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news | Carsten Heidmann : Corporate motifs for the relaunch of the AUDI 'Personal Pick-up', WERDER BREMEN image campaign, Norderney magazine & food motifs for Loui & Jules Grillboutique

People, food & corporate photographer Carsten Heidmann from Bremen accompanied a couple in various scenes for the relaunch of the AUDI 'Personal Pick-up' catalog. The people shoot was supported by CD Martin Jahns from the advertising agency GINGCO.NET. This year's image campaign titled "Green & White Course" was created for WERDER BREMEN. The shoot took place among other places in Bremen on the ship Alexander von Humboldt and at the North Atlantic near Spiekeroog on a fishin …

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news | Carsten Heidmann : lifestyle images for AUDI Xtra, INSELLOFT concept hotel, WERDER BREMEN, NOZ image campaign and SWB Lead campaign

Carsten Heidmann photographed lifestyle images in Hamburg and Copenhagen once more for the AUDI Xtra premium catalogues. Stylist Tu Anh Ngo supported him on set. A shoot was carried out on the North Sea island of Norderney for new concept hotel INSELLOFT. The concept hotel, comprising four houses, is located directly on the North Sea beach, just 100m away from the water. Each room is unique and steeped in history and yet surprises guests with high standards of comfort. Voice of Germany& …

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news | Carsten Heidmann : AUDI Xtra, charged RHEINPOWER campaign, Werder Bremen & St. Pauli for ROY ROBSON, MARCO MEDUCCI, EWE

Carsten HEIDMANN embarked on another photographic journey for this year's AUDI Xtra premium catalogue. This time, the people motifs were created on the island of Rügen. GoSee member BIGSHRIMP took care of the production on location. Six athletes let their energy sparkle for the RHEINPOWER energy supplies campaign. The athletes were MSV legend Ivo Grlic, national football player Inka Grings and Olympia shot-putting champion Robert Harting. The image pictures for ROY ROBSON fashion tu …

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news | Carsten Heidmann : AUDI premium catalogue, fashion for ROY ROBSON and STIESING, Justus Frantz portraits and an exhibition

Carsten Heidmann realised photographs in Berlin for the latest AUDI premium catalogue. Make-up artist Matthias Klemenz was also on set and followed Michael Miklas/’s directions. BIGSHRIMP took care of the production’s supervision. Impressive image shots were realised in Kiel and Amrum for ROY ROBSON. BERT Kietzerow c/o LIGANORD was in charge of the hair and make-up. Carsten realised photographs for the STIESING Spring/Summer 2010 catalogue at the new Climate House i …

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