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news | Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch : CG lifestyle transportation projects for PORSCHE PANAMERA and the MAN TGE launch, plus an atmospheric personal project

“Courage Changes Everything” – with this claim for the launch of the new PORSCHE PANAMERA, Porsche released a web special and a coffee table book. “For this project, we already produced various testimonial stories this year. The series tell the stories of courageous makers and show parallels to entrepreneurial spirit, courage and innovation of the people and in the development of the new Panamera,” says Frithjof Ohm. The new series was created in St. Petersburg a …

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news | Hot urban lover. Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch with the smart BRABUS Edition for BBDO Berlin

To ring in the fall season, Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch present one of their darker works and give city traffic hell with the SMART urbanlava... No matter what gets in its way: The smart BRABUS edition urbanlava can't be stopped. With maximum maneuverability and thrilling dynamics, it makes slow city terrain flow again. The Smart BRABUS edition urbanlava campaign is a hybrid of classic photography and CG imagery, realized in Berlin's industrial architecture under the creative direction of BBDO Berli …

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news | MINI Suisse with the Swiss Music Award winner NICKLESS photographed by Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch for Serviceplan Suisse

Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch realized the MINI Downtown campaign appearing throughout Switzerland in cooperation with young singer/songwriter and Swiss Music Award winner NICKLESS. It was created by the agency Serviceplan Suisse and realized in the sunny city of Zurich with the local production company Melymel.

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news | More Punch! Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch with the JUNGHEINRICH teaser campaign for Publicis Pixelpark in Munich on GoSee

How do you show the double-shift power of a forklift battery in emotional photos and tease viewers with just this new product feature? JUNGHEINRICH AG, Hamburg-based company for comprehensive logistics solutions and the agency Publicis Pixelpark in Munich commissioned Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch to realize their global teaser campaign. In addition to the motifs photographed by Frithjof for online and print campaigns, they produced in parallel the teaser film for the campaign on training, power, fig …

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news | Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch photograph the Mecerdes CLS in London: Sleek car, mystical light, stunning locations. Enjoy your trip!

Aesthetic for the street! GoSee presents the "Shoreditch Beauty" series by the photographer and producer teams Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch from Hamburg, which they realized at London's hipster district Shoreditch. The focus is on the Mercedes CLS, Daimler's extremely elegant and progressive coupé sedan. A design icon, which can only be topped by itself according to the carmaker.

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news | Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch : California desert glow with the new VOLKSWAGEN Beetle Dune and DDB Berlin

FRITHJOF OHM & PRETZSCH kicks off the year with hot new year's greetings and presents the results of its latest cooperation with VOLKSWAGEN and DDB Berlin. The Beetle Dune is the newest member of the Beetle family, inspired by the dune buggies of the 70s. The international campaign, catalogue, and Web special motifs are a mix of classic location and CG imaging. "The shoot took us to the extreme temperature of the Mojave desert in California. To capture the surreal glow of the desert sky …

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news | Tokyo, Long Beach, Andalusia. Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch with international artwork for the new Subaru Levorg and the agency Designory

Designed to get you where you are going – by perfectionists for all-rounders. The automotive specialists realized a co-production spanning three continents for SUBARU. Eight motifs were created for the international launch of the new lifestyle four-wheel drive station wagon LEVORG, which is made by the Japanese carmaker, together with the agency Designory and its creative team in Long Beach and Tokyo. The vehicle which combines an optimum on function with exceptional aestheticism was stage …

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news | The VOLKSWAGEN Caddy campaign made in Barcelona for Grabarz & Partner by Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch

Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch photographed the campaign for the market launch of the new VOLKSWAGEN Caddy with a total of 7 different motifs. The campaign was created by Grabarz & Partner in Hamburg with AD Kerstin Müller, CD Thomas Fritze, and Head of Creative Diana Sukopp. Art buying was under the executive of Garnet Lange and Ellen Kleinboelting in a production on location in Barcelona together with Producer Jean Francois Rioche from GoSee member IMAGE NATION.

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news | Smooth Beast - Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch's photographic declaration of love for the BMW M4 Coupé - here on GoSee

"My absolutely favorite car-people spread with a fascinating vehicle." says excited transportation photographer Frithjof Ohm about the motifs presented on GoSee with the BMW M4 Coupé. The vehicle boasts a whopping 431 PS with a decelerated look, and simply moody, pure and elegant appearance. "It is a hard decision with this car: photograph it or just get in and drive it." he declares his love for the automobile. See for yourself.

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news | The new VW Scirocco GTS - in nightly Hamburg staged by Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch for DDB Berlin

The newest automotive project of the Hamburg-based photographer and producer team Frithjof OHM & PRETZSCH is the extravagant nightly staging of the ultra-sporty Scirocco GTS for VOLKSWAGEN and DDB Agency Berlin. After extensive research and scouting all across cities such as Rotterdam, London, Manchester, Paris and at last even Glasgow, the choice was once again good old Hamburg – a location with much more to offer than one would expect. Matthias PRETZSCH, who directed the productio …

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