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news | Gabriele Hausen : visual design of interior rooms with a focus on furniture and props and a new website

Still life photographer Gabriele HAUSEN dedicates her new personal project to interior design. The personal series is based on the idea of designing a room that reveals something about its ‘inhabitant’ and paints a picture of them. The rooms, their floors and walls are kept modern but neutral at the same time. Thus the eye is drawn specifically to the carefully selected furniture and props. Gabriele Hausen developed and carried out the design concept in collaboration with s …

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news | Gabriele Hausen : floral design porcelain by Berlin-based manufacturer KPM in a free series

We present a free series by still life photographer Gabriele HAUSEN. The subject of this free work is dreamily beautiful china made by ‘KPM’, short for ‘royal porcelain manufactory Berlin.’ Gabriele teamed up with stylist Susanne Kutscher to develop and realise the creative concept. The key concept was to highlight the porcelain’s floral design by using real floral elements in the image composition. Real earth included. The chosen slate background is unde …

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news | Gabriele Hausen : ORIGAMI vs. FLACON, two new and free photo shoots on GoSee

Gabriele Hausen has dedicated her latest personal series to the Japanese art of paper-folding, aka Origami. The small pieces of art inspired by flora and fauna were photographed bathed in sunlight. The origami artist ‘Atmaram’ created the series of objects. The second freelance series shows perfume bottles. This time, using a single lens was inevitable. Only a single lens camera makes it possible to customise the level of focus, and potentially prevent distortions of th …

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news | NEW : Gabriele Hausen, still life photographer, Cologne; a courageous application of colour and lots of attention to detail breathes new life into still life photography

NEW at GoSee: still life specialist Gabriele Hausen. Following her studies of classic archaeology, she discovered her passion for photography and has been working as an assistant in many different fields of photography for many years, gathering industry experience in the process. Most recently, Gabriele Hausen worked for established transportation specialist photographers, which enabled her to hone in on her lighting direction skills. Nowadays, Gabriele Hausen feels most at home wit …

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