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news | Jens Goerlich : breathtaking aerial photos for LUFTHANSA Lounge high above San Francisco and Rio as well as new cityscapes

San Francisco and Rio were the last locations where Jens Görlich produced aerial photographs for LUFTHANSA’s lounge. Aeroplanes will be added to the background images later via CGI. The first pictures are already installed as backlit billboards in the new Lufthansa lounges at the ‘A+ departure gate’ at Frankfurt airport. The new Lufthansa lounge concept includes large-scale backlit billboards at the airport in Frankfurt as well as in Boston and Dubai. Jens Polkowski …

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news | Jens Görlich : 3D desert landscapes and CGI for LUFTHANSA and Boeing in Seattle

GoSee presents a photo series that Jens photographed in the Californian desert for LUFTHANSA. The producer, client (AD: Jens Polkowski from Lufthansa) and photographer spent two days trying to capture the surroundings, perspectives and heights (and angles) in such a way, that the spanking new Boeing 747-8 could later be added to the image per CGI technology. By means of run-up test-renderings, artificial 3D desert landscapes and last but not least Jens' considerable experience with aerop …

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news | Jens Görlich : huge LUFTHANSA banner at Munich Airport and new picture pool for LUFTHANSA magazine

The world's largest advertising space located in the Munich airport currently sports a motif that Jens created for LUFTHANSA. Measuring 20 x 125m, it offered up a unique and enormous challenge for 'Man and machine'. The background was photographed from a helicopter hovering above the Alps, while the plane was photographed in the highest possible solution on a lifting platform at Frankfurt Flughafen. M.E.C.H., Berlin was the agency that represented Lufthansa, post-production by GoSee Memb …

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news | Jens Görlich : in Saudi Arabia for SIEMENS , LUFTHANSA Lounge design via helicopter and BFF Award Merit

Jens realised a series for SIEMENS on ‘energy generation/water sourcing’ in Shoaiba, Saudi Arabia. Having mastered all the challenges of entering the country, they were then confronted by a second problem: the heat. At 40 °C outside it was a challenge to remain focused – however, the indoor shoots in the boiling turbine buildings proved an almost impossible feat. The team felt as if they were in a sauna. However, only the crewmembers suffered and the soaring temperature …

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news | Jens Görlich : above and in the clouds with the LUFTHANSA Airbus A380 and the BFF photographers hold an exhibition in Frankfurt

As recently announced, Jens produced some motifs for LUFTHANSA’s introduction of the new AIRBUS A380. The images were realised in collaboration with Marcin Gruszczyk of MoCgi, who took care of the rendering, and post producer Meike Wittenstein of GoSee member MOPOSTPRODUCTION. Jens Polkowski was responsible for all things creative, and also contributed to the creation of the background motifs. The shoot was realised from inside a helicopter over the Alps, as well as from inside a jet in …

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