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news | Haedler + Haedler : BRONCOLOR SCORO – high speed flash with up to 50 flashes per second, constant colour temperature and speed setting for fashion shoots

The BRONCOLOR SCORO studio flash system and its many flash settings for studio shoots is now available for rent from Haedler + Haedler, Munich. You can now also rent the BRONCOLOR PARA 88 Reflector and focus system, as well as the DOP CHOISE WABEN SNAPGRID 40° FOR PROFOTO OCTA 3` AND OCTA 5`. Check out their website for more details on the latest rental equipment.

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news | Haedler Haedler : FARBWECHSLER online, the ARRI TRUE BLUE Daylight Series 30 times better and new MANFROTTO tripods for rent

Munich-based rent specialist HAEDLER & HAEDLER now offers a digital COLOUR CHOOSER FOR PHOTOGRAPHY BACKGROUNDS on the website. Furthermore, the creative minds from Munich updated their ARRI True Blue series TRUE BLUE HMI + TUNGSTEN – all with the same innovative features and award-winning construction characteristics. Based on the success of the industry-changing ARRI compact-fresnels, the new models D5, D12, D25 and D40 come with more than 30 improvements. Less weight, compact …

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news | Haedler+Haedler GmbH : now renting out the MBP 222 Battery for MacBook pros, plus the CANON TSE 24 mm 1:3,5L II, Canon EF 8-15mm 1:4L Fisheye USM and BRIESE GLOBE 90

New for rent: The high performance energy package for MacBook Pro professionals on location. Professional photographers rely on the MBP 222 Battery to get the maximum performance out of their MacBook Pro. The hyperjuice top-model guarantees the utmost independence and extends the running time for 15” and 17” MacBook Pros by up to 16 hours. Maximum performance for professionals on location. Also for hire: CANON TSE 24 mm 1:3,5L II – stands out by providing excellent pictu …

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