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news | An art school as a picture book – the young wild things of ECAL in Lausanne, as captured between two book covers by Hatje Cantz. A wonderfully crazy series of imagery - we like!

A book of student photography – published by renowned Hatje Cantz and all? Really. Why not, especially if we’re talking about the work by photography students in one of the world’s leading art schools, Switzerland’s ECAL, home to the graphic designers, designers, typographers, filmmakers and photographers of tomorrow. Here the students are free to create, question the traditional genres, explore new territories, and experiment with their media. The book is a whole lot thi …

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news | Roman Bezjak. Socialist Modernity. A neutral view of a controversial architectural era

While the West has a tendency to regard the fossilized witnesses of planned economy and socialist modernism with scepticism, Roman Bezjak (*1962 in Slovenia) throws a rather impartial glance on the architecture of communism. Following award-winning photo-documentaries for GEO and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine, Roman focused his travel endeavours on East and Southeast Europe in the last five years With his large-format-camera, he photographed residential building estates, functional …

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news | Visibility begins here - Sandra Kantanen Landscapes - Searching For Nature’s Essence, book published by Hatje Cantz

Sandra Kantanen’s works are only landscape photographs to a certain extent. Influenced by traditional Chinese landscape art, she searched for idyllic motifs in the holy mountains of China, but did not find what she was looking for. "In my new work I have photographed mainly landscapes, still lifes and plants. And an occasional portrait too. The title "Shadow images" refers too an old idea of Plato, that everything perceived is a shadow of the world. The objects or la …

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news | Hatje Cantz presents Oda Jaune, Olaf Heine & Nadav Kander at Art Forum Berlin - plus the publisher's 65th anniversary!

The Hatje Cantz publishing house will host a stall at this year's Art Forum in Berlin, where they will present their ‘Collector's Editions’. And as in previous years, the artist will be at hand to sign their books on location. The guests include Bulgarian painter Oda Jaune, German rock portraitist and director Olaf HEINE c/o ANJA WIROTH (GoSee Tip: Heine book launch party on 8 October atRocky Ragazzo, Straussberger Platz), as well as Israeli photographer Nadav Kander. Furth …

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news | Walter Niedermayr 'Recollection' : the beauty of Iranian architecture and its history

Miles away from crises and current debates on stoning in Iran, Walter Niedermayr captures a politically natural view of the architectural beauty of a country silenced by its own government. The photographer travelled to Iran between 2005 and 2008. His stops included Teheran, Isfahan, Yazd, Schiraz, small towns and historical sites. Walter uses his signatures soft aesthetic approach – which many will recognise from his Alpine images – to photograph Iranian architecture, its histor …

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news | Ich bin was wir sind! Das Phänomen von Masse und Individuum - Claudia Rogges Kompositionen als Retrospektive in Buchform

We are a mass, we are individuals. We are individualism and mass phenomena, individuals in the mass, individual in the mass. Artist Claudia Rogge has made it her calling to disentangle these contrary concepts, visualise them and compose a new consortium. Her photo work is always choreographed: she forms a collective consumption from countless single images, a perfect juxtaposition, which becomes a united image. Her ‘mob il 1’ and ‘mob il 2’ projects were met w …

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news | Hatje Cantz : Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from above - Andreas Gefeller's world from a bird's eye view

Andreas Gefeller (b. 1970) provides us with an unmistakable behind the scenes insight of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf art academy. It is as if someone just took the lid off and captured it from a bird’s eye view…. The impressive results are combined images from several separate photos, which the photographer realised from a 2 metre height. The artist scans surfaces from a moderate height, digitally combining up to 2,500 single shots into a single monumental image. He applie …

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news | Hatje Cantz : Surfaces & Structures - Bae, Bien-U's pinewoods and Ola Kolehmainen's pulsating architectural facades

For over 25 years, Korean born Bae, BIEN-U has photographed the old pinewood surrounding the shrine of kings of the Shilla Dynasty, located close to Gyeongju. Bae, BIEN-U (*1950) is considered the most important photo artist from Korea, and has influenced many generations of students during his long running teaching activity. Now, a beautiful picture book, featuring his meditative black & white photographs, has been published by HATJE CANTZ.   The impressive pictures, taken from the …

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news | Hatje Cantz Verlag : breathtaking cityscapes and facades by HGEsch

The “City and Structure“ picture book presents renowned Germany-based architecture photographer HGEsch’s personal photographs of metropolises and mega cities. The shots demonstrate the photographer’s fascination for fast growing Boom Cities, especially in Asia and the United Arabian Emirates, which he visited with his camera for renowned architecture offices such as Murphy & Jahn (Chicago), RMJM (Hong Kong) and Kohn Pedersen Fox (London). City, the first part of t …

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