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news | Catch the Early 2014 Bird by HELLIVENTURES. The traditional early catch of the day on Cannes Beach. And the exciting duel between Dickjan Poppema, CEO GREY Group Germany and Casting Director Rolf Scheider

From the early bird to the last party lion – every year HELLIVENTURES catches the first visitor on their water sports beach. The weapons can be chosen freely – water skis, tyres or banana boat, however there is no winning without an obligatory jump into the cold sea. Joachim Hellinger holds both the trident and coveted cuckoo clock trophy in his hand. This year it almost went to our GoSee friend and casting director Rolf Scheider. Almost. If only that creative guy from Düsseldor …

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news | The Cave Connection – journey to the centre of the earth, an exciting film project by cave hunter Kieran McKay, HELLIVENTURES and Moving Adventure director Niko Jäger

An adventurous journey into the unknown? A clear challenge for HELLIVENTURES and team. Two mighty cave systems are located under Mount Arthur on New Zealand’s South Island. One of them, nettle bed is stretched out over 23 kilometres, the other Stormy Pot, measures over 15 Kilometres. A team around cave explorer Kieran McKay is trying to find a connection between the two. If they manage to find one, then it would be the largest cave in the entire Southern Hemisphere. A labyrinth of tunnels …

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news | HELLIVENTURES presents international OCEAN FILM TOUR with the best water sports and environmental documentaries. Summer Screenings from 31 July 2014 in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich

HELLIVENTURES and the makers of E.O.F.T. invite you to discover the secrets of our International OCEAN FILM TOUR – both on and under water. They will present the best water sports and environmental documentaries of the year. GoSee presents the summer dates and a couple of teasers… 31.07.2014 – 21:00 Cologne – Sion Sommerkino 03.08.2014 – 21:00 Hamburg – Schanzenkino 07.08.2014 – 21:00 Berlin – Freiluftkino Rehberge 26.08.2014 – 21:00 M …

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news | HelliVentures : production for OUTLETCITY METZINGEN and snowboard filmmaker David TINDALE aka POPULAR now exclusively under contract

Shopping with HELLIVENTURES. HELLIVENTURES venture out on an expedition into the world of fashion for OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. They carried out the shoot on location at the shopping paradise, which stocks luxury brands such as Hugo Boss, Prada and Armani together with director and photographer Florian Seidel. OUTLETCITY METZINGEN’s success story began in the ‘70s in an old brick factory – the textile centre and home of the Hugo Boss brand. What began as the menswear tailor’s …

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news | HelliVentures presents the INTERNATIONAL OCEAN FILM TOUR trailer and sets sail for TOYOTA with snowkiter Sebastian Bubmann

Surfing waves, diving, sailing and the secrets of our oceans… HELLIVENTURES is delighted to present the INTERNATIONAL OCEAN FILM TOUR trailer. As previously at E.O.F.T. the production company played a major part in the programme design. On 16 March the first ever international OCEAN FILM TOUR kicked off, showing the best water sports and environmental documentaries of the year, including films MAIDENTRIP, RAY and ATTENTION - A LIFE IN EXTREMES. TOYOTA sets sail. Sebastian Bubmann is a …

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news | HelliVentures Filmproduktion AUDI QUATTRO Challenges - Ski Towing. Action packed spot with pro freeskier Roy Kittler for Thjnk, Hamburg

Showdown in the Alps. Two athletes meet: a freeskier and an Audi SQ5 quattro. Both are united in their passion for extremes. And their love of a challenge... The new AUDI spot is dedicated to a special type of challenge: an AUDI QUATTRO and a free skier perform crazy stunts in the mountains. Freeskiing pro Roy Kittler took on the challenge and was towed across a kicker by an AUDI QUATTRO. He showed off a couple of out there stunts to the max. HelliVentures produced the first in a series of …

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news | Helliventures : Sound of the Void – documentary for the MAMMUT Sports Group, STANDARD LIFE – going into retirement at full throttle?, ZAZ expedition to Mont Blanc - award-winning documentary out now

Skiing on the Gspaltenhorn for the first time! In late March HelliVentures made their way to the Gspaltenhorn with a small film team and Swiss steep skier Sébastien de Sainte Marie, to document this unprecedented event. We present a glimpse of their risky shoot plus the trailer for the film, which you can see as part of the European Outdoor Film Tour E.O.F.T. Sébastien de Sainte Marie feels safer in the mountains than in a car or on a plane, even though the Swiss steep skier pi …

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news | HelliVentures film production : the first one in the water! The Early Bird award goes to Dickjan Poppema, CEO GREY Group Germany. Plus Joachim Hellinger talks extreme sports, experiential worlds and the advertising industry’s biorhythm.

Joachim Hellinger really believes that the early bird catches the worm and once again proved that he’s an early riser at this year’s Cannes Festival. While others had a lie in to get that last bottle of rosé out of their system, HelliVentures started the day with some exercise. The first one in the water this year was Dickjan Poppema, CEO GREY Group Germany, but more on that later. How Helli came up with this crazy idea? We investigated… How did the idea for Early …

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news | HelliVentures Filmproduktion : take it to the next level – dynamic ACTIVE O2 Commercial with snowboard and mountain bike stunts. 3,000 metres up high in the Alps with the Popular director duo and JvM/Alster.

Sport, lifestyle and a lust for life! Four young athletes reinterpret mountain biking and snowboarding for the new ACTIVE O2 spot and present a sporty rollercoaster ride of spectacular stunts in the mountains. The perfect brief for the HelliVentures film production company, which took the ACTIVE O2 commercial spot up to the next level - up 3,000 metres high in the Alps, to be precise. The spot is currently being aired across Germany. PR activities, social media and on-pack promotion accompany th …

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news | HelliVentures : E.O.F.T. TV on ZDFkultur. European Outdoor Film Tour debuts on TV, trailer here on GoSee

On 8 January 2013 E.O.F.T. TV debuts on ZDFkultur! Four 60-minute episodes are planned so far and will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 9pm. The films are also available online on ZDF-Mediathek for 7 days after broadcast. The first episode features 300 DAYS, DREAM RESULT, COLD and GLORIOUS DAYS. Watch the trailer here on GoSee. E.O.F.T. Episode 1

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