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news | Have you heard about this? The DKMS spot to increase willingness to sign up to donate stem cells by Director Laurentius EMMELMANN c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT

Leukemia is a group of cancers that usually begin in the bone marrow and result in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells. These white blood cells are not fully developed and are called blasts or leukemia cells. Symptoms may include bleeding and bruising problems, feeling tired, fever, and an increased risk of infections. These symptoms occur due to a lack of normal blood cells. Diagnosis is typically made by blood tests or bone marrow biopsy. The exact cause of leukemia is unknown. Differen …

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news | Big cuisine for the delicious online portal TASTYFY - directed by Horst CZENSOWSKI

FRÖHLICH MGMT Director Horst CZENSOWSKI filmed the new spot for TASTYFY, the website with thousands of video recipes, which are now also available with the free app.

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news | Musician Adel Tawil and TELEKOM start the music project 'Our Songs Will Become One' - two teaser clips by Director Theresa ZEITZ

With the slogan 'Our Songs Will Become One', TELEKOM starts a very special music project together with the German-Tunisian musician Adel Tawil. In the two videos, by Director Theresa ZEITZ c/o GoSee member FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT the singer asks his fans to send him the play list of their lives, from which he will compose the 'Soundtrack of Life'. The concept is based on the track 'Songs', which contains texts excerpts from 32 other songs that particularly formed the artist. unsere-lieder-werde …

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news | Director Jan Rasmus VOSS 'Takes It Sunny' in the new GRANINI spot

'Sun for the Road'. For the 'Take It Sunny' campaign Jan Rasmus VOSS c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT directed the summery GRANINI juice spot. About - Granini The Eckes-Granini Group based in Nieder-Olm near Mainz (Germany) is a financially sound and independent family-owned enterprise with annual turnover amounting 899 million Euros. “We bring the best of fruit for a healthy and enjoyable life” – that is the guiding principle behind everything we do. Competent, committed employ …

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news | RÜGENWALDER MÜHLE presents its vegetarian selection - TV spot by Director Richard LADKANI

Happy schnitzel meets Happy Nuggets - The sausage specialist RÜGENWALDER MÜHLE presents its vegetarian schnitzel with a spot by FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT director Rickard LADKANI. All products are made without meat but instead with protein from free-range chicken eggs, rapeseed oil and soya. "During the development of our products without meat, we consulted the Vegetarierbund Deutschland (German Vegetarian Association) for their professional support. We will continue to pursue the …

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news | TEAM AQUILA c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT films the LIDL safari commercial for the new summer linen collection

In a safari look, TEAM AQUILA aka Director Corinna WINTER and DOP Jonas WINTER-SCHOLZ filmed the LIDL commercial for the new summer collection made of linen. Who is the desert beauty? Ask FRÖHLICH.

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news | All's clear for the FIFA woman's WM 2015 in ZDF - hair & make-up support in the TV trailer by Tanja PAWLIK

The FIFA women’s world championship are in full swing, and all of Canada has caught the football fever. German television broadcaster ZDF presents the games and announces the great lady strikers in their own TV trailers. Hair & make-up support came from Tanja PAWLIK c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT.

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news | 'The Berlin Job' with the PEUGEOT 208, Mario Galla, Anna Julia Kapfelsperger and visagist Vanessa FEILITSCH; we have the commercial on GoSee

With a reference to the film classic 'The Italian Job', PEUGEOT presents the new 208 in the TV spot 'The Berlin Job' with male model Mario Galla and Anna Julia Kapfelsperger in the leading roles. The classic film complexion was the job of FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT visagist Vanessa FEILITSCH in the production by Black Pearl Film with Director Andreas Henke. Mario Galla is very successful in the modeling business even with an artificial leg – the video tells you more about the campaign face …

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news | 'Mann is' das 'ne Wurst' (Wow, what a sausage) - comedian Atze Schröder is the new face of the WIESENHOF sausage TV spot. Director: Horst CZENSKOWSKI c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT

Comedian Atze Schröder gets ready for the barbecue season in the advertising film of the poultry brand WIESENHOF. Under the direction of director Horst CZENSKOWSKI, he recites the advertising slogan for the camera: "Mann is' das 'ne Wurst." (Wow, what a sausage!) Production: Ferry Film.

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