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news | 'Against all Odds' - Harris HODOVIC films the true story of NYC boxing champion Frank Galarza

'Something that a teacher can’t teach'. Harris HODOVIC directed the shoot of the report about the life of the New York City State boxing champion Frank Galarza. 'Against all Odds' is the story of a man who never gave up. The motivating story is based on the real life of the 29-year-old professional athlete – his father, a former professional boxer died when he was only 7 after having been shot. His mother passed away two years later because of an overdose. He grew up at his aunt and …

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news | On fashion safari with the OTTO online shop: Stylist Susanne KREYENFELD on a fashion mission for the agency Heimat

The sequel of the 'Found in' film campaign heads for the jungle. Once again, protagonists get themselves into crazy situations – this time 'Gorilla’s in the Mist' style. The magic moment is crossed when a sensational OTTO discovery pops up out of nowhere. In this case, a dress selected by stylist Susanne KREYENFELD. Perfect allround service was provided by film production company Five Three Double Ninety. Executive agency was the agency Heimat.

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news | First Class Grooming by Eva MITTMANN for National League BVB coach Jürgen Klopp in OPEL Insignia spot

National League BVB coach Jürgen Klopp revealed in the current 'Insignia' spot that he is an enthusiastic Opel driver. The casual hair style and fresh make-up was done by Eva MITTMANN.

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news | Compact SUV with 90-second glamorous performance - Matthias BERNDT (director) and Pascal RÉMOND, both c/o Fröhlich, realize the new HYUNDAI Tucson spot

Director Matthias BERNDT and DOP Pascal RÉMOND filmed the spot for the new HYUNDAI 'Tucson' together. They presented it as a city romance with celebrity potential. The dynamic leading role was played by the compact sport utility vehicle. Frankfurt Film GmbH was the executive agency.

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news | MAGGI brings springtime flavor to your kitchen - delicious herbs commercial by Tomasz THOMSON (director) and Jonas WINTER-SCHOLZ (DOP)

Director Thomasz THOMSON and DOP Jonas WINTER-SCHOLZ filmed the new boullion cubes 'Herbs and Boullion' in the MAGGI cooking studios. Flying greens of parsley, chives and chervil crowned the delicious commercial, which was created in cooperation with e+p films.

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news | Max is back ! BILLA rewards 'Faithful Max' in new rebate TV spot - directed by David CONSTANTIN

In Jänner, the Austrian grocery store chain BILLA rewards their customers with rebates, like 'Faithful Max' from the new TV spot. David CONSTANTIN directed the story of a family with a dog. The BILLA company was founded in 1953 and today belongs to Rewe International.

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news | Moritz Bleibtreu in the trailer for the ZDF series 'Schuld' - grooming by Vanessa FEILITSCH

The trailer of the ZDF series 'Schuld' features German actor Moritz Bleibtreu, who also plays the lead in the series. The series is based on the book by defense attorney Ferdinand von Schirach. The actor's grooming was done by Vanessa FEILITSCH – with astonishing results. Moritz Bleibtreu plays defense attorney Friedrich Kronberg in the series, who deals with very special criminal cases.

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news | Never again mass camping. 1&1 commercial presents you the new Galaxy S6 - make-up in the Spot by Pia Valeska NIEDERMEIER

'Being number one' is the theme of the new 1&1 campaign. Together with Jung von Matt and the production company Gehrisch + Krack, a mass camping event was created showing people anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Galaxy S6. Pia Valeska NIEDERMEIER did the make-up of the vast amount of extras.

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news | Curtains up ! Pascal RÉMOND films the MERCEDES BENZ AMG GT, the new yellow car of your dreams, on the fast lane in Texas

'Handcrafted by racers'. Mercedes-Benz AMG probably caused a lot of sleepless nights for little boys with the launch of their MERCEDES BENZ AMG GT. Of course, some of them might be a little older… and have been dreaming of it for a while. DOP Pascal RÉMOND chased this dream for all young-at-heart car enthusiasts. He travelled to Austin, Texas, USA, to shoot the commercial with the racing car. Mercedes-AMG, often shortened to AMG, is the high performance brand of – you guessed …

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