short days? Light deprivation? And less than four weeks until Christmas… If this leaves you feeling stressed, don’t worry, we have just the right therapy for you. Check out this spot for the PARAMOUNT HOTEL Group here on GoSee. Sun on dreamy locations, getting the feel good factor in just two and a half minutes… holidays like a slow motion dream. First Production commented on the summery season start in South Africa to GoSee: "Its been a rocking start to the season for First Production …

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news | First Productions : A new season has begun! The Cape Town based production company presents its latest TV commercial for THE GRACES, a LOOX editorial and new locations

A new season has begun! First Productions is back in full swing for the new summer season already welcoming back regulars as well as some new clients too. Producer Melanie Bold tells GoSee, "we have just received the results of one of our TVC done last season for The Graces - an luxury property development in Hong Kong and its so rewarding to see that all the hard work and efforts were worthwhile. First Productions produced three TVC commercials recently. We have also received the stu …

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portfolio | Beaches

Fabulous beach locations anyone ?

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news | First Productions : says thanks for a successful season and presents the making-of commercial for STRAUSS INNOVATION on GoSee

Autumn is just around the corner in Cape Town – but the production schedule can be extended until at least late April due to the great weather conditions in the south of Africa. First Productions is excited about a consistent and successful season with three big TV commercials, which they oversaw from start to finish. The owner Melanie Bold tells GoSee: ‘we were delighted to host all our regular fashion clients with their regular photographers as well as some new ones. Again clie …

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news | First Productions, Cape Town : THE GRACES TVC Spot, productions for NIVEA, HEINE, IMPRESSIONEN, NIVEA, ADLER ... happy holiday & all the best for a successful 2013

"It has been a busy start to the season for First Productions especially with the pleasant surprise of a TV commercial for a Hong Kong luxury property development, in September. We were left with very happy clients, knowing that they received top quality standard of service, yet with a value for money budget taken seriously. First Productions went to extreme efforts, as they usually do for their STILLS clients, to negotiate the best deals around, but still producing excellent results. …

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news | First Productions : spread and cover for DIE PRESSE, BIPA spread, Kettley Way motifs – and currently busy negotiating new rates

Sabine LIEWALD c/o BIRGIT STOEVER photographed a spread and cover for DIE PRESSE. GoSee Member FIRST PRODUCTIONS supported her. Giovanni RIVAS c/o CLOSE UP from Hamburg perfected the hair and make-up, styling and AD by Barbara Zach. The attached motifs for BIPA magazine were shot with the same team. Photographer Robert FLAMMIER c/o KATINKA KRIEGER REP travelled to Kettley Way, South Africa and returned with the great images attached here on GoSee. Melanie Bold comments on the agen …

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